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All these moves are neat in one go, and they are not sloppy. When they speak, their tone is unprecedented and gentle, and their eyebrows are understated. The light demonstrations make Wang Yuehuan nervous and make Ning Tiannuo uncomfortable, but they can’t pick out any mistakes.

Wang Yuehuan was like a frightened deer from beginning to end, with big eyes and watery eyes. She wanted to get rid of Wu Sen’s hand and push him far away. In her eyes, Ning Tiannuo faded for a moment, so that she could bite the bullet and dare not make a move.
"Thank you" She finally said two words with great effort.
Wu Sen folded his hands and buckled his thumb to show Wang Yuehuan a brilliant smile that Ning Tiannuo had never seen before.
"You’re welcome"
Ning Tiannuo can’t look at it anymore. Look at Wang Yuehuan’s pale face. The tone is not light or heavy. "Back"
But only Wang Yuehuan knows how much energy can be destroyed in his anodyne tone.
Her heart is full of sour hatred and hatred, and Wu Sen hates all the bad men around her.
She’s just a weak girl who wants to live a simple life. Why should she be led by these people for several times and not be afraid all the time?
Ning Tiannuo said, turned around and took the lead in leaving Wang Yuehuan. There was no other choice but to go.
喝茶约茶She lifted her foot and took a step. Wu Sen suddenly let go of her folded hands, and she touched her round cheek.
Wang Yuehuan’s eyes instantly ignited a fire and she wanted to fight him hard. Because of the status quo, she didn’t even have the courage to curse.
Wang Yuehuan gas body trembling NingTianNuo suddenly turned a surprised a nu Wang Yuehuan almost no virtual soft ground.
She was surprised to stare at NingTianNuo can’t see the expression handsome face forward steps, live in situ waiting for NingTianNuo to speak again.
Tiannuo didn’t speak, but she reached out and her eyes suggested that she would come.
Wang Yuehuan took a big breath and trotted five steps to stuff his cold little hands into Ning Tiannuo’s big and thick palm.
"Tiannuo, why did you suddenly come to the hospital?"
She tried her best to find a topic, hoping that he could skip it and see himself wondering with Wu Sen.
"Oh, I called Sun Chen. Did he say what was wrong with your hospital?"
Behind it, there is a sharp eye like a knife. Tiannuo Shopping Mall has been practicing keen insight for so many years, and it is impossible not to feel it
He accidentally got closer to Wang Yuehuan, but he didn’t see that Leng Qing was as cold as Wu Sen. He seemed to be very special to Wang Yuehuan.
Although Ning Tiannuo and Wu Sen have known each other for many years, they occasionally hear Wu Jiao say something once or twice. Her brother seems to have no desire. Monks have never seen him look askance at a certain woman. He doesn’t seem to want to associate with a woman, Barabara.
Tiannuo looked askance at Wang Yuehuan’s little face, which was not the first sight of a beautiful woman, nor was it amazing. The skin was very white, which made people feel clean and refreshing.
It’s easy to relax with her.
"This Sun Chen’s tongue is really long. I came to the hospital not for my own business, but for someone else. Xiao Qi, do you remember? She is pregnant. I’ll make sure."
Tiannuo’s long "Oh" indicates that he knows.
Wang Yuehuan shook their arms, slightly raised their eyebrows, and asked Ning Tiannuo, "Is Brother Tiannuo coming to see me when I am sick?"
Ning Tiannuo stopped talking.
Wang Yuehuan once again touched Ning Tiannuo "Brother Tiannuo isn’t it?"
Ning Tiannuo "
Two people are holding hands and talking about intimacy, and the penis is drifting away. Leaving a Wu Sen in situ is like being enchanted by others and staring at the distance, full of jealousy.
Wang Yuehuan will be him one day, and he told himself so.
Ning Tiannuo’s driver stopped at the hospital gate and two people arrived at the car. The day before yesterday, Nuo dragged Wang Yuehuan’s car and showed a lot more strength than before.
Wang Yue’s heart is cool, and the storm has finally come. I blame her for being stupid and saying a few more good words, which will make Ning Tiannuo forget what happened just now.
She was clever enough to ride in the car, but the solid panic and fear simply exploded and were about to pour out.
Tiannuo told the driver to go home, and then the front and rear baffles buckled Wang Yuehuan like a hungry wolf, and he leaned over and kissed him hard.
Wang Yuehuan is ready to be beaten up, but he doesn’t want to punish him. It is this one who passively cooperates with him while secretly mocking Ning Tiannuo’s affectionate species.
In terms of sex, whether it’s kissing or getting closer, Wang Yuehuan does not resist according to Ning Tiannuo’s road number, but he never actively cooperates.
This time, I gave Ning Tiannuo a pleasant surprise, and at the same time, he tightened her more and more and deepened the kiss.
Wang Yuehuan’s brief contact without thinking that he didn’t stop planning to cooperate is really passive.
Besides, she really doesn’t like this punishment or that she doesn’t love each other, but she is tied up to do the most intimate thing between men and women.
It’s that the more she goes back, the more she doesn’t even kiss.

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