Uhhuh ….. Xiao Ran but force point a little bit of a little head but will darling but now will sleep

Xiao Ran ran back to * * and closed his eyes tightly. The pink lips seemed to count quietly.
It wasn’t long before, about a minute later, Xiao Ran suddenly opened her big eyes and glanced around as if searching for her father and mother.
Rubbing Xiao Ran’s head is funny and says, However, it’s just dawn today.
Xiao Ran blinked her beautiful eyes, but she wanted to go back to sleep for a while. When she opened her eyes, she could see her parents.
Chapter 374 Causes of severe coma
品茶I know what Xiao Ran’s little head thinks and say, When I go to bed at night, my parents will appear when I open my eyes in the morning.
Then you should get up quickly * * Eat quickly and go to bed quickly, and you can see your parents quickly. Xiao Ran is lively, but how is it that a child naturally recognizes that he will go faster when he wants to do it himself?
What a silly boy.
Fierce words a pair of Xiao Ran ran two big eyes immediately regretted.
The child doesn’t do anything. Just looking at him with her eyes will make people feel that she has done too much. How can she be so wronged?
Jiangbei military region hospital
The time limit given by the doctor is 24 hours. If Qin Yue doesn’t wake up within 24 hours, it is very likely that he will never wake up.
It’s been all night since the operation, but Qin Yue hasn’t recovered at all.
When still ticking rapidly rotating.
It doesn’t care who you are sick, and it doesn’t care how much you need it. Go slower and slower, and it will always walk so rhythmically, and it will always move forward according to its own wishes and never stop.
Jane looked up at the wall clock. Qin Yue has been lying in the intensive care unit for 12 hours. The best waking time has passed halfway and will be less and less.
Jane, why don’t you go lie down for a while and give me what you want to do? Xiao Qinghe looked at Jane and worried.
She stayed in Qin Yue night after night and didn’t even close her eyes. Early in the morning, she consulted doctors and nurses about Qin Yue.
She is busy and busy without stopping for a minute, just like spinning a gyro for a while.
Jane shook her head and said, Brother, please watch Qin Yue outside for me. You are not allowed to enter the house until I come back.
It’s not that she’s so nervous, but that she has to be careful not to have any more accidents.
Qin Yue is in danger before she wakes up. If I let the villain drill again, then … she dare not think about it.
Xiao Qinghe nodded. You go to the doctor to discuss his situation. I’ll take care of it here.
Section 215
Good nodded simply and turned to go.
Several attending doctors in Qin Yue are discussing the situation. She can listen in and get to know the real situation in Qin Yue. Take good care of him and wake him up early.
The doctor came to the conclusion that there are two reasons why Qin Yue really fell into a severe coma.
One is that he dragged on for too long and lost a lot of blood after being injured.
There is another reason and the main reason. Qin Yue has a poison in his body, a latent poison called hdr.
Hdr is a kind of chronic poison with color and taste. When you first ingest this poison, your body will not be abnormal at all.
Six months after ingestion, there will be different symptoms, including physical health and binocular loss … There are countless cases.
Why do you talk so much nonsense? After listening to the doctor’s words, I couldn’t help yelling, I want you to save lives, no matter what poison he has suffered and how much blood he has lost, I want to see the results instead of listening to you find the reasons.
Let me handle the communication between my uncle and the doctor. You’ve been here all night. You should go and have a rest first. It’s much calmer than the war.
Because Bai Qin has fallen, she must be strong and calm to get things done.
The doctors sitting in the conference room are all wellknown foreign doctors. They naturally have their reasons to sit here and analyze the situation in Qin Yue.
If she doesn’t stop the war and let it continue, it will also affect the normal level of doctors.
At this time, Jane is not only unable to mess with people around her, but also unable to mess with all the centers of gravity to save Qin Yue.
The problem of finding a matching blood type for blood transfusion has been solved.
At present, we need to work together to develop an antidote to hdr virus, and we must wake Qin Yue up as soon as possible.
The other day, Qin Yue fainted for the first time, and the doctors had already prepared an antidote, which really woke Qin Yue up, but the situation of Qin Yue’s body poison was getting worse and worse.

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