Soon two or three people echoed.

They are not stupid. Look at the atmosphere at the scene. If they don’t do this, they are afraid that they will not get a treasure chest. How do you divide me? I don’t care if I want two treasure boxes less! Selfsource flat road I’m short of two, too. Fire silence is no exception. […]

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I logged on to wechat and found that an unknown celebrity added me. I was surprised because not many people would add me and I took the initiative to add me. Finally, I nodded yes.

This unknown celebrity directly sent a picture of Yan Jiaxin sleeping, and it was the same. The picture let me know who she is. "Why don’t you sleep, Big Star?" "Stop it. It’s your principal’s fault." : Chapter VII The so-called "What’s the situation, Big Star?" "Your principal’s adult has been chasing me and asking […]

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By the time Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao arrived, the classroom was already full of all kinds of characters, because they accompanied the children to the dance and dressed up in fairy tales and dreams. What are the basics? Snow White, Cinderella, king or king? There are also some funny costumes, such as pleasant goat, big wolf and big bear.

Pleasant Goat, Big Wolf, Big Bear, Xiong Er … Gao Xiaoxiao prepared a mask for herself, which is very simple. For Han Shao, it is a mask of Twisted Fate Drizzt. He is wearing a black three-piece suit today. His long legs are straight and slender, and his figure looks elegant and sexy. Wearing the […]

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At the moment, the lion dog or the firstclass plane perfectly controlled the line, which didn’t let Erhong have the experience, but the line of soldiers was going to enter the tower after all, and a big wave of experience was coming.

The plane is not in a hurry, the experience comes and there is danger at the same time. The killing army has come to the wild, and the plane has pushed the line of soldiers into the lion dog, which seems to be surrounded. But the Bulls are still in the tower, and I don’t […]

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I close my eyes and there are too many memories in my mind, which are memories of the two of us growing up. If these memories can be connected in time, I can write a story about us.

I believe that she will be happy. She is a lucky girl who is emotionally ignorant and met such an uncertain person as me. I took out my wallet and looked at the photo inside. This photo belongs to our most youthful photo. She pulled my face and I held her body. The two of […]

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For a long time, he said faintly, "Well, I will remember these words later. I remember that Xiao Yin is a feminist who always protects you, but Xiao Yin, I want to tell you once again that I will never force you if you don’t want to."

Section 7 She smiled and her vision was blurred. The teenager touched her head. "Well, take a rest first. I’ll give you some medicine to drink or the water will get cold." She nodded and gently let go of his hand. The juvenile building went to flush the medicine It wasn’t long before he came […]

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Hearing this, Akai said, "Are you serious?"

Tang Ying kept nodding "true" After Tang Ying calmed him for a while, he returned to the ward. After going back, I will appease Li Jinghai again. She is also exhausted after dealing with these two men. Lin Ya received a message from Zhang Shiman asking her to have tea together after she went out […]

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