I close my eyes and there are too many memories in my mind, which are memories of the two of us growing up. If these memories can be connected in time, I can write a story about us.

I believe that she will be happy. She is a lucky girl who is emotionally ignorant and met such an uncertain person as me.
I took out my wallet and looked at the photo inside. This photo belongs to our most youthful photo. She pulled my face and I held her body. The two of us were joking. This is also the most familiar way for us to get along.
I took the envelope out of my pocket and two rings just fell out. I bent down to pick them up and shook hands.
This is the only invisible red rope that can connect the two of us, but now there is no cocoa to think about the connection.
桑拿会所I pointed my ring at the sun, and I seemed to see a beam of light guiding a corner of the earth.
Sebrina, if you are walking on the road to happiness, I hope you can feel it. I wish you happiness at last.
Farewell to the girl who accompanied me from youth to maturity. I used to be a pure natural girl in my mind, and I loved that little girl the most.
Volume 94 What I fear
Hospital healing: Torre has been here with me these days until Xu Mo came just now, and he left at ease and went back to his hometown.
Xu Mo came to sit next to me with a belly in some shape, and then took a knife to help me peel the apple and said, "I have a general understanding of what happened. I can say that it was a fate to play tricks on Lei Hao. Have you ever considered what happened?"
"I’ve thought about it, but I’m confused and I haven’t had a clue."
Xu Mo nodded and said, "This thing must be intentional, and you think that since this masked man has to choose this time to find you, he must have learned about some of your recent developments. If it is pure revenge, I think he should not be able to know about your and Lin Chengwen’s cooperation, and he also specified that you should give him the technical draft materials. There must be a greater force behind this."
"You mean that he is a person who has been bribed and really manipulated this matter, and he is secretly preparing for it."
"Yes, I don’t think this is an ending place. We can’t make any more mistakes in every step we take. Moreover, this person will choose to commit suicide before the police come, which can show that he is very loyal to the people behind him. Maybe it was their planned action from the wedding of Lin’s daughter. Although these spearheads refer to Lin Sheng’s tattoo, some of your actions may have violated the taboos of those people, and you and Yan Jiaxin may have already signed their names."
With these words, Xu Mo walked away from my room. When she left, she told me that she was in charge of the Ministry of Industry at present, except Xiao Li, who asked me to deal with Waiji personally.
After two days’ rest, I finally got out of the hospital as I wished. After I left the hospital, I drove to the company immediately, and the news of my accident was closed.
When I went back to the office and came to the office, Xiao Li was holding an envelope in front of me. I looked at her and took out the key to open the door before saying "Come in" to her.
Xiao Li followed me and came in, pretending to be wrong. As soon as I sat down in front of me, I looked at her with a heavy face. Then I vigorously slapped the table and shouted, "Hang it all!"
Xiao Li was immediately shocked by my actions, and then he resigned halfway and said to me, "I’m sorry, Director Lei, I lied to you, and I’m sorry I chose to resign."
I sneered at Xiao Li and said, "Can you just resign?"
"What do you want from Director Lei?" Xiao Li looked at me in horror.
I walked next to her and my expression changed slightly, then I put my hand on her face and said, "What do you think I want?"
Xiao Li immediately pulled herself back and then fell on my right hand. She panicked and said, "Director Lei can do anything except this."
"But I just want you to do that." I put my eyes on Xiao Li and smiled gently.
Xiao Li gritted his teeth and didn’t dare to look at me again. I lifted her up and tore up her resignation letter. "If you leave, do you think a patient like me who just came back from the hospital can manage everything here?"
Xiao Li looked at me in a complicated way and whispered, "But I lied to you."
I smiled and then said, "Is it important to lie to me? My hospital has been thinking about it for a long time. I wanted to fire you, but what is it that I really got? I have worked hard in this circle for so long and met so many people who told me nonsense. They either told me half or told me lies. What have I really done to them? If you can fool a person with your own acting skills in the workplace, Two people, even people in the whole circle, can show that you are true. On the one hand, you have your own greatest advantage, that is, you are a talented person with extraordinary acting skills. I thought so from the beginning, even if you lied to me from beginning to end, what can you do? You have done so many things for me. If I really want to question a person because of a deception, what is the difference between me and those fools? "
Xiao Li kept looking at me in silence. I picked up a side glass and poured a glass of water and said, "You said that you are an ordinary girl. I believe you, and I also recognize you. You didn’t lie to me about everything you did, even if you lied to me, but your fighting spirit and will are the least deceptive. You really want to do everything well. I’m going to give you a chance. Now I’m asking Miss Li Xuan, the general manager of Nansheng Group Branch, to be responsible for managing everything in the branch. You will take over my position as Deputy Director Li Xuan."
Xiao Ligen couldn’t believe what I said. His eyes glazed over before he said to me, "Director Lei, what did you say? You want me to be the deputy director. You really don’t blame me."
I shook my head and said, "It’s not just my decision. It’s also my decision with General Manager Nan. You and Ma Hui jointly recognize the post of deputy director. He is in charge of the branch department, and you are in charge of all decisions. Do you have any opinions?"
Xiao Li didn’t give me an answer for a long time, and I immediately said, "Comrade Li Xuan, do you have any opinions when I ask you again?"
"Director Lei, I feel guilty about you doing this to me, after all."
"There is not so much nonsense. Give me a quick answer or no answer." I immediately showed impatience.
"Promise" Xiao Li finally answered directly without hesitation. I seemed to be afraid that I would be angry again. "But Director Lei"
I went to Xiao Li’s side and put my hands on her shoulders and said, "This is an atonement for you. You are not allowed to have so many buts."
Xiao Li nodded his head and asked me, "What about you, Director Lei, if I take your position?"
I replied with a smile, "I have to leave for three months, so I will arrive. Didn’t I come here to adapt to the position of director? Now that I have arrived, I should return to my head office."
"Director Ray, have you put everything?"
I looked at her and asked, "Do you mean emotional things?"
"Well, is it true that you have already released Sebrina’s elder sister or manager Yan?"
"For Sebrina, what I can do is to be blessed from a friend’s point of view, while for Yan Jiaxin, what we can leave is that there is no such thing as feelings that I am very worried about." I patted Xiao Li on the shoulder. "Well, I’m also ready to go. I’ll take my things and leave by car immediately."
Without saying anything to Xiao Li, I began to tidy up my things. During these three months, I really changed a lot. Not only did my feelings with Sebrina make me learn and see different things.
I don’t want to think about what problems there are or what hidden hands are behind it. Now I want to be my own soldier to block the water. Since they haven’t pulled out my tenacious straw this time, I will stay with those existing facts to trace it.
I picked up my file bag and gave this office key to Xiao Li. Xiao Li took it and gave me a hug, a thank you hug. She felt her tears wet my shoulder.
This is the first time I’ve seen her cry. She gritted her teeth and insisted on the past. I didn’t show her weakness and tears before me.
I let her go, wiped her tears, and said, "Cry once, to be exact, cry once in front of me. I hope to see Li Xuan who is really working hard, not a person who will be confused with tears. Now Xiao Li has a lot to learn, and I can’t teach you anything around you. Take care of yourself."
Having said that, I finally turned around and walked away from Li Xuan. When I stepped out of the branch door with my front foot, I heard shouting.
"Director Lei, we thank you. Thank you, Director Lei."

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