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I logged on to wechat and found that an unknown celebrity added me. I was surprised because not many people would add me and I took the initiative to add me. Finally, I nodded yes.

This unknown celebrity directly sent a picture of Yan Jiaxin sleeping, and it was the same. The picture let me know who she is.
"Why don’t you sleep, Big Star?"
"Stop it. It’s your principal’s fault."
Chapter VII The so-called
"What’s the situation, Big Star?"
"Your principal’s adult has been chasing me and asking me about escaping from marriage. She asked me if I was tired of sleeping just now."
"Then why did you run away from marriage?"
Lin Xiaoyu gave me a series of angry expressions directly, and then said, "Why don’t you two have a heart? After the wife asks her husband, forget it. I’d better go to bed. I can’t even find someone to chat with at night."
I paused for a moment, and then I sent a smile to Lin Xiaoyu. After that, I was ready to lie down and go to sleep. But just after I lay down, Lin Xiaoyu sent it again and looked at her with a depressed expression. I really didn’t think this was a normal state of a big star, or maybe I thought it was a higher level. I think these audiences would feel if they knew that Da Xing would chat late at night.
"I’m curious about what kind of boy you are."
"An asshole and an idiot"
"What a jerk and idiot."
"Than you asshole than you idiot"
I don’t know much about Lin Xiaoyu’s logic because I don’t even know what the word "I’m a fucking idiot" is. I asked Lin Xiaoyu "Can you say no?"
"I won’t say this, or let your principal’s adult explain it to you." Damn it, Lu Tian, you didn’t have him. "
"This is your boyfriend’s name."
Lin Xiaoyu made another disdainful expression: "It’s the name of my ex-boyfriend. I dumped him. Damn it, damn it, damn it."
桑拿按摩  title="How do I feel that you still like him? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be so focused on three damn things." I tentatively went back to Lin Xiaoyu.
But since then, Lin Xiaoyu has never sent a message. Maybe she fell asleep, or maybe she was discovered by me but was afraid to answer and pretended to be asleep.
After making sure that no second person will send a message this night, I went to bed safely and fell asleep.
The next morning, as soon as I turned on my mobile phone, I saw Lin Xiaoyu send a series of messages, and this series of messages had three words "I don’t like it"
I don’t know the so-called smile. I suddenly felt that this big star seemed to be cute. After breakfast, I followed Yuan You to the sweet shop. I just changed my clothes and got a message from Yan Jia Xin, "Where are you?"
"What happened to my Yuan Youtian store?"
"Yuan Youtian Store, you slept at Yuan You’s home yesterday."
"Yes, if you don’t let me go back, I can go outside. If it weren’t for Yuan You’s kindness to take me in, maybe I’d really like to sleep on the street. By the way, baby, how long can I go back? If Da Xing stays at home all the time, I don’t want to stay here all the time."
"I can’t help it. This girl is like this. By the way, have you found a job?"
"Found it. This is it."
I told Yan Jiaxin the story briefly, and the girl didn’t say anything. Finally, she hung up when she remembered to get the cat back.
One afternoon, Yuan You instructed me to know about basic cakes and sweets, and I had some theoretical knowledge. At noon, I went to pick up the injured kitten so that I could ask Yuan You for leave and leave here.
The doctor in the pet hospital led me to the cage where the white kitten was staying. When the kitten saw me, it opened the cage like a father and jumped out. Perhaps Yan Jiaxin and I were kind enough to save it that day, which made it grateful and had a special affinity for us.
Holding this kitten, I left the hospital and came home to see Lin Xiaoyu sitting on the sofa leisurely, watching with a video camera in my hand.
When she saw me come in, she immediately smiled happily and then pointed at my hand and said, "Give me a hug."
She hurried to my side with messy hair and excited expression. I can no longer imagine her as the goddess of the screen. I reached out and wanted to give her a hug, but the kitten refused to sell her face and locked her head in my arms. No one wanted to see it.
Lin Xiaoyu was dumbfounded and pointed to the cat and said, "What? You silly cat still dare to pretend to be cold with me. I must hug you today."
A robot Lin Xiaoyu directly tried to catch the kitten, but the kitten was very clever and immediately jumped away from me, and Lin Xiaoyu directly jumped at me, which was very ambiguous.
We were both a little embarrassed by this moment. She immediately got away from me and said, "I’m going to tell Xinxin that you ate my tofu."
I naively replied, "I said, Da Xing, why don’t you tell me something? If you want to catch a cat and jump on me without catching it, how can I eat your tofu?"
"Then you won’t hide. You must be watching me be gentle and beautiful and want to eat my tofu."
"Please don’t fall to the ground if I hide."
"I don’t care if you eat my tofu, you have to compensate me." Lin Xiaoyu said to me very unwilling.
"That’s a big deal. I’ll jump on you. You can hide."
Lin Xiaoyu took a white look at me directly.
I put the kitten in the corner of the balcony and brought it something to eat. After watching the kitten eat and fall asleep, I went to the sofa and sat up with Lin Xiaoyu. Lin Xiaoyu looked unhappy. I finally said to her, "Why is Da Xing so angry?"
"I said, are you men so dependent on even a woman’s most basic requirements?"
"No, I think sometimes women are more demanding than a pervert."
"So you mean that your headmaster is a pervert?"
"No, by the way, when do you want me to hide here?"
Lin Xiaoyu grumpily replied, "You are not happy."
"It’s not that I don’t like it, but that you have considered the consequences. If you run away from marriage, don’t you work? If your company and your agent can’t find you for a long time, what should they do?"
Lin Xiaoyu said, "I don’t know about quitting. I have no worries."
I suddenly don’t know how to tell Lin Xiaoyu that she’s a broken pot now, because she doesn’t care about everything herself. I’ll tell her again, and it’s not too big. Maybe I can see if her so-called boyfriend who let her escape from marriage will come to find her.

