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"Ha, ha, ha, this little slut/cargo doesn’t know … I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. This god/medicine will let you die!"

A burst of obscene laughter penetrated and dirty words made Ye Xihan terrified, and his body trembled for fear.
"Get out of here! Get out of here! " Watching them stretch out their hands, night Xihan suddenly started to struggle, but her body was so soft that she couldn’t make any effort! God, what’s the heat? What the hell happened to her?
Seeing that the night is getting closer to the disgusting man, the little beast’s eyes are full of fear.
"Little baby struggle! You don’t do this, we don’t feel … "They smiled grimly and their obscene eyes made people vomit.
"Fuck off! No!" She shook her head desperately, and there was a trace of blood in her face, and now she was scared to tears.
She doesn’t want to be ruined by them. No! Who will help her?
Regardless of her resistance, Li clamped her hand down, greedily touched her little face, and couldn’t wait to gather her mouth one by one.
"ah!" Suddenly, a pig-killing roar sounded, followed by a sudden bang in the air. Night Xihan’s body was shot out and her head hit the wall. She snorted her brain and her cheeks were burning. A warm liquid overflowed from her mouth. She struggled to get up regardless of pain. She wanted to leave here.
Chapter 20 Torture
"Bite the old bitch?" Li covered his bleeding wrist and scolded him. Then he went over and picked up the long hair of Yexihan and raised his arm mercilessly.
"Old play dead you tonight! You guys give it to me … "He said a few people then pounced on the night city culvert.
Every fracture is so frightening.
"Don’t, don’t-"Night Xihan struggled desperately and tears of humiliation slipped instantly! No, she would rather die than be ruined by these disgusting people! But what should we do now?
"Fuck off … Fuck off …"
Who will help her? At this moment, her desperate whisper is that her consciousness is getting more and more blurred, her breath is getting more and more chaotic, and her body is getting hotter and hotter … She is uncontrollable to tear her clothes …
Red marks fell on her skin, which became ruddy because of burning … She scratched and scratched … and pulled!
God, what does she do? This is not her! No!
How can she make those embarrassing moves?
No! She wouldn’t do that!
This is not her intention!
What will happen next?
What should we do? What should she do? Will she become different from herself?
Whoops! My heart is crying!
She must not be spoiled! She would rather die! But at the moment she doesn’t even have the strength to lisp!
Every breath is so heartbreaking to her!
spa会所What happened to her? She’s just an ordinary girl and she has to suffer these unbearable things!
She doesn’t want these men to touch her body!
She can cry for help from the bottom of her heart, hoping that someone will come to save her …
But-what should I do? Her body is getting out of control!
It’s hot-
So thirsty-
She wants water!
She wants ice to slide over her skin!
No! What does she think?
What is she whispering about?
It’s a name!
A man’s name!
Even she doesn’t know what the sound is in her mouth.
I can keep reading!
In a daze, it seems that a gun rang out in my ear! She wants to open her eyes because she is so tired and has no strength at all!
I vaguely remember that someone picked her up in the car and she entangled him like a water snake!
Then a hot and strong body encircles her in her arms, and a powerful posture encircles her in her arms. He is not gentle and seems to be angry, but these are not important. What matters is that this feeling makes her inexplicably familiar.
Does it feel like that man is a dream? Or can she hope it’s that man?
She doesn’t know why she thought of that man. She blames herself for giving it to him for the first time. Women have a serious virginity complex! This idea has always been deeply rooted. She is a unified girl. Who did she give it to for the first time? Even if it wasn’t what she wanted, she somehow had a special feeling that all the generations in it seemed to be him!
She tried to forget him and disappeared, so she could forget him completely as if nothing had happened, but she was wrong.
"Hmm …" She groaned consciously, like walking in the desert. She longed for ice cubes and silk springs … She felt that there was a cold bag around her at the moment, which made her want to get close to it!
Then the hot breath came close to her ear and neck and licked it finely …
It made her tremble. This kiss is so familiar … She stood still and dared not move. She was afraid that if she moved, she would wake up. She was afraid that if she moved, he would become one of those obscene and disgusting men!
Feel the skillful kiss gradually, and the big hand caresses her body …
Night Xihan closed her eyes this feeling … Reminds her of that night!
The body trembled slightly, and a drop of crystal clear tears fell from the corner of her eyes. She hoped that all this was not a dream!
"Hmm …" She groaned in a low voice, feeling inexplicable. She wanted more. She couldn’t stop kissing and stroking her, hoping something would fill her!
"Well-"suddenly, is that unfamiliar? It runs through the warmth and heat, making Ye Xihan take a cold breath and knit his brows, silently bearing this wild and familiar rhythm …
I couldn’t control myself after a night of obsequiousness/medicine. The man kept asking for it over and over again … With his rhythm, she was comfortable and panting …
The next day, Xi Han woke up in a sore night with a big black bed, opened her eyes and felt something hard against her. She looked back and gasped, and her eyes widened with fear.
God, it’s him!

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