Two people laughed at Liu Jingjing and suddenly patched up the knife. I said Gao Shenran and they all said yes. You seem to be quite handsome.

Gao Shenran looked up to heaven and waved his hand and turned away.
Don’t deny that so many little girls in our department don’t have boyfriends yet. Do you want to try them one by one?
Gao Shenran
I hate similar topics. I’m afraid there is no one in this world who is worried about tragedies all day.
My sister chose the fire birthday certificate and then chose my cousin’s birthday for the wedding. Coincidentally, she still loves us too much. Haha.
My sister’s wedding is my brother’s birthday again. It’s actually a fire to celebrate. I really need to leave a message. Sweat, leave a message, and the text will be rewarded according to the evaluation of the degree of benefit. Please ignore this article and remember that it is good every day.
By the way, my sister is a message board sister. What is it? You can also have a quiz. My brother is Yang Yang 329 and occasionally comes out crazy. shota can flirt.
Is 56 stupid?
On a midsummer night, the breeze is refreshing and pleasant. Gao Shenran walked out of the main entrance of the hospital. The breeze was comfortable and comfortable, so that she could close her eyes and inhale deeply before exhaling.
Breathe out gas and think of it as a bad luck in recent times. Gao Shenran slowly opened his eyelids and put a face on his face, which shocked her severely.
Almost at the same time, Gao Shenran raised his hand and slapped him. He regretted being buckled by Meng Qingzhuo, who responded quickly.
I’ve been waiting for you for so long to give me such a gift. Meng Qingzhuo’s lip angle is eccentric. I should be able to refuse.
Gao Shenran superciliously pulled back his arm. What is this place in the hospital? You don’t want to play like this when my life fails and I touch something unclean.
Meng Qinglong actually said to her that if she disliked the words outside the words, could she talk well?
There’s something for me. Meng Qinglong asked Shen Ran behind him with his front foot going higher in front of the car.
Meng Qingzhuo turned around and gave her a nonsense look. Otherwise, did he come to the hospital for a walk?
Several times, this man fought Gao Shenran, knowing that he was a very good and kind person, so he got off the bus with him at ease.
Did you visit the company members? Meng Qinglong asked at the moment when he started the car.
Gao Shenran was slightly surprised that she was going to say Minister Zhao told you one day.
Well, Meng Qingzhuo did not deny that the public officials also met when they visited.
Gao Shenran frowns. She still wants to talk to Meng Qinglong about the terms by video. Now even the company’s public department is out. It’s so sad and full of hope.
Meng Qingzhuo raised his eyebrows slightly at her disappointment. It seems that you don’t want everyone to know.
I didn’t want to take the opportunity to talk to you about the terms.
Just like a conditioned reflex, Meng Qingzhuo reached out and put a finger on Gao Shenran’s forehead. You are sincere.
I’m not that idle. Of course I do that with a purpose.
Meng Qingzhuo was not angry but disappointed and said, I want to help you.
Gao Shenran didn’t want to admit it, but in front of Meng Qingzhuo’s disappointed face, she seemed to feel sorry again, and her frown became tighter and tighter. She was very small and bowed her head. It’s kind of.
Meng Qingzhuo heard that she was too embarrassed to laugh and asked what terms do you want to talk to me?
Gao Shen ran bowed his head and meditated for a long time before he looked up eagerly at Meng Qinglong’s handsome side face and said to himself, I should be more comfortable with firsthand information. I can still talk to you about conditions.
Say yes, but my heart is straight and I am not willing to lose this great opportunity. My heart is particularly contradictory.
I want you to promise me a request, but I’m not ready yet. Sometimes I have to be able to do it at any time.
Meng Qingzhuo is quite interested in picking eyebrows and treating people humanely.
Gao Shenran waited in silence for Meng Qingzhuo to answer. If he agreed, she would be naturally happy, but if she didn’t, she should not blame him. After all, she did it on her own initiative.
Gao Shenran was busy trying to find more reasons for Meng Qinglong to be compassionate and understanding, when he suddenly said, I agree.
Gao Shenran raised his eyebrows and his eyes flashed with surprise. The little lights were brighter than the moon outside the window.
Meng Qingzhuo’s heart was abandoned, and after the accident, there was only a little bit of depression. The moment was like a peony flower in full bloom, with large petals layered on top of each other. Every cell was full of joy.
The car drove all the way into Gao Shenran’s residential area. Meng Qingzhong had a meal yesterday and today. It can be seen that Gao Shenran was tired. He never said it. He wanted to wait for him to have dinner tonight.
You tell me if you are stupid ID number, phone number and home address. You are screaming at others everywhere. Do you know that it is not impossible for others to do something bad when they get your information in the hightech era?
Gao Shenran’s car Meng Qingzhuo took out some postit notes from the locker and shook his wrist to hit Gao Shenran’s head.
Gao Shenran was embarrassed to bow his head and make a poor appearance of being educated and repenting.
桑拿会所What else can Meng Qingzhuo say? I’ll make her laugh.

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