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The security door has been heavily closed

Song Qingcheng just got out of Fangyuan Community and a Xiao Lv stopped next to her.
Turning to find that it was Shen Che, she was a little surprised. "Why don’t you stay at home with your mother?"
"If I don’t go, she will miss me." Shen Che threw her a helmet. "Come on, let’s eat first and then send you back to school."
Song city but the roadside didn’t finger gently knocked on the helmet "summer fortifications …"
"Will help you ask" Shen Che turned to look at her impatiently "whether to come or not?"
Song city readily smiled and held his shoulder across the car.
The two chose a Chongqing restaurant, and it was almost nine o’clock late after dinner.
Seeing a convenience store at the intersection ahead, I remembered that the tampon was almost finished. Song Qingcheng said, "I’m going to do some shopping."
Shen Che has nothing to do with her in the past.
A champagne car stopped at the crossroads for a red light.
Gu Zhengshen held the steering wheel with slender fingers and knocked at the rearview mirror rhythmically. After one night, Yu Tingchuan didn’t say a few words. After dinner, he left under the pretext that he didn’t want to sing karaoke, so he simply followed a piece of leave.
Thinking about her sister Gu Zhengshen, she said, "Did she tell you that the orchestral band to which Jia Zhi belongs will perform in Nancheng Opera House in a few days?"
"I heard her in the office at noon." Yu Tingchuan lowered the window and lit a cigarette.
Gu Zhengshen asked, "Why are you so addicted to cigarettes recently?"
Yutingchuan didn’t answer this.
Gu Zheng also wanted to say something, but his eyes were attracted by the window. "It’s true that I didn’t find it so decree by destiny with this little girl from Lujia before I met anywhere."
Yu Tingchuan followed his line of sight to a convenience store on the side of the road outside the car through the floor-to-ceiling glass window. A pair of young men and women suddenly smashed the girl’s head with a bath ball, but he was quickly kicked by the girl next to him. He immediately bent down and held his long legs and grinned.
Shen Che has a story, too. Children, uh, like men, so everyone stays in formation. Don’t panic!
It’s not very good that the collection of old wine articles pk has risen since the 5th of the month/(ㄒㄒㄒ)/~ I can change my name by half, then scream and beg the beautiful girls to join the frame ~
☆, Chapter 41 Uncle has three virtues, maturity and forbearance, which are easy to tear down.
Gu Zhengshen also saw this scene. He tutted and sighed with emotion that "young is good, tinkering around the edges" and then turned around to chat with Yu Tingchuan in the back row about the family’s small "two days ago, I discussed forming a group to go to Thailand to play speedboat gliding and let me make a head count"
Then he looked at the convenience store again. "My little girl is very busy to deal with Liu Deshun on weekends and have to fall in love with the guy on weekdays."
桑拿网Yu Tingchuan has looked back from the window and changed the topic "Zhiyuan contacted you yesterday?"
"I made a message to ask you to play cards together."
Just then the red light turned green.
Gu Zhengshen started the engine and turned the steering wheel to the right for half a turn. His mouth continued to say, "There are a lot of problems in his old age. I’m afraid he is fidgeting in the office at the moment. What women are not funny? I should be glad that you met me and changed to be his bitch wife."
"But now the little girl is badly hurt by Korean drama tea, so it’s good that uncle has a saying that uncle has three virtues, maturity and forbearance, and it’s easy to push down." Gu Zhengshen joked while driving, "Is it that he went back to his alma mater to attend the anniversary meeting with Zhiyuan or that the student representative selected by the school directly sat on his leg at dinner that night and recognized him as michel platini the next day?"
Yutingchuan meal drank a lot of wine and now closed his eyes and raised his hand and rubbed his temples.
"What’s wrong?" Gu zhengshen looked in the rearview mirror.
Yu Tingchuan shook his head and asked Gu Zhengshen, "Do you have a cousin welfare agency worker?"
"There is such a thing. What’s wrong?"
"Yes, help me ask her if she knows sign language and is willing to work part-time at home."
Gu Zhengshen immediately thought of something: "It’s time for joye to have a winter vacation. Are you going to take people to Nancheng to live?"
Yu Tingchuan did not deny it.
Section 23
Gu Zheng nodded. "I’ll ask then."
Yuanwei school gate
Song Qingcheng took off his helmet from the back seat of the donkey and returned it to Shen Che "pay attention to safety when going back"
"Call me if you need anything," Shen Che said.
Song Qingcheng nodded
She didn’t turn into the school gate until she couldn’t see Shen Che riding a bike.
Song Qingcheng didn’t rush to go to the classroom. While the night was refreshing, she strolled aimlessly along the mall, and her mind was still a mess.
Why would you suddenly go to Shen Che?
Song Qingcheng’s heart is white, not only because she wants Shen Che to help her get a part-time job in the imperial court, but more importantly, because Shen Che is the only one who has connected her two lives before and after, and when people around her also face Shen Che, she feels that she is really alive to eliminate the hesitation and confusion that comes out of her heart …
At 9: 30, the bell rang throughout the campus.
Song city didn’t delay back to the dormitory.
"Come back?" She was greeted by a roommate.
Song Qingcheng smiled at each other and washed his hands.
Song Qingcheng just put the toothbrush in her mouth before washing the basin, but she paused manually and looked at herself in the mirror. She remembered what happened in another hand washing in the evening.
There seems to be a smell of men in the mouth …
Song Qingcheng lay in bed at night and had several dreams intermittently.

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