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I don’t know if the road lights suddenly went out. The only thing that can flash in the whole path is my hand. I can’t bear to continue smoking the soft white sand that I haven’t finished sucking. Maybe I’m afraid of the dark and want to leave a little light in my heart.

Sebrina’s picture is so real and warm in my mind. Sebrina is such a distressing girl in my heart. She will shake her head and make fun of me. She will hold me in her arms and cry. She will tease me and give me the truest and warmest hug when I help. She is real and unreal, but it is pure to be kind to me.
I don’t know if I really like her. I didn’t ask myself, and I didn’t dare to ask myself. Even though she said that she liked me several times in a joking way, I still didn’t choose to believe her. Is it that we are too familiar with each other or that we are too unfamiliar with each other? Is it that we are so familiar that we can’t even believe it? Or is it that strange that even saying that we like it is a joke?
Chapter 54 Promise her to take care of you
I didn’t choose to get up early the next day, maybe it was the weekend or maybe I didn’t want to get up. Ye Bing called me early in the morning and asked me what happened. I said "that little fight" in an understatement.
Ye Bing didn’t continue to ask me anything. He told me that after all, things had happened. He also advised S and promised him not to ask this matter again. He said that Lin Yuran chose not to care about it yesterday.
I don’t feel very puzzled. Maybe I have predicted something in my heart. I can feel that since Lin Yuran doesn’t care about me in person, he will definitely find a chance to get rid of me secretly.
I walked out of bed in slippers, and my head was a little dizzy. It seems that I walked around in the heavy rain last night. I don’t remember how I came back. I think Yan Jiaxin must have helped me.
I went to Chen Yao’s room and found that there was already one person in it, including her, and her luggage was taken away. I went to her desk and found an envelope on it.
I opened the envelope and looked at it. It said, "Little diaosi, don’t miss my sister when I’m gone. Do you know that my sister is going to make a fortune? When my sister makes a fortune, I’ll take you to Beijing to buy you a big villa, and then I’ll give you a big beauty. Don’t worry, my sister is not just talking. Trust me, Sebrina."
At the end of the letter, there is a big lipstick print, and the date is actually yesterday. Seeing this letter, I seem to be able to imagine that Sebrina wrote it as if he were fighting back laughter yesterday.
Maybe she really likes me, but do I really like her?
I don’t want to ask myself such a question. Now that Sebrina has left, it’s meaningless for me to ask again, just like Yu Fei left at the beginning. I have no power to retain her, and neither does Sebrina.
Maybe when Sebrina comes back, I’ll have a final and happy talk with her. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to say. Maybe I’ll know when that day comes.
When I was quiet, I suddenly heard the sound of the door being opened from the outside. I quickly turned my head. Was it surprise? Was it expectation? Did Sebrina take out the key to open the door? Didn’t she leave?
When the door was opened, my anxiety slowly spread. Yan Jiaxin opened my door and came in with a cold face. Her hand was still holding breakfast.
"You’re up." She put breakfast on the table and looked at me calmly.
I walked up to her and asked, "Why do you have my house key?"
"Sebrina gave it to me and she asked me to return the key to you." Yan Jiaxin handed me the key.
I didn’t go to get the key immediately and looked at her with a little complexity. "She should have said something to you."
Yan Jiaxin nodded and answered, "I said she wanted me to take care of you a lot. She was afraid that you could not take care of yourself alone."
"When I go to Sebrina, she thinks too much. I will need you to say that I seem to be a 3-year-old child," I replied grumpily.
"Because you are naive, you have to worry about you even if she leaves."
I didn’t deny Yan Jiaxin’s words that it was Sebrina who took care of me all these years and I was used to being taken care of by her.
"You should be mature now. I think you know what Sebrina will go, and I won’t say anything more. It’s up to you."
"You promised her" I asked Yan Jiaxin half a day later.
Yan Jiaxin said, "I promised her that I would help you, but she also promised me one thing."
"What is it?"
"What she can help, maybe she will come back when I need help."
I nodded and thought for a long time before finally saying, "How do I feel like I’m selling you two women?"
"If you say so, I’d rather go to the market to buy some to sell and collect than take care of you. It’s not very good."
"But you promised her, didn’t you?" I asked.
品茶论坛Yan Jiaxin didn’t continue to reply to me. It seems that she doesn’t want to entangle these meaningless topics. She changed the subject and asked me, "By the way, have you recovered from your cold?"
"My head is a little dizzy." My head is really dizzy. It hurts to shake my head when I walk.
"I bought you some antipyretics. You eat them first. If you still have nothing to say, I’ll accompany you to the hospital." She put the antipyretics on the table and I took a look.
"Thank you"
"Don’t say anything. Go to sleep after breakfast and medicine. Call me if you want to go to the hospital."
Yan Jiaxin got up and left. I quickly stopped her and said to her, "You can have the key."
"Give it to me. Do you want me to take care of you like a little babysitter? Then you think too much."
I smiled and replied, "It’s not bad to have such a beautiful little babysitter."
She turned around and walked on. I stopped her again. "Because we are friends, I gave you the key because I believe you, just as you are willing to choose to believe me."
She didn’t go any further, turned around, and I threw her the key and said, "Thank you."
When I got up from bed again in the afternoon, I found that I didn’t always feel that this medicine was a catalyst for the proliferation of cold virus.
There is no way I can call Yan Jiaxin and say, "I seem to have a bad cold again. Where can you take me to the hospital?"
She didn’t reply too much, so I hung up directly. Soon I heard the sound of opening the door. Yan Jiaxin opened the door like my room came and helped me out of bed. I pointed to my pajamas in the closet and said, "Help me with my clothes."
I changed my pajamas and followed Yan Jiaxin downstairs. She put me in the car and drove me to a nearby clinic to accompany me to see a doctor.
Finally, the doctor came to the conclusion that I was 39 degrees. The doctor shook the thermometer and soon took a skin test to give me an injection. After finding that there was not much problem, he prepared a drip for me and hung it up.
Yan Jiaxin seemed a little tired and fell asleep in the chair next to me. Uncle Doctor came to me and joked with me, "Lei is so lucky to have such a beautiful and sensible girlfriend."
I smiled at the doctor’s uncle and replied, "She is my friend."
And the doctor’s uncle said, "It’s a pity that this girl is really nice. Although she is not your girlfriend, be kind to others."
I nodded Yan Jiaxin seems to be really asleep.
Chapter 55 I will listen if you want to sing.

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