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After Liu Wei’s mood calmed down a lot, she asked, "Aunt Liu, you know I’ve always been an orphan. It’s really shocking that you suddenly told me that you are my mother, but I also have doubts in my heart about what you wanted in those days …" She pursed her lips here.

She wants to ask what lost her in those days.
Meng Lingyun and Liu Wei naturally know what she wants to ask. Meng Lingyun said, "I really can’t blame your mother for this incident. When your mother gave birth to you, it was also difficult to give birth. After you were born, you were in poor health and stayed in the incubator. Later, the doctor said that you were dying. We really saw you lose your breath with our own eyes. What happened to this matter? We are also full of doubts now."
My daughter is still alive and has grown so big.
This is a surprise for both of them, and of course it is also a shock
Bai Qinying looked at the two men. "So you didn’t mean not to want me?"
"Of course not! Qin Ying, how can we not want you? You are our daughter, and we will not easily lose you no matter how much. "
Liu Wei’s words comforted Bai Qinying a lot.
She was shocked by what was in front of her, but at the same time, she was glad to hear Liu Wei’s words … Her biological parents didn’t abandon her because she was sick or for other reasons as she thought.
Liu Weigang and Bai Qinying have lost their daughter for so many years. Naturally, she has a lot to say to Bai Qinying.
Bai Qinying can see that Liu Wei is really glad that her heart is asking about her recent situation over the years.
桑拿会所She was very fond of pecans, and after a shock, she looked at pecans and felt really warm in her heart.
The word is strange and eager to her.
Pecans listen to her say that finish these years things eyes can’t help but with tears "ooze tassel you suffer"
It was supposed to be Miss Meng’s family, but she stayed in the orphanage for so many years. Liu Wei really felt distressed.
Meng Lingyun took a paper towel to wipe away the tears for pecans. "Okay, okay, stop crying. It’s a good thing that my daughter found it."
When Bai Qinying stayed at Meng’s house for a while, she finally took a look. "Aunt Liu, it’s getting late. I’ll go back first."
"Qin Ying, you stay for one night."
It’s hard to recognize my daughter. She has a lot to say to her.
Bai Qinying shook his head. "No, I have something to do. Aunt Liu, I’ll come again …"
Meng Lingyun they sent Bai Qinying out of Meng Zhai and looked at her out of the car.
"Lingyun is so wonderful. Our baby daughter is still alive and she is still fine."
Nothing makes her feel better than this.
Meng Lingyun also smiled. It seems that women’s intuition is very accurate.
Bai Qinying returned to the villa. She was a little nervous at the door. Although she was not afraid of Bai Jingnian on weekdays, sometimes she was afraid, especially today. She could almost think of Bai Jingnian knowing how angry she was after she dumped her bodyguard and fled.
She took a deep breath and went in.
"Young lady! Miss, you’re back? !”
The servant guarding outside saw her as if she had seen the Salvation Bodhisattva.
"The year of Bai Jing?"
"Sir, you’ve always been a miss. You’re finally back. Sir, it’s scary to have a good fire, and Miss Baguio, she’s …"
"Yao elder sister? ! What happened to Sister Yao? !”
The servant is a little embarrassed. "Miss, you’d better go in quickly."
Bai Qinying hurried into the room. As soon as she entered the room, she saw Bai Jingnian sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, watching with a document in her hand and kneeling in front of him.
Beiyao’s lips and corners are covered with blood, and her face is swollen and old.
Her eyes stung! "Sister Yao!"
Beiyao’s white face has been beaten badly, and it looks a little scary with blood on her lips!
"White …"
She just wanted to get angry when the whole person was pulled up by a force. "Qin Er, you are really getting bolder!"
She was dragged to Bai Jingnian’s face and Bai Jingnian looked angry.
He knew that he was furious after she dumped her bodyguard and ran away.
Bai Qinying wanted to have a good talk with him when she came back, but she was even more angry when she saw Bei Yao being beaten like this! "Bai Jingnian you too much! Why should you beat Sister Yao? I want to escape myself. If you want to fight, just hit me! "
"Qiner, I’ll settle with you if you escape." He took a look at Baguio with no emotion in his eyes, and even less so. Baguio was so sad that she helped you escape. "It’s even worse!"
When Bai Qinying heard the word death, her whole body was tense. She hurriedly denied that "no! Sister Yao didn’t help me escape! Sister Yao knows nothing! Bai Jingnian, you are not allowed to hurt Sister Yao! "
Bai Jingnian didn’t want to hear her say this. He grabbed her waist with his big hand and picked her up and held her upstairs.
Bai Jingnian carried her upstairs and threw her into the soft sofa. His hands supported her on both sides. "Where’s Qiner? I want to hear the truth. "
Just now, Beiyao made her almost forget her own story.
When she was about to open her eyes, she stopped. Doubt flashed through her mind.

