A stupid woman can do anything.

Shen Bijun looked at Fu Qianfan apologetically and then dragged Fu Qianfan to a sparsely populated place before saying, "Don’t worry about that Liu Hena who doesn’t work well all day."
Fu Qianfan smiled and said nothing. This is not what she should intervene in.
"You should send that document to General Gao yourself. I still have some things to deal with here that are inconvenient." Shen Bijun smiled guiltily. Although she will go back to continue the meeting soon, she can delay for a minute, so she can find something to eat and fill her stomach.
Just now, she didn’t want Liu Hena to send documents to Gao Zhiyuan. First, she didn’t want to see Liu Hena commit anthomaniac. Second, this document is really not suitable for Liu Hena. Although it is not confidential, it is also an important document of this development case. If it is lost or leaked, it will have a certain impact on the company. Liu Hena is the daughter of the company’s shareholder, but Liu Hena is stupid. Stupid women can do anything.
And Gao Zhiyuan pointed out to let Fu Qianfan send it, which is a rare letter to Fu Qianfan. When Gao Zhiyuan has such a belief in a woman, Shen Bijun thinks that Fu Qianfan should make the whole thing complete.
Shen Bijun said that Fu Qianfan couldn’t shirk it any more. When Fu Qianfan hesitated, Shen Bijun took Fu Qianfan to the front of the conference room and knocked on the door thoughtfully.
Shen Bijun pushed Fu Qianfan out when she heard "Come in" inside, and then she hid herself, but she still gave Fu Qianfan a pep talk.
Fu Qianfan can’t go in now. Think about Shen Bijun just now. Fu Qianfan’s scalp is numb. I really don’t understand whether Shen Bijun is cheering her up or hitting her. How can she feel that the consequences of opening the door will be very serious?
Take a deep breath, Fu Qianfan pushed the door open vigorously. At first, I saw several figures with their backs to her, and then I saw a long table full of people, each wearing a suit and tie. It didn’t make much difference.
However, there is still a special one who wears a red shirt instead of a suit, but that’s what makes it stand out. Fu Qianfan didn’t dare to stare at that face, and his eyes quickly turned to Gao Zhiyuan’s height. It seemed a little surprised to see her, and then he reacted quickly.
"You continue" and Gao Zhiyuan pulled Fu Qianfan out of the meeting room.
Fu Qian-fan didn’t dare to breathe out of the atmosphere just now. It’s really nervous and scared to meet such a scene for the first time. No wonder Shen Bijun just pushed her out so unethically.
"When will you come?" Gao Zhiyuan asked. He was busy with the meeting and forgot Fu Qianfan’s coming to deliver the documents. At the beginning, Wang Hao said hello to the front desk.
Hearing Gao Zhiyuan’s words, Fu Qianfan handed the file in his hand to Gao Zhiyuan, "I’ll give this to you soon after I arrived."
Gao Zhiyuan took the file, looked at it, and then looked up at Fu Qianfan, who folded his hands in front of him as if waiting for him to check.
Putting the file back, Gao Zhiyuan said, "Thank you this time. I have a meeting to let Wang Hao send you back."
Who did 97 call? This is …
"No, no, I’ll take a taxi myself. Go ahead." Fu Qianfan doesn’t want to bother Wang Hao. It’s not that she doesn’t know the way back and can’t be sent.
Gao Zhiyuan no longer reluctantly nodded his head and agreed. He was just about to turn around and go back inside, but this time the man in the red shirt of "hi Little Beauty" came out and greeted Fu Qianfan enthusiastically.
Fu Qianfan recognized it. Isn’t that the man you saw outside the bar? The one in the dark green shirt was still hugging Gao Zhiyuan.
"What are you doing out?" Gao Zhiyuan said with a headache. He knew that this man divined what little beauty was called. This is
"Miss, what’s your name, brother? My name is Mo Junyu. You can call me Yu Brother later." Mo Junyu ignored Gao Zhiyuan and introduced it simply.
Fu Qianfan doesn’t know if he should answer, but it’s impolite for people to ask you questions without answering. But it seems that Gao Zhiyuan doesn’t want her to answer because he doesn’t want her to know too much.
Mo Junyu turns out that Gao Zhiyuan likes men called Mo Junyu. Although he loves beauty, Mo Junyu is also a beautiful man. Aside from secular prejudice, Mo Junyu and Gao Zhiyuan are quite good-looking with both of them.
"You almost have to do is hurry up and go to the meeting for me." Gao Zhiyuan is really a little angry this time, and his tone is much tougher than before. This will make Fu Qianfan afraid to speak, so Gao Zhiyuan is too scary.
Mo Junyu was not scared by Gao Zhiyuan’s words. Although he also obediently returned to the inside, he did not forget to tell Fu Qianfan that "I’ll see you next time, little beauty."
Fu Qian who dare not speak is nodded with a smile.
"You go home" Gao Zhiyuan didn’t want to say more, as if he didn’t want to finish with Fu Qianfan to Mo Junyu. Gao Zhiyuan also pushed the door and went in.
Fu Qian who just turned to leave her for a while, although I knew something about Gao Zhiyuan and Mo Junyu early in the morning, it still hurts to see her heart again today.
Mo Junyu and Gao Zhiyuan are in the same company class, and they can get along with each other more every day than she and Gao Zhiyuan. No wonder they are so close.
She should hate Mo Junyu, right? Fu Qianfan thinks, but even without Mo Junyu, it is impossible for Gao Zhiyuan to talk to her. She will hate Mo Junyu, and she really can’t hate Mo Junyu. She just showed her friendliness and made her feel a little inferior. What can Mo Junyu do but she can’t?
