You’re almost discouraged. Forget it.

Zhang Shu and Li Ling are bullying our heads. Why should we give in? Jiyang’s eyes flashed with discontent. He thought that Zhang Ye was too timid, even though Li Ling was very powerful, the iron alliance was not good.
Suddenly, Zhang Ye’s face changed and he looked at a figure suddenly appearing not far away.
Li Ling face can’t see and dressed in a linen gown so quietly not far from crossing.
Standing on Lin Muhui’s ankle, Qi Yang’s face changed slightly. Although he didn’t have much respect for Li Lingke in his words before, I couldn’t help but feel a little scared after Li Ling really appeared.
Looking at Muhui Lin’s miserable appearance, Li Ling’s eyes are as calm as a stagnant pool without any anger.
I will definitely give you an account of Li’s leader.
桑拿会所Zhang Yexin was surprised that Li Ling was too cold and calm to make him afraid.
Li, Li Shao, help, help me Lin Muhui’s face is covered with tears, his nose is full of blood and his eyes are full of horror.
I don’t want to see your weak side. Li Lingyin was cold.
Save me
But Muhui Lin seems to hear Li Ling’s words, and now his heart is full of fear without him.
Looking at Muhui Lin’s performance, a bit disappointed appeared in Li Ling’s eyes, and he turned around and walked slowly towards his route.
This zhang night also leng a didn’t expect Li Ling so left.
Jiyang’s face couldn’t help but smile and look down at a face of despair. Lin Muhui smiled solemnity. Dog Li Ling won’t kill you and our iron alliance will be bad.
No, Li Shao, don’t go and save me. Muhui Lin waved his hands desperately as if to catch Li Ling back.
Qi Yang is enough Zhang Ye always feels that something is wrong.
Zhang Shu and Li Ling acquiesced in me. What are you worried about?
Jiyang sneer at a right foot before stepping up.
Lin Muhui’s eyes are full of despair and he looks at the fading night.
What Li Shao what not to save me what
Suddenly Muhui Lin felt his face crashing into the ground as soon as his brain was reorganized.
Teeth cracked, blood gushed out of nostrils like a fountain, and the biting pain was high, and he was dying.
Dogs can enjoy the snow and sunshine before they die, and it’s your generation’s life. Now you can set your mind at ease.
Zhang night eyebrows a wrinkly right hand a turn stride toward JiYang prey shot.
Anyway, he won’t let Qiyang kill Lin Muhui.
I’m going to die. I’m going to die. No, I can’t die. Super classes can only exchange skills. I, Lin Muhui, have just arrived in spring. How can I die?
Just one night, Jiyang appeared beside him and tried to pull him away. He was standing on Lin Muhui by Jiyang and suddenly spewed out a horrible breath. Rolls of violent gas were born like tornadoes.
Chapter 1195 The following rule is not to be bullied by others!
Zhuling Amanome Happy Wugengsong
Gas gushed out from the trees, and his skin was milky white like a bright moon.
Jiyang mind shook and looked down at being stepped on his head. Lin Muhui lost his way. What’s the matter?
Qiyang was really scared. One second, Lin Muhui was just an ordinary man with a strong physique, but the next second, Lin Muhui seemed to wake up, and the breath from his body made Qiyang feel scared.
Bad Zhang night expression a stiff figure move a buckle JiYang arm rapid retreat.
The forest glow sounded like thunder, and the body trembled violently. The cracks in the center of his body spread in all directions like cobwebs.
This is Li Shaoli’s strength.
The trees are full of excitement and slowly lifted with their hands on their hands.
The wound on his face was visible to the naked eye and quickly recovered.
so cool
Fists suddenly hold a horrible sonic boom.
At this moment, Muhui Lin deeply understood that Li Ling was powerful and knew that he was sitting on the sidelines.
After the gene enhancer, he is very strong, but when facing Qiyang, he is as vulnerable as an ant and has no strength to fight back.
What’s going on? What’s going on? Ji Yang’s eyes rolled and looked at Lin Muhui from the ground with horror. What will his strength soar so much?
There are many secret methods in the ancient martial world that can make ancient fighters instantly increase their combat effectiveness.

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