Thank you! Wang Ni expressed gratitude and took the initiative to retreat into the kitchen with Chen Lan.

Wang Sao came to see Mrs. Shao a few days ago. Why didn’t that woman come today? Wang Ni was quite interested in Jia Xue’s woman and started chatting when she entered the kitchen. It’s so interesting that she really came back every day when Mrs. Shao didn’t come back.
If you don’t want to, it depends on whether the main family gives her a chance! Wang Sao has some talent for divination.
What do you mean? Wang Ni continued to spy.
That woman is Liu Ma’s daughterinlaw, Liu Ma, who has worked here for a long time and has a good relationship with her family. Some time ago, she was ill, and Lu Shao arranged hospitalization. But this daughterinlaw not only didn’t appreciate it, but also found a door to blackmail, saying that she would compensate Liu Ma for her mental loss and miss work, so that she could take care of Liu Ma so that her usual wages could be transferred to her!
Little lady’s heart is really kind! Chen Lan sent a sigh aside.
If you want to help them give money directly, you must also make a request? Wang Ni is very hidden and left the pie mouth.
When the old man is sick, he hopes to have relatives to accompany him. None of Liu Ma’s hospitalized daughterinlaw has gone to the hospital to see her little wife. There is no way to arrange for this daughterinlaw to go there and Sun must follow him to the hospital, so that Liu Ma’s family is happy! Wang Sao is still very clear about this.
Little lady really did do justice! Chen Lan has absolute faith in the following people.
But who thinks this will hurt Liu Ma! King sisterinlaw sighed and shook her head, which told the story of Liugang’s car accident and Liuma’s cerebral hemorrhage again.
That this Jia Xue also too unappreciative is less and less Mrs Lu treatment LiuMa how return not bashful to ask for money? What’s more, Liu Ma’s death is also caused by her negligence! Chen Lan thinks this Jia Xue is too confusing right and wrong.
Section 33
This kind of person will not have a good game. Today, the Song team didn’t give her a chance to enter the community. How can it be difficult for the young lady to come back? Sisterinlaw Wang is also very right and wrong.
Did the Song team get her out? Wang Ni doesn’t care much about these people’s views. She hopes that Jia Xue will have the opportunity to harass Miao and feel uncomfortable. She thinks she will feel better.
Of course, Song Yang is the captain of the Lujia Guard. Lu Shao has long said that he doesn’t want to see that woman here again. Do you think the Song team can let that Jia Xue enter the community? Sister Wang put everyone’s meal on the small table.
I heard that the Song team is a special soldier who retired from the army. It must be very good! Chen Lan has a face of affirmation.
It seems that this Song Yang can’t be underestimated!
Wang Ni listened to everyone chatting and thinking about her own affairs, and slowly sat down at the small table. She gave herself three years to learn about living near Miao. After three years, she graduated and everything will officially begin.
When the old man came to the restaurant and smiled, he was very happy. It seemed that there was some happiness in the kitchen.
I haven’t been so busy for a long time! Wang sisterinlaw Liu Ziyan felt gratified.
Yes! Chen LAN got up from the chair. I’d better bring Xiaoyu in so as not to make the children ignorant and cause any trouble!
Don’t worry about it! Children are more lively! Wang Sao took hold of Chen Lan. Xiaoyu is so sensible that she must be likable. Just eat you with peace of mind!
After such a long period of contact, Wang Sisterinlaw’s prejudices against Chen Lan have disappeared. She is indeed a bad karma person and a downtoearth person. Now Wang Sisterinlaw has no evil spirits to say that Chen Lan has come, and everyone has the feeling of colleagues and family.
Wang Ni’s lunch was not comfortable. The laughter in the living room was like a spell, which made her unhappy all over. She left Lu Zhai soon after lunch. She needed to avoid such a curse or she was afraid that she would be exposed to madness.
Mom, I’m hungry! Wang Nigang walked out of the villa community, and a boy with some shivers floated into his ear. Then a familiar stereo started to sound. Feiyang is good. Let’s wait a little longer. It’s time for the security guard to change shifts, and then we can sneak in!
Wang Ni excitedly looked around and spoke to none other than Jia Xuemu, who had always been interested in her.