Fu Qianfan found that there was an existing ladder when she pressed the ladder. Just now, when she came, she was sitting in the left department. This time, she still pressed the same one.
"Can you use this ladder?" It was Liu Hena who spoke just now.
Fu Qianfan is not white. Liu Hena means that if she can go to the ladder, can’t she?
Seeing Fu Qianfan unmoved, Liu Hena said angrily, "This is the high general ladder. You have to press the high general ladder next to you who don’t know where to come from and don’t even know this."
Fu Qianfan finally understood the unexpected Gao Zhiyuan and the special ladder Gao Zhiyuan should still have a lot. She didn’t expect it. Fu Qianfan smiled wryly and ignored Liu Hena, but she still pressed another ladder.
Who are these people?
I didn’t know when I came, even if I know now, she doesn’t have the cheek to do that one. It’s all the same to her if she can go.
Looking at Fu Qianfan’s attitude, Liu Hena is not willing to think about this opportunity to humiliate Fu Qianfan, who let her just eat in Shen Bijun and not find someone to vent her anger on.
"Who are these people?" Liu Hena shouted a sentence when he saw Fu Qianfan enter another ladder, but no one around him ignored her. Liu Hena stomped heavily before leaving indignantly.
Fu Qianfan didn’t hear Liu Hena say that sentence. Even if she did, she wouldn’t be in the mood to ignore it. She would be in the mood when she met Mo Junyu here.
Fu Qianfan is not in a hurry to go back to Mingcheng. He is also a person. It is better to walk around as a distraction. Fu Qianfan doesn’t find others to accompany him. He is just a person who walks by with a good purpose. If he doesn’t like it, he will go in and take a look. If he is tired, he will find a place to rest and find something to drink.
It’s too late to get back to Ming city. Gao Zhiyuan won’t come back for dinner tonight. Fu Qianfan cooked a noodles and ate it himself.
Time flies quickly. It’s almost half a year since Fu Qianfan lived in Ming City. Summer and autumn have passed, and in winter, there has been no progress in finding a house. Fu Qianfan is also very worried, and the more difficult it is to get a house at the end of the year, the worst plan is to wait until the beginning of the year.
夜生活When the Spring Festival is over, Fu Qianfan thinks that the theory will be moved at this time, and it will be even harder to find opportunities if it is not moved. Now there are more than three months before the Spring Festival, and during these three months, she will slowly start cleaning up. At the end of the year, it will be very busy, and it will be almost the same to start cleaning up now.
It’s cold and rainy these days, and Fu Qianfan doesn’t want to stay outside early. He goes back to his room and hides himself in bed, although he still can’t sleep. It’s not bad to be warm.
Thinking that I haven’t called home for a long time, I don’t know if it’s so cold at home with Z city, and Qian Fan put in a message for home.
Fu Qianfan’s hometown, W City, is not too far from Z, but the ticket is not easy to book. Fu Qianfan can often go home. Fu Qianfan, the only daughter in the family, now has a father and a mother at home. Fu Yingfan is a high school teacher and should retire in a few years. Fu Qianfan’s mother, Ji Silan, also worked in a state-owned enterprise class in the early years, and later retired early because she moved to the factory. She became a housewife.
"Hello, Mom" Fu Qianfan shouted that all the words at home were answered by Ji Silan. Fu Qianfan used to call Mom first.
"What’s wrong with Qianfan? Do you miss us?" Jisilan seems to be very happy because she received Fu Qianfan’s words.
"Well, are you all right? Is it cold at home?" Fu Qianfan was really homesick if he didn’t talk to his family, and his voice trembled.
"It’s all good. It’s the same every winter. It’s good to be cold for a few days. It’s very cold in your place. Your father just wanted me to call you to pay attention to wearing more clothes. By the way, is it enough for you to wear cotton-padded clothes? Do you want mom to send you some pieces from home?" Ji Silan asked earnestly
99 turned out to be a joy.
Listening to Ji Silan’s words, Fu Qianfan couldn’t help blushing, but he didn’t want to let Ji Silan know, so he secretly cleared his throat while covering his words. "Enough is enough. You don’t worry that I will take care of myself when I am so old."
"Since you don’t have any contacts, mom will introduce you to one. That boy is also a good monitor in Z city. Your third aunt has seen him several times. Every time, she comes to tell me where this boy is. Otherwise, you can meet him as a friend. If you don’t like him, mom won’t force you."
"If he doesn’t know his mother, he won’t dare to introduce you to this boy. It’s definitely not a problem. He won’t be such a jerk like that Cheng Ming. You can rest assured how to meet him. If you agree with his mother, you will give your message to the boy and then you two will talk about it before deciding whether to meet him." Ji Silan is still talking to Fu Qianfan, but Fu Qianfan seems to think that Ji Silan is eager to turn over her phone number.
"Mom, I" Fu Qianfan wanted to refuse. Since she separated from Cheng Ming, her family always wanted to introduce her to her boyfriend, but every time she gave her an excuse to push it off. This time Fu Qianfan also wanted to refuse, not because she looked down on others and felt that feelings were still natural, and now she still had others in her heart.
"Don’t be in a hurry to refuse to meet first. Besides, your father and I were too obedient before. Every time you said no, we didn’t force you again, but once I made up my mind to meet you no matter how good or bad."
? 1 cheated her mobile phone.
"That’s it. I’ll give your words to the boy later. You tell people not to ignore them and tell us whether the situation is good or bad. We also need to know clearly that we won’t listen to you. We will also look at what the boy said. If you let us know that you didn’t go or perfunctory others, your father and I will spare you."

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