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She was unmoved. "You’re not reading at the right rhythm."

"No matter"
"Ignore you," she said with a smile.
He Lianyin eyes color a tight handsome face pressure.
His face stopped before her eyes.
Shortness of breath
The two men breathed as thin as leaves, and she sniffed at his lips. The warm feeling made his heart roar, and the long-suppressed emotion finally came out like a volcano.
"Ignore me and I’ll cook uncooked rice into mature rice."
He slowly
Slowly bow your head and kiss her lips, trying to control the fire in your heart like a prairie fire.
Section 233
He Lianyin shouted
As soon as you open your mouth, He Lianyin’s tongue will March forward and kiss her deeply as if to kiss her into your own soul and never let go!
"Stop it"
In the suffocating kiss, He Lianyin tried hard to restrain his emotions and tried hard to wake up his confused brother. However, in his general arms, she could not move, and her lips were stained by his affectionate enthusiasm. This kiss was beyond her tolerance, and her brain felt slightly dizzy.
It’s hot with anger.
Chaotic rotation of heaven and earth
HeLianYin brain after a white.
Oxygen becomes thin.
The more he kissed, the stronger he became.
桑拿论坛In the dark
He Lianyin holds the bedside table vase in his hand.
She wanted to-
Should I knock him out?
But she was reluctant to knock him out.
In this dilemma,
He has stopped. He stared at He Lianyin’s vase and his eyes became cloudy. "Do you want to knock me out?"
The tide rolled wildly outside the small round window.
roaring waves
He Lianyin was lying pale on the bed and still wearing a sweater. She looked at him stupefied and could not speak at the moment.
"You don’t want to marry me?" He pressed her with dark eyes not to let her escape.
HeLianYin chest a shock hair messy pupil contraction.
"So that’s it. I’m white." He laughed at himself without a trace of blood in his beautiful face. "We were connected. I didn’t expect I thought too much. I’m sorry."
"It’s not like this." He Lianyin grabbed his arm to stop him from leaving the figure, but he stubbornly ignored and insisted on leaving, so she could hold his skirt tightly and said, "Marry!"
He Lianyun’s eyes lit up. "What did you say?"
"Anyway, sooner or later, get married now and get a marriage certificate. Don’t regret it then." Her voice was very gentle, as if the sound of nature drifted into his heart for years.
Hearing her words, the teenager calmed down and came to her side and asked her slowly, "Do you really want to?"
He thought for a moment and then said, "I may have been a little anxious just now, Xiao Yin. I don’t want to force you. If you don’t want to, I can give you some."
He Lianyin raised his eyebrows. "Don’t tell me you regret it so soon?"
"Of course I don’t regret it," he was eager to explain.
"Then get married. Anyway, we are all adults and have no blood relationship. Who is afraid of who?" She pulled him over and suddenly became shy and said softly, "Come on, I wasn’t ready just now."
He Lianyin was amazed and couldn’t believe I heard this sentence.
One second
She pulled him.
Kiss his beautiful red lips
That moment
Fireworks are blooming all over the world.
He Lianyin smiled like a child, and the corners of his mouth smiled strangely and gently.
There seems to be something burning in the blood

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