It’s already past six o’clock when I returned to the quadrangle.
Song Qingcheng brought people home, and grandma was waiting for the door. Yujing saw the old man’s sweet mouth and called grandma. The old lady nodded with a smile and quickly let Song Qingcheng lead the guests into the door.
Grandma Nancheng has never seen Yujing. At the moment, she thinks this is the whole classmate.
After dinner, Song Qingcheng plans to call a car to take Yujing to the hotel.
Yujing straddled the bench with a cane in his hand and gnawed at it. He saw Song Qingcheng take out his mobile phone and immediately leaned over and found that it was Song Qingcheng who opened the taxi software and asked curiously, "Are you going out later?"
Song Qingcheng entered the starting point and said, "Well, take you to the hotel."
品茶论坛"Why did you send me to the hotel?" Yu Jing vomited bagasse. "Don’t you have a room here?"
Song Qingcheng looked up. "Do you want to sleep here?"
Yujing nodded like garlic.
"The conditions here are relatively simple." Song Qingcheng made the truth clear to her. "It’s impossible to compare the Imperial Garden with the express hotel. I don’t guarantee that there are cockroaches."
Yujing was spoiled from childhood and went out to travel and live in the worst four-star hotel. Hearing Song Qingcheng say this, she hesitated and said slowly, "Then let me see your bedroom first."
Song Qingcheng got up and took her to her room.
Yujing’s hesitation disappeared after seeing the house, threw off his shoes and ran into a chair. "It’s fine. I’ll sleep here."
Said a pair of hands table east touch west touch.
Song city to see her fresh strength also didn’t insist on going to do it for one night.
Yujing came to Yu Rao and brought her close-fitting clothes.
Don’t come back until Yujing takes a shower, Song Qingcheng. Yujing has been lying in bed and is curious to appreciate the posters and testimonials of those stars on the wall. I heard the door open and turned to look at Song Qingcheng. "So you are also in idolize. I didn’t know that my good students are studying hard."
After that, I stared at those awards and smashed my mouth. "I have never won a three-good student since I was a child."
Song Qingcheng put a washbasin. "These are nothing and can’t be eaten."
"You top students just don’t understand the desire in the bottom of your heart."
Yujing bed changed its posture and waited for the ipad. Song Qingcheng lamp bed took advantage of the darkness and asked, "Why did you just leave and hold the wedding in a few days, or did my uncle do something bad?"
Song Qingcheng said, "It’s my problem to talk to others."
"What’s your problem?" Yujing doesn’t believe that "you even gave my second uncle a baby. If I don’t like a man, I don’t want to accompany him to have a baby even if I put the knife rest on my neck. You see, it’s cheap for Gu Jiazhi when you leave, but don’t worry that my second uncle is too busy to contact her."
Song city touched her face "sleep"
Yujing sighed, "Recently, I always thought that if I hadn’t dragged you home, you wouldn’t have met my second uncle."
Song Qingcheng answered her words, "If I hadn’t met your second uncle, I would be more miserable now."
"What do you mean?" Yujing looked up at her.
Nai night can’t see the whole face expression of Song Dynasty.
Song Qingcheng speaks very slowly. "Yujing, I am not as simple as you think. You have long known that you don’t feel sorry for me. On the contrary, I helped you to do something. Don’t think so again."
Yu Jing suddenly said, "Qingcheng, I really think you are miserable. You have to take care of your older grandmother. It’s hard to get together with my second uncle. As a result, the child is divorced and has not formed. Because of these things, I can’t concentrate on reading. I want to cry when I say this. Why don’t you respond?"
Head to the song city sigh "if you don’t sleep, I get up early and don’t come to work late, and my salary will be deducted, I will definitely cry."
Yujing put one leg across the whole body. "Tell me the truth. Have you ever regretted leaving without saying a word? If my second uncle comes to you, will you go back with him? "
Song Qingcheng wants to say that he can’t get a throat, but he seems to choke and can’t give the so-called answer.
I’ve come to sleep next to me and snore lightly
The next day, Yu Jing opened her eyes and Song Qingcheng was ready to go out. "Why do you get up so early?"
Her voice is a little hoarse
The whole song dynasty is applying hand cream to see if there is abnormal flush on Yujing’s cheeks and immediately touched her forehead.
Yujing couldn’t help coughing in the quilt.
He said that Song Qingcheng didn’t go to class to talk to Xue Min for leave, and then went to a nearby pharmacy to buy a thermometer and buy it back for Yu Jing to take a temperature of 3 degrees. Although there is an antipyretic at home, Song Qingcheng was afraid that Yu Jingyu wouldn’t spare anything and sent people to the town hospital.
When Yujing hung up the water, Song Qingcheng hesitated or dialed Fumin number.
Fu Min’s cell phone is not answered.
I can’t make a call to Yu’s old house in Song Qingcheng.
The words were picked up after a few rings.
Song Qingcheng was holding a mobile phone and was about to tell Yu Jing about the situation. The other party first said, "Yu Jia, who are you?"
The decoration of Yujia’s old house is European-style, which is the kind of rotary dial phone.
That old telephone didn’t show it.
When the familiar and steady man came from the receiver, the whole Song mind was disturbed because he was too caught off guard and almost conditioned to make a move and suddenly hang up.
In the future, I can write that the result of Lao Yu’s appearance is that there is a sound coming out at 9: 00 a.m., and I must let Lao Yu appear!
☆ Before Chapter 169, he was hospitalized with stomach bleeding (second watch)
Song Qingcheng’s fingers by the window still hold the phone for a long time.
Yu Jing, a sickbed, gave a ""shen yin"" and couldn’t stop coughing after waking up.
Song Qingcheng recovered and went to the bed to take care of her. She looked up at the drip bag and less than half a bag, and then went to the nurse to beg for a paper cup and boiled water to make Yujing a cup of antipyretic granules.
Yujing by sitting on the bed top-heavy whole person gently holding the nasal irrigation antipyretic.
Then look at Song Qingcheng with bitterness. "Didn’t you go to work?"
"Who will look after you when I go to work?" Song city hand touched Yujing forehead is not so hot.
Yujing stared at Song Qingcheng and sipped her lips and said, "Sometimes I think you and my mother are quite like a few years older than me, but they are very mature in some aspects. They are always worried and most men of your age still play doa. So it seems that there is indeed my second uncle who can match you."
Song city stretched out his hand and played her forehead "lie down and have a good rest"
Yujing ouch a hand clutching his forehead behind the song city, "do you want to go back to Nancheng with me? Nancheng is definitely not as cold as Yu Rao in winter. "

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