And hook her cell phone and take a look at it. It also shows that the call is in progress.

He casually put it to his ear and asked the other party "I am Ning Tiannuo, who are you?"
If Wu Sen doesn’t hang up, he’ll be humiliated by others, or he’ll abuse himself and leave himself no chance to live.
"Pa" hangs up. It seems that this still can’t solve the serious problem of his external fire. He picks up the landline and slams the wall.
The receiver and the fuselage bounced back from the hard wall and left a residue on the ground.
Wang Yue Huan, you really know how to piss me off.
Wu Jiao was eating breakfast slowly and was startled to hear the movement of throwing things in the living room.
Her half-brother is indifferent and no one is hot, but that’s why it’s harder to see when his anger is on the rise.
"What’s the matter? Who made you angry?" Wu Jiao asked cautiously.
She is certainly not subject to trust and curiosity. Can it be solved on the spot or should it be solved?
Wu Sen’s eyes were as red as mad beasts, his eyebrows were frowning and his eyes were grinning.
He turned to look at Wu Jiao. Wu Jiao looked at this picture and his heart panicked.
Good Wu Sen can still relax and keep his head after losing his temper.
Wu jiao suspicious "oh"
Wu Sen opened the door over her and went out directly.
Wu Jiao still doesn’t trust that she has a relative. After Chen Jiao Yang died, she has no extra close friends in D city, and Wu Sen has.
Then why is he going out now when he is so angry?
喝茶约茶  title=Wu Jiao chased Wu Sen Ce ‘an in a few steps. She didn’t come near before. She asked him behind his back, "Where are you going? Do you want me to accompany you?"
Wu Sen’s eyes have faded and the red color has returned to the usual silence, as lonely as a stagnant pool, which makes people feel cold all over.
He said "no" in a low voice.
He didn’t want to say a word more. Wu Jiao returned to the room with a sigh and continued to finish his work. He stopped caring about Wu Sen’s whereabouts earlier.
Wu Sen picked up the car from the garage, and there was no goal all the way. His heart seemed to be cut into pieces by someone. It hurt a lot, and with more trauma, he felt that he would die.
Unconsciously around the whole city after more than half a circle, it is always more than four o’clock in the afternoon to stop the car firmly outside Ningjia villa.
For no reason, it’s like being guided by something, and it’s already outside her house for no reason.
Gao Shenran saw an overwhelming report on Wang Yuehuan’s excellent relationship with Ning Tiannuo early in the morning. Wang Yuehuan lived as an invisible man under the identity of Mrs. Ning over the years, and now it has finally been exposed and the heat has swept through.
In the morning, the hot discussion on the network and pavement has overshadowed Gao Shenran, giving him a big breathing space.
If so, I still can’t see my cousin’s intention, and she is stupid.
Gao Shenran planned to invite her cousin to dinner at noon, but the mobile phone was tossed in the palm of her hand several times without dialing out, and then Meng Qingzhuo took it away again.
"I have other plans for my cousin today, but it will be more peaceful in a few days. I want to thank her as much as you do."
Gao Shenran hasn’t been able to dial out the words because it is not very appropriate to see Wang Yuehuan at this cusp.
If she is accidentally photographed by the media again, she and her cousin will not be able to live safely.
Hesitated so a Meng Qinglong has seen her difficult.
Gao Shenran, a man with insight in such a detail, feels that he likes him more after living together for a few days.
"Meng Qingzhuo, I seem to like you more and more."
From the restoration of Gao Shenran’s character behind her daughter, the hardness gradually decreases, and she is now more dependent on Meng Qingzhuo.
Meng Qing’s heart is glad that he smiled and joked with Gao Shenran. "It seems that it is the right choice to get rid of your growing love for me."
Gao Shenran didn’t object to reaching out and hugging his little face. His face dawdled and asked, "What did you just say you needed me to do for the arrangement?"
Meng Qingzhuo patted her back and kissed her short hair. "I just want you."
Gao Shenran’s second realization is to show her who is smart, as she is faint, but she already has the answer, but she is not sure.
"It’s my mother. She wants to see you for a long time. Today, it’s just enough to stop. The media outside the first hospital have been removed one after another these days. I think I can arrange for you to meet. What do you think?"
Mother’s urging these days has been rejected by Meng Qingzhuo because it is inconvenient.
Even today, although he has promised his mother, if Gao Shenran thinks the time is not right, he will communicate with her again.
Gao Shenran paused for a few seconds and then nodded. "You can arrange it anytime."
This frank reply is a surprise to Meng Qinglong. He just likes her to be so neat and never artificial.
Meng Qingzhuo excitedly picked her up and knew what marriage attempt she promised to represent.
He is like a happy child who forgets all the children holding her in the living room. The excitement is stronger than when he got the most cherished toy as a child.
It’s about four o’clock in the afternoon with Meng’s mother. It’s an antique teahouse in the suburbs of An. The most important thing is to respect the privacy of guests. It’s Gu Beibei industry.
Before the departure, Gao Shenran suddenly became very nervous, clutching the water blue skirt and lowering his head. Half of his face was red.
"Meng Qingzhuo, will my aunt not like it if I dress like this?"
People usually go through this process when they meet their boyfriend and girlfriend’s parents for the first time.
Shy, worried and nervous, how do the other parents like me? Will they not like who I am now?
Such things are just that Gao Shenran’s performance is more obvious.

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