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"I booked it two weeks ago. Your father and I are now in new york. We didn’t say anything for fear of affecting your competition …"

Here Liu Ma suddenly choked.
"Mom, slow down. What’s the matter?"
Hearing this kind of situation, Lu Zhan felt vaguely worried that things had happened.
"Your father, I, and Tinger have been outside the operating room for an hour. A few minutes ago, those two foreign doctors threw out a critically ill notice saying that the blood clot was enlarged and I was not sure if I could be taken out. My heart was in a mess and I didn’t know what to do …"
Liu Ma really cried out.
The news came so quickly that Lu Zhan was unprepared. One minute he was going to continue the game, and the next minute he heard the news.
Lu Hong’s critical notice of operation …
When these words appeared in Lu Zhan’s mind, he didn’t even know what to do when he was always rational.
Calm down. Tell yourself to calm down, but he can’t calm down. Lu Hong occupies an important position in his heart, which can be said to be the most important person in his heart. But now his whole heart is cold when he hears that Liu Hong has been notified of his critical illness.
The words went on, but his face was covered with tears
"What’s going on … my dad didn’t? Kang Jie didn’t mother you let them answer the words … "Lu Zhan finally spoke a word for a long time.
"Your dad went out to smoke. Ting spoke to a foreign nurse, and I didn’t understand English, so I just wanted to tell you that I really didn’t know what to do. I …"
It’s another sob, although people in middle age can hear that something will happen. Lu Ma has obviously lost her mind and kept crying.
"Mom, don’t cry first …"
Lu Zhan didn’t taste like a knife in his heart. He clung to his mobile phone tightly. If it weren’t for Zhang Haifeng’s big-name mobile phone, he would have crushed it directly.
"What’s the matter?"
See Lu Zhan reaction Zhang Haifeng and Xiao Shengjiang are aware of the situation is wrong.
Zhang Haifeng was confused, but Xiao Shengjiang was scared.
I have known Lu Zhan for so long that he has never seen a panicked Lu Zhan. No matter how difficult the game is, Lu Zhan is as calm as water. If it is decided, where will this happen?
"Brother Zhan, if you have anything, let’s make suggestions together!" Xiaoshengqiang asked uneasily
Lu Zhan waved his hand and indicated that Kang Jie had come in the words that he had nothing to say.
"Aunt, who are you talking to?" Sister Kang found out the situation here.
Listen to Liu Ma. This is Lu Zhan Kang Jie. A surprised, she quickly took the words from Liu Ma. "Hello? Lu Zhan? "
Took the words is a burst of urgent questions.
Hearing this familiar sound, Lu Zhan drew an outline of Kang Jie’s short but capable image. In my impression, this woman is so strong, but she is also a little rude at the moment.
"Lu Zhan, you listen to me …" Kang Jie continued. "I just communicated with them. They found some new situations. There are always some different places in the images taken before the operation. The situation is definitely not as serious as my aunt thought. It will be longer during the operation …"
"Sister Kang, can you tell me the truth?" Lu Zhan suddenly interrupted him.
Kang Jie was silent.
After thinking for a long time, she finally replied, "Schumacher, you know? Driving Schumacher. "
"Yes …" Lu Zhan didn’t know what Kang Jie would talk about this name.
"In January, Schumacher fell into a coma due to skiing injury, and he didn’t wake up until April. Today, I gave it to Ahong, the attending doctor, to treat Schumacher. The Ahong was in a coma for longer than him, but the situation was different. His injury was not so serious. The blood clot pressed against the cranial nerve and happened to be the trigeminal nerve. These reasons are not appropriate now, but I want to tell you that it is your brother. He will be fine. His willpower is absolutely as good as that of Che Wang. No matter what the situation, he can survive!"
Kang Jie said slowly and said that these seemed to be a sigh of relief.
Does she want to talk to someone like Lu Ma?
But now someone must be strong and take the initiative to meet all this.
She is confident that her lover is stronger than others, and after months of observation, there will be no accidents and no failure today.
"How long will the operation take?" Lu Zhan asked Kang Jie’s confidence to pass to him through overseas words.
"There is no time limit for this kind of operation, and no one knows how long it will last. But Lu Zhan, I know that you can’t think about these things at the game site now. Can you do it? Can you? "
Kang Jie asked
"I …"
Lu Zhan asked himself that he didn’t know if he could do it, and he had never seen such a situation in his life.
"I’ve seen the news and said that the nether world lost because they lost. Acer has never done anything great, but he has brought RG to the world runner-up position. His goal is to be the world champion, star race, S-series race or WCG. Now that you are so close to the champion, do you want to walk past the trophy like Su Huanjen?"
Kang Jie asked again
"I …" Lu Zhan didn’t seem to wake up from the news.
"Lu Zhan shows that you are a generation of competitors. I hope your brother will be happy if he knows that you won the game. Can you do it?" Kang Jie asked again
No one paid attention to the local Kang Liting, a girl who was comforting Lu Zhan, but her eyes were already red with tears.
The first chapter is out of order?
Lu Zhan, who was strong and rational when faced with unexpected news from his family, became panicked.
If it weren’t for Liu Ma’s frantic call to Zhang Haifeng, he didn’t know much about the news that Liu Hong was undergoing surgery, and it would not be a matter for a while to digest this news.
At this moment, Lu Zhan has already taken the player’s seat and the game has started for 2 minutes.
Lu Zhan’s mind is like a fragment. He doesn’t know if he came back with Xiao Chengqiang or how he started the game.
For the state of Lu Zhan, Lu Zhan didn’t say Xiao Chengjiang, and he didn’t know what was going on, let alone others.
品茶I went out to smoke quietly, and when I came back, I saw Lu Zhan talking, but considering that they didn’t ask.
The atmosphere of all the star teams froze there.
There was no pre-match arrangement, no tactical choice, and no candidate for the second game, so it began.
Even Lu Zhan has recently stressed that the first-level regiment has become fragmented because there is no one to direct it.

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