There was a sudden rush in the quiet corridor.

Gu Bei remained motionless there until his arm was yanked, and then he was slapped in the face with a loud slap.
His head jerked to one side and his left face felt a burning pain.
This slap is very strong, plus the half face that has already suffered a slap before is already red and swollen.
Yuxiyuan didn’t trap to feel avenged and wanted to stretch out his hand to call again, but he was held back by Yang Xi and Yudongchen.
"Xi Yuan has something to say."
"Yeah, don’t listen to the explanation to the north on impulse."
Gu slowly raised his head to the north and looked at the depressed families with different looks in front of him.
"GuangPu what she suddenly fell down? Are you stimulating me! How is the baby? You say it! " Yuxiyuan hysterical call way
Previously, she couldn’t get through to the two people. When the old lady Yu arrived, she knew that the matter was serious and immediately dialed the assistant Liu Bo’s number. Unexpectedly, she learned that her daughter’s office fell and was sent to the hospital for rescue.
Gu Bei didn’t excuse him. He didn’t speak at all.
The old lady Yu came to the front with crutches. She frowned with gray eyebrows and didn’t feel angry. "What happened to her in Guangpu, North? How do you explain what happened to you and Qi Muyao?"
Gu opened the door of the operating room to the north, but suddenly it opened again. A nurse came out of it with a surgical consent and pen in her hand. "Who is the patient’s family?"
"I am" YuXiYuan also did not consider the north busy turned and rushed over.
"The patient must have an induced labor operation now. Please sign it," said the nurse.
"What?" Yuxiyuan felt black at the moment, and the whole person almost fell to the ground when he shook his body.
All his faces suddenly changed. Induction of labor?
spa会所Mrs. Yu, the "nurse", was still a little unwilling to ask, "Can’t the child be saved?"
"The baby is five months old now, although it has been formed, but it has suffocated on the way, so it is necessary to have an induced labor operation," the nurse said simply.
All "…"
Induction of labor, as the name implies, is to take the molded baby out of the uterus directly.
When induced labor operation, the cervix is forced to expand, and it is easy to cause thin perforation of uterine wall if you are not careful, which is far more serious than abortion operation.
Pregnant women will have great pain during surgery, and it will be very difficult to get pregnant again after surgery. It is simply a living suffering.
Yuxiyuan instantly thought of the same hospital building at noon. At that time, she also joked that Jiang Mengyi had too many people to do, which led to the perforation of the palace … unexpectedly, she took revenge on her daughter so soon.
Long corridor Yuxi Yuan’s sorrow and tears suddenly sounded. She looked at there with a face of decadence. She couldn’t help but burst into a hatred in the north. She clutched her hands tightly and rushed over and tried to beat her hands at him. "Blame you, blame you, blame you, blame you, blame you, blame you for fooling around with other women, and when we were home, what did you do to Guangpu?"
Yudongchen desperately pulled her frown and looked at Gu Bei’s way, "Go north first."
Gu went north but never moved. When he finally spoke, his voice was dry and dumb. "I’m not leaving."
"You go! I don’t want to see you. Since the child is gone, you are no longer our son-in-law. You can be as good as you like, and you are not with you! " Yuxiyuan crazy general call way
Gu held his hands tightly to the north, and Yu Xiyuan scolded him like a sculpture.
Three minutes later, it was almost late, and the induced labor operation was finally over.
After the operating lights went out, the time spent lying on the cart was pushed out by the nurse. Her eyes were closed and her face was pale and she was completely unconscious.
"Doctor? How is my daughter? " Yuxiyuan asked before busy.
The doctor lifted the glasses frame and said, "The operation was very successful, but after the induced labor operation is too harmful to the palace, the probability of pregnancy may be lower, but you."
Chance will be low, but you also don’t worry too much. Let the patient get well first. Pay attention to bed rest and keep happy during hospitalization … "
Yuxiyuan Wu wear the mouth haven’t listened to already can’t help crying "whoops" pain.
She is a woman, of course, she knows how much harm induced labor can do to a woman’s palace …
Gu Bei kept clutching his fists shirt to the north, and his arm muscles bulged due to force, and his jaw lines were even more tense.
When the time pu was sent to the vip ward of the building, Zhenglin also hurried to catch up and ask the reason, and then impulsively raised his fist to beat Gu to the north.
"Line line" YuDongChen force pulls her brother-in-law to stop "can you don’t start work? I can understand your sadness without the child, but to the north, he is the father of the child. Can you solve the problem by hitting him? He will be more sad than you now … "
"Is he sad?" Yu Xiyuan broke Yu Dongchen with a sneer. "He can’t wait for Guangpu’s child to die so that he can find that shameless mistress!"

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