At the moment, the lion dog or the firstclass plane perfectly controlled the line, which didn’t let Erhong have the experience, but the line of soldiers was going to enter the tower after all, and a big wave of experience was coming.

The plane is not in a hurry, the experience comes and there is danger at the same time.
The killing army has come to the wild, and the plane has pushed the line of soldiers into the lion dog, which seems to be surrounded.
But the Bulls are still in the tower, and I don’t know what to do with this wave.
Er Hongge seduces Zhang Hao quietly waits for the opportunity behind the grass. The secondlevel pig sister has pointed out the areas of Q skill extremely cold raid and E skill forever freezing.
The blind monk entered the grass from the road step by step, touched the front grass and waited for the opportunity bit by bit.
After all, the aircraft cleaning is in the early stage, and even a little damage is enough to change the situation of the war.
Zhang Hao is still waiting silently, and there is no hurry. Erhong naturally behaves very calmly, but in many cases, it shows that the opposite is coming.
However, Erhong did not return his absolute trust in Zhang Hao.
In an instant, the blind monk appeared
When the blind monk comes, pig sister can be behind the tower and I don’t know if there will be a group battle.
The blind monk is very strong in fighting.
Feng Haiyi ordered
Auxiliary Li Xuan moved Bloom towards the tower circumference. Auxiliary nature is the first candidate to resist the tower.
Then the plane also attacked the lion dog Bloom, who was attacked by the defense tower, and his blood volume was reduced
In the early stage, the blood loss was terrible, and it was already unbearable after a few shoulders.
Zhang Hao put his hand on the Q skill and stared at the screen all the time to find the best time to shoot.
Feng Hai also moved the level 2 blind monk, but the main output force Bloom flashed back decisively after carrying the three towers and could not carry it any longer.
And the blind monk enters the scene to add snow and frost to the lion dog with little blood.
Brother Erhong, step back and don’t leave the tower.
I was instructed to retreat, but the blind monk was red and buff was not fast.
When he saw it, Erhong smiled and said, Take my life for dad.
Seeing the lion and dog suddenly turn around, a and then e skills lasso strike makes the blind monk move as slowly as a turtle.
Finally, enough is enough. Zhang Hao suddenly fought out the pig girl and roared out of the grass without giving a chance to react.
When he was about to reach the finish line, Zhang Hao slammed the flash, so he actually hit the blind monk.
品茶论坛Holy shit Feng Hai stared at the bloody lion dog in front of him. It was really heartbreaking.
Zhang Hao has been waiting for a long time. Will he succeed easily? The blind monk has already resisted the tower. At the moment, he is set in the tower. Later, Zhang Hao’s eskills will be frozen forever. Up to 6 deceleration is simply a nightmare for Feng Hai.
Pig sister succeeded in squatting, the plane couldn’t chase the lion and the dog, and the blind monk was even more injured when the tower was slowed down. Black explained quickly
Yes, and the pig sister is still chasing the blind monk. It seems that the early disadvantage will be regained.
Sure enough, the blind monk moved towards the side of the wall in an attempt to escape, but this slowdown is really not fake. Feng Haidu is going to curse.
It’s not easy to get to the edge of the wall. It’s another defensive tower. The blind monk has tried his best to spit out his face. He’s lucky enough to flash past and escape. If it’s not good, then wait for death.
Whew! The blind monk didn’t hesitate to flash across the wall, and a moment of bright light came.
Feng Hai watched and died in the defensive tower, and the attack was instantaneous and stare blankly.

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