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For a long time, he said faintly, "Well, I will remember these words later. I remember that Xiao Yin is a feminist who always protects you, but Xiao Yin, I want to tell you once again that I will never force you if you don’t want to."

Section 7
She smiled and her vision was blurred.
The teenager touched her head. "Well, take a rest first. I’ll give you some medicine to drink or the water will get cold."
She nodded and gently let go of his hand.
The juvenile building went to flush the medicine
It wasn’t long before he came again with the medicine and slowly fed it to her.
Cold medicine has a good sleep
She fell asleep again.
The rain outside the window still hasn’t turned down.
Before she was about to lose consciousness, she felt the teenager’s arm carefully reaching into the bottom of her neck and embracing her in her arms.
A faint fragrance rushed into her nose.
He put his hands around her and said firmly, "I regret it no matter how long I have to wait."
Sleep long
She woke up halfway.
She breathes, he breathes intertwined.
He lay behind her, afraid that she might catch a cold again, and her body temperature protected her cold back. Suddenly, she felt her sense of smell sensitive, and she retreated from her consciousness hole.
The person behind her was awakened by her and turned over her shoulder. "Why are you awake?"
"I suddenly feel in good spirits."
He touched her forehead and smiled gently. "Your fever is gone."
"Well, I can’t sleep."
He was silent for a while, then opened his tired eyes and smiled. "Then I’ll chat with you."
"Talk about what?"
The juvenile room looked around and said, "Xiao Yin, do you know what bed we are sleeping in?"
She heard the news and turned to look at the headboard. Although the bed was somewhat damaged, the rich and gorgeous lines were smooth and she could see a festive bed.
She speculated, "Is it a wedding bed?"
"Well," he smiled gently, "this is the wedding bed of grandpa and grandma. The predecessors all got married through blind date in the army. Grandpa married grandma in the army. The wedding bed has been put in the army. Later, grandpa moved to Beijing and moved to my second uncle. Although the bed was very old, grandpa was always reluctant to throw it away. Can you imagine that kind of feeling?"
"How do you know?"
"Grandpa told me that I came to the northeast to see this bed because of this incident."
品茶论坛  title=Helian Yin smiled. "You are really idle."
"Yeah, I don’t know why I was so idle at that time, but I always felt like chatting and having nothing to do every day." He recalled that he didn’t know her, and he smiled gently. "Now I think that at that time, I always felt that I was the biggest one. Whoever provoked my grandfather would end him without saying anything."
He Lianyin almost laughed and got angry.
"When I first met you, your eyes really wanted to scratch me alive."
He couldn’t help laughing. "You can say young and frivolous."
"It’s only been a year"
"Yes, I didn’t expect me to change so much in just one year." He hugged her and pressed her against her head. "You changed me, Xiao Yin. Do you know that you are the one I am waiting for?"
At this moment, they embraced each other warmly
She smiled and her eyes were bright, "Hu said."
"No, Hu said, you see, we slept in the wedding bed, and now we are still alive and dead. We don’t know if we can leave the Northeast in a few days. No, no,no. Honestly, we can’t leave me. I also call it being with you every day. I feel very happy."
Chapter 5 Warm embrace
"Don’t talk nonsense, we must go back, or what will Mom and Dad do? My daughter is trapped in the northeast and she has been buried with her for a lifetime. Is this to hurt two old hearts? "
In the night

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