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"I have to go to the company at 2 o’clock in the afternoon," Chang Huanyan said casually.

When Yu Yu looked at his eyes, it was already 1 o’clock. "It’s time to sleep."
"When this is finished"
I watched it with her for a while and frowned. "Why isn’t it over?"
Chang Huanyan looked up at him. "Are you sleepy?"
Yu Yu "…"
"Then I’ll turn down the tone," Chang Huanyan said, and bent down to get the remote control.
Put the remote control on the bedside table. When she was so depressed, she slipped when her hand was resting on her shoulder …
His Adam’s apple moved quickly, and then he started to move, push and turn over, and then he pressed her into bed.
Section 7
There is an orange light on in the room, and two people are wearing thin pajamas. They often lie there smiling and face each other. After the man bathes, the health, sunshine and ambiguous atmosphere are immediately available.
The video still keeps ringing, but there is no little fresh meat in her eyes.
Yu Yu wore a pair of cotton trousers with wide shoulders and narrow hips after taking a shower. She was muscular, semi-naked, slender, tall and straight, and her dark eyes were staring at the little woman for a moment. The whole manpower was full of hormones …
Chang Huanyan looked at it and couldn’t help but look up and kiss his face, then go through his Adam’s apple clavicle chest and then go …
Soft and petite, he kept burning and depressed, and his arms were tense because of emotion. Finally, he couldn’t hold back his big hand and pressed her directly to his thin lips.
Your lips are tangled slightly, and your palms are hooked on the edge of her pants.
At that time, there were two people left in the room who kept breathing.
After the end, each other was covered with a thin layer of sweat and asked in a dumb voice, "Are you tired?"
Chang Huanyan was dizzy, but he didn’t forget an important thing. He pursed his mouth and said, "You didn’t take protective measures just now."
Yu Yu said, "I calculated that you are now in peace."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Now even she knows how to forget it when she is restless. This man really knows more and more about women.
The next morning, I met my suitcase and went upstairs with my wife
Two children are sitting on the sofa in the living room, making baby noises. The horses are almost one year old, and the desert and the flute are learning to talk and walk, which makes the Yujia mansion busy every day.
Chang Huanyan used to kiss each other first and then habitually taught the compulsory course "Shout Mom … Mom … Mom on the flute" every morning.
Small sheng Xiao Zheng big eyes pink mouth "hemp well" shouted a.
"Good boy" often smiles and teaches a few words to Yu Mo "Mo comes to call mom … mom … mom".
Small desert gave her a look, turned her head away and yawned a little.
Chang Huanyan "…"
喝茶约茶The child really just didn’t put the word "impatient" on his face.
Yang Xi said with a smile, "Mo wet the bed last night and was in a bad mood, wasn’t she?"
Small desert "…"
Chang Huan Yan is a corner of his mouth, okay?
Dragon boat festival is healthy ~
Second, try to write ten chapters later and see if you can finish it (╯3╰)
☆, 76 brain convulsions
By the time the police force Yu Yugang sat down in the office, Zhou Wei had come in with a smile and handed in a red invitation "Eldest brother, remember to bring your sister-in-law to the banquet hall on the second floor of Yujing Hotel on January 1."
Yu Yu took the invitation and glanced at it "so soon"
I only got my license yesterday, and today I got all the invitations?
"Well, my parents made them both rush to hug their grandchildren and booked all the invitations long ago," Zhou Wei said with a smile.
"Congratulations" Yu Yu sincerely wishes that he can get a beauty in such a short time. To tell the truth, it is much faster than himself.
"Farewell" Zhou Wei suddenly began to complain. "Eldest brother, you don’t know. Let Jinyu promise to propose to me. My skin is almost three layers off."
"propose?" This immediately aroused Yu Yu’s interest. "How do you ask?"
Zhou Wei didn’t expect Yu Yu to be interested in this topic. She pulled a chair aside and sat down. Barabara began to say, "I was also advised by others. For the first time, I took her to the shooting range of the team and hid the ring in a very secret place in advance. I wanted her to find it. It was a hot month at that time. She found it from noon until noon. When she finally gave up, she said she couldn’t find it. I found it for her and said it wasn’t romantic enough. Let me ask again."
Yu Yu "…"
"So I listened to other people’s opinions and went to the Galaxy Cinema to book a luxury hall. I was going to take out my ring and propose to her on the spot when the movie was over, and just let the people on the scene help me to witness it. Unexpectedly, when the movie was about to end, her parents suddenly came to say a word. She went outside to pick it up for more than half an hour, and when she came back, everyone was gone, and the hall was over."
Yu Yu "…"
"In the end, I want to forget it. It’s the most vulgar and the worst trick. Go to a western restaurant and hide the ring in the ice cream. Isn’t it always like this? Who knows that I have arranged everything? After dessert, she said that she couldn’t eat cold when her period came. I can’t just say that because she said that the proposal must be creative and surprise her … "
Yu Yu "…"
Zhou Wei spoke for a long time and finally asked, "Big Brother, do you think I am sad?"
Yu Yu nodded sadly. "What did you ask for in the end?"
"Finally, ah, well, it’s thanks to my aunt’s saying that she wanted to see the wedding ring when the two families were having dinner together, and she also booed me to propose at the scene, so it was finally settled." Zhou Wei remembered this matter and asked for it three times without success, which almost made him doubt his life.
"By the way," Zhou Wei suddenly asked, "Brother, how did you propose to your sister-in-law?"
I’m in deep thought, and when my eyes move freely, I say, "Oh, I’ll ask for it casually."
"I’ll go, won’t I?"
Yu Yu "…"
He put the invitation aside and listened to Zhou Wei and said, "Eldest brother, do you have any good ideas for your wedding? Say it out and let me refer to it. "
Yu Yu frowned and finally said, "We didn’t have a wedding."
"No wedding?" Zhou Wei sighed after the surprise. "This is also a woman. How can it be so different?"
Yu Yu "…"
In the evening, Yu Yu was lying in bed after taking a shower and received a message from his wife thousands of miles away.
"Oh, it’s really cold in Beijing. It’s only September. I flew to the South Pole by myself. Most of the winds blew me away."
It was not until she finished Yu Yu that she said lightly, "Remember to take your coat when you go out, and don’t catch cold."
His voice is lazy and a little relaxed. He often smiles and immediately asks, "Have you taken a shower and been in bed?"
"…" Yu Yu didn’t deny the low chuckle. "You have a camera in your room?"

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