There is a window next to the door that is not too big or too small, so that outsiders can see the inside and the outside.

Seeing the pregnant woman standing still by the window, hanging her left arm, slowly lifting her slender five fingers, putting her palm against the glass surface.
Looking inside along the glass window, a woman wearing a sick person was sitting in a hospital bed with her back to the window, and her long legs were curled around her legs, and her black hair was draped over her shoulders, showing a back of her head to the woman by the window.
The pregnant woman sat by the window silently for a long time without talking. It was quiet to look at the woman sitting with her back to her inside.
But from her point of view, it’s a little vague. It’s vaguely clear that there is a white wall in front of the hospital bed. The woman sitting in the hospital bed keeps shaking her body a little and doesn’t know what she is looking at.
Su Ran, I came to see you.
Tears flow through the glass window first, and Su Zi’s five fingers are weak. The door of her body is straight, delicate and thin, and her face is a little morbid and pale. It’s already a month old, and she can hardly see her belly bulge.
Sip sip dry pale lips Su Zicai said slowly.
Su Ran, do you remember when we were young, sitting in the alley together and waiting for Dad to come back? We were really happy at that time. I always wondered if Dad wouldn’t leave our mother and whether we could worry about the happy generation if you didn’t have a stomachache and I didn’t buy medicine that day.
Su Zi disappointed to ward Su Dye said eyes dim and quivered, and the person sitting on the bed still did not move, and finally sighed.
It’s a pity that nothing will happen. If Sue Dyes this should be the last time I come to see you, don’t you hate me? Then you’ll get better soon with hatred for me.
Now I’m going blind and I can’t cure the disease. By the way, Qin Chu’s foot didn’t kick me. I’m pregnant with Fu Junting’s child for almost a month. You probably don’t know. Mu Hao is Fu Junting’s brother. He came to me for revenge. Dad’s oath has finally come true.
Su Zi said lightly that the person inside was still sitting on the bed and kept shaking his body, and there was no reaction at all.
Say it, Su Zi. You swear that you will be happy in this life. You swear that you will never abandon Su Ran. You will never leave her. Take good care of her or you will die a natural death.
Dad’s words once again sounded in Su Zi’s ear. Su Zi’s bitter lips raised and her eyes drooped. Her right hand slowly caressed her lower abdomen.
I swear that I will be happy in this life and I will protect Su Dye Zhou from any harm or I will die a natural death.
What a natural death.
Lost happiness, lost light and lost her life. Did Dad punish her for not taking good care of Su Ran?
Su Zi calmly stated that the pale face of the oath at that time never flowed after seeing Su Dye shed tears at that moment.
Su Ran, I owe my father my life back to you. I owe Fu Junting my unborn child to pay for it. I really don’t owe you anything from now on.
Words fall Su Zi’s face lay indifferently and never looked at the person inside again. Fu Si saw her turn around and immediately went to her side to help her weak and nervous and asked.
Are you okay? Is there anything wrong?
Su Ziwei smiled and shook his head warm heart and said
I’m fine. Let’s go to the mall today to buy some important clothes for the baby. I saw that you packed it out and didn’t add anything to it.
Can you?
Well, let’s go.
The footsteps gradually drifted away, and the person sitting in the hospital bed suddenly stopped shaking and saw her sitting there motionless like a sculpture.
With thin face and fine eyelashes, she gently incited a line of clear tears in her rosy eyes to slowly slide down from the corner of her eyes. It was only a moment when Su Dye sat on the bed and shook her mouth, chanting softly.
Give it back. Give it back.
Su Zi’s spirit is really good today. It’s been two months since she was hospitalized last time, and now her baby has been born for another month, and it’s time to give birth in more than one month.
The more I get to this point, the more nervous I become. Although the doctor said that after giving birth, I can also be treated, but it will increase at the same time. Before that, I must not be stimulated any more. There are too many uncertain factors outside, and he dare not promise her anything.
Fusi didn’t tell her that she already knew everything. It was always when the doctor came to hang nutritious salt water for her that she left and couldn’t see the way clearly, but she always turned her back on her and secretly shed tears. She thought she must have practiced here many times before she could walk like a normal person.
Occasionally, I will bring some nutritious food for her. She once asked the doctor that she can eat a little more, but she can’t eat much in the late stage of gastric cancer, but she can’t do it alone, but every time she eats it, she deliberately does it. If she doesn’t eat it, she has to force herself to eat it to show that she is fine.
At this time, Su Zi always eats with a light breath. When she eats, she can still eat two bites, but it is rare, but she dare not stop eating the baby. She still insists on eating more.
Fortunately, the baby in her belly is really good, and she doesn’t have any reaction during pregnancy. I’m afraid that her body will become edema or something will happen in the later period, which will make her body worse and worse.
Fortunately, nothing happened, and she was relieved.
桑拿Fu Junting really didn’t come back for two months. At first, she would send something, and all of them were thrown into the trash can by Su Zi, but she didn’t send it again.
Because she didn’t speak French, she stayed in the villa to prevent her from getting up late or something happened, and Su Zi never stared blankly at the shirt in the closet again. More often, she sat quietly on the balcony to bask in the sun and talked to the children in her stomach from time to time.
The whole person is quiet and depressed.
Fu Si Yu and Su Zi in the shopping mall chose what the baby needed twice, and they asked the doctor specially that it should be a girl. So they sold the baby’s things from cribs to diapers to milk powder.
The baby girl’s clothes and toys are really cute. She walked aside and took a lot of enlightenment toys. When I turned around, I saw Su Zi still choosing clothes and approached her wondering if she had just bought a lot.
I saw her go from the baby area to the children’s area first, and she chose them in rows according to her age. When she came over, her arms were full of piles, and she bought them directly from the baby.
Fusi bit her lip and her eyes turned red. Is she ready for the worst? Even the retreat is ready. She heaved a bitter sigh. Fusi choked up the line and held her breath in her chest and said lightly chastising.
What do you buy so much before the baby is born? I’ll accompany you to buy it when she is old.
Smell speech Su Zileng leng leng didn’t respond to half ring.
Fu si language pulled pull eyebrow and don’t want her difficult and said
It’s good to buy more. Children grow faster day by day. If we buy small children, we will run naked.
Fu Si language is light and Su Zi smiled with her clothes on her arms, but no one came forward. The two of them almost bought all the things they should buy, and Su Zi bought all the clothes, shoes and toys from birth to five years old. She bought Fu Si language and bought a lot as if they were moving.
When the people in the shopping mall delivered things to their homes, they almost occupied half of the living room. In the early stage of the nursery, they bought a small bed and a crib, and the floor was covered with antifalling mats. They sent the clothes to the door of the nursery and rushed to put them in the wardrobe one by one according to their age.
Most of them are Su Zi. If she is really tired, Su Zi tells her where to put her clothes, and when she finishes packing, it’s almost late for the doctor to hang salt water points for her.
Lengleng and I will go out to buy something to eat. It may take a long time. I’ll pack it for you after eating.
Looking at Fu Siyu’s leaving back, Su Zi was tired, holding her belly and holding her waist in one hand, and sat up in the children’s bed, looking at a room full of toys and Yi Su Zi’s satisfied smile.

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