And this punishment is sweet and shameful for her.

Revenge her for biting his shoulder and even biting out the teeth marks.
"Does my husband hurt?"
He didn’t answer, but his body hit harder and responded. She was crisp and numb, mixed with a little pain and joy, but more exciting.
It’s crazy to be mixed with this anger and joy.
It’s crazy to go deep into the bone marrow, and the hair seems to flow from toes to head, which makes people tremble all over.
Two people on the one hand, a high degree of tacit understanding has played it all over again.
It seems that there are only two people left in the whole world, and no one can be left.
By the time it was after midnight, she was weak and even her fingers could not move, so she quietly lay down on his body.
His body and skin are a little hot, so he is very comfortable lying down.
"Be good."
She almost fell asleep, and he played such a childish answering game with her.
"Don’t talk, I want to sleep, so let me sleep on your body, okay?"
She slept soundly that night, and when she woke up, she kept this posture, and her hands and feet were numb. When she looked up, she saw him open his eyes and look at her as if she had been watching her for a long time.
"What time is it?"
"Twelve o’clock"
"Why didn’t you wake me up after I slept for so long?"
Lu Qing fingers her smooth back a little across, he said
桑拿会所"You haven’t slept with me these days. I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep for a long time and I have to get up in a hurry."
Qin Miao Miao lay aside and held her head with her hand.
"You haven’t fallen asleep these days."
"It’s a habit for me to fall asleep without you."
Qin Miaomiao laughed. "And this habit becomes natural. You and I sleep comfortably. I haven’t slept these days, but I can’t help it. Who told Lan to save me? I have to pay back the debt of gratitude."
"Don’t name that man."
"Hey, hey, you’re so overbearing that you have to":
Chapter 55 Every day, every day, every day and every day
Lu Qing hand took her to the bosom and felt the intimacy of skin dating with a little bullying.
"I have one here. I can spoil you, and you can make trouble whatever you want, but only one thing is that you can’t accept other men’s ambiguity."
"Husband, you really look like that overbearing president now. What if I dare to play ambiguous?"
Lu Qing eyes color flash bite bite her shoulder word for word
"Then you don’t even have to have a bed in your life."
"You’re not Teddy. Every day."
Lu Qing circled her arms and sniffed at her neck, which was a bit sweet and threatening.
"You, I’m you, and you shouldn’t be like you. It’s only a few square meters after the event, right?"
Qin Miao Miao is finally white, and the jealous man can’t make it clear that he may be able to accept it, but this piece is definitely his death.
A wise man knows the time. Well, she can bear it.
"Well, I don’t think you’re hungry. Husband, get me some crayfish. Will it be spicy? That mouth has been tasteless for days."
"You dare to eat so spicy when there is nothing in your stomach in the morning. Are you going to have your stomach?"
"I’m suddenly greedy, or I can have a brush mutton barbecue. I’m so sad that I haven’t had a serious meal these days."
Lu Qing looked at her pathetic and knew that she was holding her breath at the bottom of her heart to find fault.

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