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Southeast Asia is also strong. In case of a counterattack, China’s chances will be over.

Lu Zhan walked thoughtfully and soon left the meeting place.
Xiao Chengqiang seems to have argued with Mo Li and didn’t come out. He walked around the square in front of the venue alone.
Looking back, there are dazzling lights around the huge dome of Zenith Arena, and several searchlights illuminate the surrounding area.
There are also rhythmic cheers in the stadium, but at least today it has been on the land.
Four days later, the star race champion will be born here, but Lu Zhan feels that this dream is getting farther and farther away from him.
Lu Zhan will never give up just losing one game. It’s the team atmosphere …
Not to mention that Mo Li let him take command. What he asked for was to make the team more harmonious. Now it is obviously impossible.
"Take it one step at a time. I won’t give up anyway!" Lu Zhan clenched his fist.
No matter how difficult it is, he can’t stop his desire for the championship. Even if he has to be eliminated, he will fight to the last second.
Behind the Zenith Arena is the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance, and in front is a lawn.
Lu Zhan sat alone on the lawn for a while, and the artificial lawn grass was very comfortable.
When he simply lay down and looked up at the stars, May was already full of summer stars and everyone winked at him.
Suddenly, a light flashed on his head, followed by two horns of Didi.
Lu Zhan sat up and found a car shining in his eyes. The headlights were dazzling.
It’s not surprising that Lu Zhan sits on the edge of the grass near the road, but what car will shine on him and aim the headlights at him?
Lu Zhan is full of doubts, frowning and walking in the opposite direction.
Whoever it is, he is in a bad mood and is not interested in joking with each other.
The car rang twice again, which seemed to keep him.
Lu Zhan doesn’t know if there is a rule against honking on the streets of Paris, but the horn of this car is really noisy.
"Is it my friend?" Lu Zhan thought
However, a quick glance at the car before is very beautiful, and the body is still red. I don’t understand the car, but it looks valuable.
Not to mention Paris, even in China, there are only a handful of people around him who can afford such a car.
Lu Zhanqiang sighed in a bad mood and decided to look back at people’s horns like this, which is not necessarily harassing him.
I haven’t taken a few steps since I came. It’s faster to go back now
When Lu Zhan approached the car, he found that the driver could tell that there were two women sitting in the car because the headlights were too bright to see it.
Lu Zhan wanted to go further, and the passenger door suddenly opened.
Jumping from the inside, a girl descended on Lu Zhan as soon as she appeared.
He was hugged by a woman before he could react.
As soon as the fragrance of female hair filled his sense of smell, the soft chest of female made his heart skip a beat.
Female holding him all stick Lu Zhan cling to let Lu Zhan heart gradually heat up.
"Lu Zhan can find you!"
Soft thread rings in his ear.
At this time, Lu Zhan woke up from others’ surprise and watched the bearer carefully.
She has a hip-length hair and a delicate face, and her beautiful eyes blink at him.
桑拿论坛Add her a few more words, such as the soft line of fairy sound, and Lu Zhan recognizes that the bearer is actually purple flower!
I went to the Star Team for training only a few days after I came back from Seoul. Lu Zhan didn’t have much contact with Zihua for a while. Now it seems that Zihua has not changed much and she is in a good mood.
No, it’s not a question. The key question is what will happen in Paris?
Moreover, the posture of the two people is too charming for Lu Zhan to adapt.
"Ahem, have you shown enough? Let’s go to dinner when the show is over. I’m hungry because I ordered my sister! "
The car talked to another woman in front of it.
Purple flower realized that he was too close to jump away from Lu Zhan.
"Lu … Lu Zhan was just now. I was so excited. You didn’t see anything, right …" Purple flower panicked with her hands.
Lu Zhan smiled and looked at her motioning with his hand and thought, "Maybe I really didn’t see anything but I felt a lot …"
Of course, I won’t say this.
I don’t know how to see the purple flower, but Lu Zhan’s mood is not as bad as it was just now. It is said that beauty is beautiful, and now it seems that if you watch less, your mood will get better.
The failure of the game has been weighing on him, and now the purple flower has been put aside for the time being, which is not so heavy
"What the hell is going on here? How did you come to Paris?" Lu Zhan asked
"Hey, don’t worry about so much. Let me introduce you to my good friend Chen Nannan. We are girlfriends in junior high school!" Purple flower smilingly said to Lu Zhan
"It’s you!" Before Lu Zhan could say anything, the woman from the main driving position suddenly spoke.
Lu Zhan turned to observe that the woman walked to the place where the lights were not very reflective. The woman was taller than the purple flower, and her chest was more material than the purple flower, but her appearance was equally outstanding. It was the purple flower that brought her Bai Fumei aura to compare her.
After observing a land exhibition, it suddenly dawned on me that he actually knew this woman. It was Xiao Chengqiang who molested that sister when he and Xiao Chengqiang were flying!
"Wolf! Violet, how did you come to see such a person? " The woman asked Lu Zhan with a frown

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