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By the time Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao arrived, the classroom was already full of all kinds of characters, because they accompanied the children to the dance and dressed up in fairy tales and dreams. What are the basics? Snow White, Cinderella, king or king? There are also some funny costumes, such as pleasant goat, big wolf and big bear.

Pleasant Goat, Big Wolf, Big Bear, Xiong Er …
Gao Xiaoxiao prepared a mask for herself, which is very simple.
For Han Shao, it is a mask of Twisted Fate Drizzt. He is wearing a black three-piece suit today. His long legs are straight and slender, and his figure looks elegant and sexy. Wearing the mask and felt hat suddenly adds a mystery to the medieval earl.
Han Shu was also satisfied with his image in front of the mirror, picked his eyebrows and said, "I’ll practice this hero another day."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Into the auditorium Han Shan holding Gao Xiaobai holding Gao Xiaoxiao directly toward the first row of seats.
There’s already a man sitting there.
"Big Brother!" Han Shu shouted a.
Jing Muchen didn’t dress up today, but she was still dressed in a cold, handmade black suit, which is a bit like Han’s dress.
Seeing this family’s three faces, the expression didn’t change much. I nodded my head and continued to look at my mobile phone as if I didn’t intend to chat.
"Why didn’t eldest brother bring his sister-in-law here today?" Han Tao looked around and didn’t find any pregnant women.
Jing Muchen’s speech without looking up is even more concise. "It’s inconvenient to be pregnant."
In fact, he didn’t want to come here. Several old people in Nai’s family went to participate in some community square dance competition today. The two children couldn’t help but have no one to accompany him. He came alone and took the responsibility of video recording and photo taking.
Han Shu put Gao Xiaobai on his ass and sat beside Jing Muchen. "Eldest brother, this is what you are wrong. What did Sister-in-law do before she got pregnant, but she wasn’t so nervous before she got pregnant?"
Jingmuchen raised his eyelids and gave him a cold look. He said nothing and continued to bow his head.
I’m afraid it’s not the case now that it’s so easy to wait for a real encounter.
Later, as Jing Muchen said, when Gao Xiaoxiao was pregnant with a second child, Han Shu was completely nervous. He was afraid of Gao Xiaoxiao, and he was afraid of falling. He was so scared that almost no company went every day … Of course, these are another story.
"What is Big Brother looking at?" So fascinated?
Han Shao just put his head in the past. Jing Muchen immediately put away his mobile phone and looked at Han Shao sharply. "What’s the matter with your WeChat avatar?"
Han Shan+Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Fortunately, Gao Xiaobai immediately changed the subject, "Dad, Mommy, Uncle Jing, I’m going to prepare the table."
"Go ahead and behave yourself later!" Han Yan immediately touched the little guy’s head and smiled like a father.
The party finally started.
Maybe because of a little nervous, Jing’ an nine hands clutched Gao Xiaobai and went to the center of the stage hand in hand.
Looking at Taiwan, golden couple’s cute little host, Tai Daren, was busy picking up his mobile phone and "clicking" and kept taking pictures. Jing Muchen also turned on dv and began to record videos.
"Wife, do you think our son and daughter-in-law are a good match?" Avoid the scene. Muchen heard Han Shao gather together. Gao Xiaoxiao’s ear was very light but very proud.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and nodded in stitches, and his eyes could not be separated from Taiwan.
"St. John’s kindergarten Christmas party is now officially started!" Grandma’s angry announcement is over, and the mission of two cute little hosts is completed
Hand in hand, she left the backstage and was replaced by a famous hostess of D City Children’s Channel.
The opening dance program is "Little Apple". Saixixi and several children performed together, but they worked hard to bring the Christmas party directly from the opening.
The kindergarten is lively and happy here, and on the other side, Gao Zhiqiu returns to Qiushuiju with vivian.
On the way back, she also thought about it all the way. In the end, it’s not easy for the old lady to find her. What can I do for her?
But since the old lady Yu is here, it must be Yu Jinchuan who told her that she lives here. Besides, did Yu Jinchuan tell her about him? Or … I don’t know if I said a part of it.
The car finally stopped at the main entrance of the courtyard. Gao Zhiqiu took a deep breath and pushed the door and car.
The courtyard is very quiet, and there is a faint Beijing opera sound to match the quiet atmosphere, which is quite old-fashioned atmosphere.
When I walked into the living room, I saw a dark printed Tang suit. The old lady was sitting on the sofa drinking tea. An unknown Peking Opera was playing on the wall. Yang Xi also watched a tea set on the tea table in front of them. In the background music, there was a scene of leisure and tea.
Seeing that Gao Zhiqiu and vivian are back, Yang Xi is busy pushing the old lady’s arm path "Mom Zhiqiu is back."
Old lady Yu slowly picked up the remote control and closed the viewing wall, then looked at Gao Zhiqiu. "Come back?"
Gao Zhiqiu nodded and asked directly, "I wonder what Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Yu want to see me today?"
"Isn’t it okay for me to come and sit here?" The old lady frowned slightly.
"Of course, but this is Yu’s place. If the old lady has nothing to do, vivian and I will go." Gao Zhiqiu pulled her lips and said.
"…" Old lady Yu pursed her lips, looked vaguely dissatisfied in her eyes and frowned, then reached out and gestured, "I really have something to ask you to sit down first."
Gao Zhiqiu looked at vivian and said softly, "vivian, go upstairs first."
Vivian was very tired after a long afternoon of tossing, but when she heard this, she shook her head violently. "I won’t go to my mother to accompany you."
"…" Although Gao Zhiqiu knew that her daughter was worried about herself, she was more worried about what vivian would say if she stayed here.
Just about to speak, Yang Xi smiled and said, "vivian, don’t worry, we are just chatting with your mother."
Vivian glanced at Yang Xi with disbelief.
But when I saw her, I thought of Yu Yuting and my first love.
In the end, she gritted her teeth and turned around and went upstairs without saying anything.
Sister-in-law Lin came to add hot water to the teapot and left very quickly.
The living room was quiet when the door was closed.
Old lady Yu stared at her eyes, her eyebrows were cold and cheerless, and the first thing she said was, "I really didn’t expect you to be such a person."
Can you steal a lazy today? New year ~ sell a cute ~
Then god, I want 10 thousand more!
☆ 211 Help me take a photo with Xiaobai.
Old lady Yu stared at her eyes, her eyebrows were cold and cheerless, and the first thing she said was, "I really didn’t expect you to be such a person."
"Mom" Yang Xi busy pulled a depressed old lady.
Anyway, their Yu family is not qualified to accuse Gao Zhiqiu. Even if two people really want to get married, it’s a matter of two people … Who knows that the old lady Yu suddenly glared at her? "What are you pulling me for?"
Yang Xi "…"
Gao Zhiqiu frowned and heard the old lady Yu continue to say, "If I remember correctly, your attitude has expressed everything at the first meeting. What is the reason for the sudden reversal?"
"I don’t know what you mean," Gao Zhiqiu said directly.
品茶论坛"…" The old lady Yu narrowed her eyes to calm her anger and said, "Jinchuan suddenly told me last night that she wanted to marry you."
"…" Gao Zhiqiu suddenly fried Yu Jinchuan in his mind and told the old lady that he wanted to marry her? !
She clenched her hands and froze, but at the same time her heart suddenly turned white.
So it’s because of this. No wonder the old lady Yu rushed to the door directly. Is it because of raining …

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