You don’t have a chance to see the young lady here! Wang Ni came to Jia Xue with a kind face. The child must be hungry. Let’s find a place to eat in such a cold day!
And you are? Jia Xue has a suspicious face.
I’m Lu Jia. Please ask the piano teacher to know something about you. It’s really pitiful! Wang Ni show her sympathy.
Would you like to help me? Jia Xue’s eyes lit up.
I don’t know if I can help or find a place for the children to eat first! Wang Ni thinks the gate is too eyecatching. She doesn’t want the Song team to see her in contact with Jia Xue.
Thank you very much! Jia Xue finally gave up this claim and insisted on following Wang Ni out of the gate of the community.
How do you want me to help you? A northeast dumpling restaurant came and Wang Ni helped to order half a catty of dumplings.
Can you think of a way for me to meet my wife? Jia Xue thinks that if he can meet Miao, he will definitely get a compensation.
You give me your contact information. I’ll let you know if I think of a way or know her plan to go out! Wang Ni took out a pen and paper from her bag. But you still want me to keep it a secret. It’s not easy to find a job now. I don’t want to lose my job.
If you can help me, I thank you for coming. How can you be so ignorant and make it difficult for you? Jia Xue vowed to say
Then I’m relieved! Wang Ni smiled and pushed the dumplings in front of Xiao Feiyang. You should be as confidential as your mother!
夜生活We can’t say that we have seen this aunt anywhere after flying, and we can’t say that we know each other, okay? In order to let Wang Ni feel at ease to help herself, Jia Xue began to ask for help seriously.
Liu Feiyang severely lit his little head. He didn’t want his mother to worry. Although he didn’t like the young aunt in front of him very much, it must be a very important event for his mother to be so serious. Naturally, he should be obedient and cooperate well.
Don’t worry, Mrs. Shao will definitely go out when she comes back. I’ll help you get a chance to meet alone! Wang Ni took the initiative to help.
Lu Fengxing doesn’t like Jia Xue’s proximity to Miao, so it will definitely not be a good thing for Miao. She is willing to see such a thing happen, although it may not really happen, but even some troubles are a little comfort to her, and she will try her best to achieve it.
Wang Ni, who was separated from Jia Xuemu, figured out how to arrange such a meeting. It seems that there are arrangements for Ping Li and her girlfriends to have such an opportunity. After all, men have to work for such a party, and it must be that she will take care of her children at most.
Wang Nihai’s mind is full of thoughts, such as promoting a girlfriends meeting, and the taxi stopped at the gate of her school.
Thank you! Wang Ni paid the fare and took her own bag to pack the car.
Can I talk to you? Wang Ni didn’t expect to meet Ang Lee at the school gate. It seems that he just walked out of the school. It seems that he went to the dormitory to find himself.
Can I help you? Wang Ni didn’t feel that Ang Lee would have any intimate thoughts, but his face felt an unprecedented seriousness
I’ll treat you to coffee! Ang Lee said that she had gripped the woman’s wrist and walked over to the cafe opposite the school.
Wang Ni didn’t resist, but she wasn’t so relaxed at first. She kept thinking about what the man was going to say to her. Did he know something? What exactly do you know? Wang Ni feels that she has done a good job in keeping secrets.
Wang Ni, you and Li Jing are very good friends, and we don’t treat you like an outsider. Can I ask you some questions? As soon as the cafe came to Ang Lee, it was ready to go straight to the point.
Can I say no? Wang Ni casually looked at the menu in the shop and didn’t choose to look at the man.
What should I say no? Li Anyin seems to be getting serious, too
I don’t know! Wang Ni sold Meng to hold up the bar. Since you asked me like this, I will ask you this question. Are you so serious?
Does your family still need to work? Ang Lee burning eyes fixed on Wang Ni’s face.
Ever since I met Ang Lee, a small white face in the temple fair that day, I have questioned many things in Wang Ni’s speech. After so many days of investigation and understanding, Ang Lee finally figured out Wang Ni’s parents’ identity and the reasons for their death, but she can legally understand Wang Ni’s motivation to work. After she got the inheritance, there is no need to earn this tutor’s money.

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