DuGuLan light replied.

Well, that’s good. I’ll give her a message. I’ll see you later. Feiyang said with a smile, then kissed the words and hung up. I dug up the yellow snow number and called her. After learning that Feiyang has returned to China, Huang Xue is also very happy to say that he will come back […]

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"Bags, rolls and steamed buns" Qin Xiao’s eyes moved from left to right and finally stopped.

The "master" three teenagers leaned slightly toward Qin Xiao and gave a gift. Junkuang is satisfied with the transformation of the Three Spirit Beasts, especially as soon as he sent the people back, these three dutifully guarded the gate of the Changming Temple. No matter the first impression, he can say that he is good. […]

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Two people laughed at Liu Jingjing and suddenly patched up the knife. I said Gao Shenran and they all said yes. You seem to be quite handsome.

Gao Shenran looked up to heaven and waved his hand and turned away. Don’t deny that so many little girls in our department don’t have boyfriends yet. Do you want to try them one by one? Gao Shenran I hate similar topics. I’m afraid there is no one in this world who is worried about […]

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"I tell you Wu Tianyou, if you don’t listen to this secret, you will definitely regret it for a generation!" Where is the Korean smile? Even if Wu Tianyou doesn’t want to listen to her, he has to come clean.

"Get out!" There are two words to answer. Throwing caution to the wind, Han Xiao took a deep breath "Xia Xue didn’t empathize! What do you think of her arrogant personality? What do you think of a vulgar man like Hu Yijiang! Wu Tianyou, don’t you ever feel suspicious? " Wu Tianyou mercilessly zheng, the […]

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After Liu Wei’s mood calmed down a lot, she asked, "Aunt Liu, you know I’ve always been an orphan. It’s really shocking that you suddenly told me that you are my mother, but I also have doubts in my heart about what you wanted in those days …" She pursed her lips here.

She wants to ask what lost her in those days. Meng Lingyun and Liu Wei naturally know what she wants to ask. Meng Lingyun said, "I really can’t blame your mother for this incident. When your mother gave birth to you, it was also difficult to give birth. After you were born, you were in […]

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"You don’t know what people insist on joining the club."

"He can’t cheat you? How can you believe what outsiders say but don’t believe what your wife says at all? " My Zheng wife said that Qin Suwan was very likely to lie, and it was also right. Chen Xinyi also heard Qin Suwan say that Qin Suwan was her mistress. What did she say? […]

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And this punishment is sweet and shameful for her.

Revenge her for biting his shoulder and even biting out the teeth marks. "Does my husband hurt?" He didn’t answer, but his body hit harder and responded. She was crisp and numb, mixed with a little pain and joy, but more exciting. It’s crazy to be mixed with this anger and joy. It’s crazy to […]

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