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The nose and mouth are clean and delicious.

His breath seem to be everywhere.
She suddenly opened her eyes wide and dared not move stiffly.
"I want you to know me a little bit more, but you are too insecure. I don’t seem to do anything right." I sigh gently in my ear, and my hands are tighter around her waist. "Let’s get together so that you won’t think about it every day."
Chapter 225 Chaper32
Lingxi spring brain is white.
The moment is still my illusion.
But holding your strength is so real and faint, you can still feel a strong heartbeat in your chest
Plop, plop, plop.
For a moment, she couldn’t tell right from left and whose heartbeat it was.
What did he say?
Lingxi Spring is stiff and unblinkingly open.
The neck suddenly dawdles on the other side’s jaw, and then hugs the boy harder, almost coaxing the voice "OK".
is it all right
She has liked him for nearly nine years since the second day of junior high school.
For a second, they are still unhappy.
This is too sudden.
No warning, no origin
Even the explanation is illusory.
She opened her mouth and called him "Ye Qingting" with a sore throat.
"Do you remember how many times you rejected me?"
I feel that the boy holding him has a meal "Have I ever rejected you?"
"Well, you rejected me three times." She broke free and tried to quit her arms, but Ye Qingting wouldn’t let her move. "You remember wrong."
"I have a good memory." She stared at the alley wall behind Ye Qingting with mixed feelings. It was a long time ago, and the cement wall was full of potholes. She seemed to be caught in an unspeakable memory.
"The first time before you went to England, you knew what I was going to say, but it was true that you interrupted me. At that time, I wanted to let you know that I didn’t want to regret it."
The second time, when you came back to China during the summer vacation, you told me for nothing that you knew I liked you, but we couldn’t be together.
"The third time," she pursed her lips, "you, Britain, me, America, you told me it was good not to come with me."
In the end, there seems to be something moist coming out of her eyes. Her voice is a little hoarse. "I love my face very much and have strong self-esteem. Sometimes I wonder how I can be refused once and twice, but I still have the courage to accept the third time."
Ye Qingting suddenly interrupted her. "Look at Lingxiquan. This is your problem. You never listen to me."
He let go of his hand and looked her straight in the eye with his light cold brown eyes. "You know, there are some things I want to tell you slowly, because I know you, and you are too insecure. I know what you want, and I want to give it to you, but it’s not like I want to be with you now, but you don’t know how to respond because you are so flustered."
She was dazed.
"I’m here to let you get to know me slowly, and then everything will come naturally, so that you won’t be as overwhelmed and scared as you are now." He stroked her long hair. "I can give you all the security you want, but there are some things you need to think about yourself."
Beautiful eyes are undisguised tenderness as if
You’ll drown at a glance.
It seems that behind the veil, which is always foggy, it is not as far away as she imagined.
She was caught off guard when she suddenly spoke to Ye Qingting just now.
Her heart is indeed bottomless.
Maybe another girl will be excited and happy to accept the confession of her favorite boy suddenly.
But what he said was right.
Even when she was a child, it was an impulse after she felt that he had the same intention.
Now they are all grown up.
She doesn’t know what kind of person he has become in Britain over the years, such as being coated with poison candy, even though she still likes this unpredictable boy in her heart, she doesn’t know how to face it.
She didn’t mean to be, but she was really afraid that such a notice would be together at the moment and then suddenly separate one day in the future.
But let him say it so naturally, and she is somewhat unwilling.
So I couldn’t help choking him. "For example, what did you say when you were a child? You said such grandiose things to several people."
"Just you" Ye Qingting some nai "are you deliberately picking on me by what I said?"
See his face nai kind heart that kind of uncertainty feeling suddenly a little real.
"Do I have to pick on you?" She turned away.
Ye Qingting reached out and straightened her face. "My biggest regret is that I spoke to you five years ago."
"At that time, you just went to the United States and were a stranger, but you didn’t learn to blend in, but I was worried about you every day." He sighed lightly. "At that time, I wasn’t sure if you said that because you were lonely in a foreign country. If so, what you need is not a boyfriend who can chat online but someone who can accompany you and hug you."
"I’m afraid that if you take your promise too seriously and meet someone you like more, you will feel sorry for me, but there is no denying that I was not sure about my own thoughts at that time." He said softly, his eyes were full of tenderness. "I haven’t particularly liked anything since I was a child, but every time I see you, I always feel that it is so strange that I don’t know if it will last. Takuya doesn’t know whether it is good or bad."
"But you didn’t talk to me later."
"You didn’t talk to me like that, and I dare not look for you again." He gave a wry smile. I don’t know what he thought, but he flashed a trace of caution. "Later, I thought it would be good for you to live well."
桑拿按摩Ling Xiquan didn’t think about it carefully. The second half of his sentence was slightly raised eyebrows. "I think you are precocious than me."
Ye Qingting’s heart "may be precocious or naive. At that time, I was envious of Xie You. He liked a person without considering the consequences." He paused for a moment and said, "But I have always wanted to know everything since I was a child. If I like someone, I want to be with her forever, otherwise I won’t start."
"You are more extreme than Xie You."

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