Soon two or three people echoed.

They are not stupid. Look at the atmosphere at the scene. If they don’t do this, they are afraid that they will not get a treasure chest.
How do you divide me? I don’t care if I want two treasure boxes less! Selfsource flat road
I’m short of two, too. Fire silence is no exception.
I, I just want one, Little Red Riding Hood said weakly.
Although she is very powerful, she always feels that compared with these changes and postures, she is still unable to say two words.
Mr. Haohao, Zhan Tianxing and others have also said that they want two treasure chests less, so the more players listen, the uglier they look.
Ha ha, it seems that it is impossible to share equally. In this case, everyone will have their own merits? But chaos is not the way to make people fish in troubled waters. Everyone will report which treasure boxes they need from more to less, and the total number will be ten. Those who fail to report can challenge the players who have reported in front …
Blue River gave a plan, but before he finished his words, a figure suddenly rushed to the treasure chest.
If you want to be beautiful, you won’t play with you!
This man laughed wildly. According to the blue river method, their weak roots didn’t have any chance to get a treasure chest. In that case, it would be better to force a treasure chest, so even death is worth it.
Not only this man, but also the other six or seven players rushed to the treasure chest.
Want to rob the treasure chest? Kill!
Blue river saw a sudden anger.
According to his method, he is sure to get three treasure boxes! Of course he won’t agree to these people messing with his plan.
Hum! Don’t be your own enemy. We can’t beat you, but we can still resist you for a few seconds without being hurt! Give it to me!
At first, the man laughed wildly and rushed to a treasure chest. When he clapped his hands on the ground, a large piece of soil emerged from the ground and enveloped him inside.
A blade of the blue river split past and the earthen cover didn’t move.
Not only this man, but also the other six or seven players have their own means. One of them is glittering, and all attacks fall on him without any response.
In this way, going to the treasure chest will be taken away by these people first and may continue to be taken away!
After all, it is to resist their attack for a few seconds. There are still many methods in the game that they have never heard of!
Thought of here, several people are body movements and suddenly joined the ranks of robbing the treasure chest.
Chen Mo and Blue River are no exception.
They will have the treasure chest corresponding to Nain’s token, and they will fall into their own hands 100%. If they want to take another ordinary treasure chest, they will not lose money.
And Chen Mo’s goal is not only to get one more treasure chest, but also to get two more!
In the process of rushing to the treasure chest, Chen Mo summoned Cecil Xiluo for the first time after he came to the mausoleum hall.
Chen Mo, the former undead dragon, fought in the water, but Xihailuo never appeared. His performance was quite outstanding in the crowd. There were also Ziyuan, Huoji and Little Red Riding Hood who knew that this guy was dressing up as a pig to eat a tiger.
Chen Mo rushed into the two treasure chests of the bloody treasure chest to let Cecil Xiluo watch one, and then he quickly bent down to hit the treasure chest in front.
It only takes five seconds for a progress bar to appear, and he can play this treasure chest with one.
There are ten treasure chests, and actually there can be twelve with keepsakes. Of course, six people will not be stupid to need keepsakes first.
Ten people are divided into twelve treasure chests, and two of them have been occupied by the special means of the first two people. In fact, ten people compete for ten treasure chests, which is not fierce.
The first few people who came here bent over the treasure chest and were interrupted. Ten people blinked and fought each other.
Little Red Riding Hood, the summoner, finally showed her fangs. One of the seven pets she summoned turned out to be a golden giant. The golden giant was glittering and grabbed a big axe and chopped it hard at the player who wanted to treasure the chest!
The player was furious and tried to fight back, but Little Red Riding Hood’s seven pets embraced him and instantly killed the player.
Then Little Red Riding Hood quickly hit the treasure chest in seven pet guards.
Seeing her seven pets, no one will naturally think of her. Little Red Riding Hood is reading the progress bar smoothly.
On the other side, Ziyuan and Huoji are the treasure chest. One is responsible for resisting the attack and the other is responsible for the treasure chest. Although some people want to attack these two people and let them play the treasure chest smoothly, they can’t stop it by root.
Some people want to attack Chen Mo, but Cecil didn’t give orders from Chen Mo, so he moved to help Chen Mo stop the attack.
See the west sea Luo this agile inappropriately moving the man to give up the attack the silence and body movement rushed to the treasure chest behind Chen Mo want to play treasure chest.
But where did Chen Mo let him take what was in the treasure chest? His mind was already giving instructions to Cecil Xiluo.
Cecil Shiloh’s body moves suddenly and kills this player.
grass! Don’t be too angry! This player is furious and wants to interrupt Chen Mo’s progress bar.
However, his speed is a little slow. Chen Mo’s moving speed is the fastest among all people. Even those players who ran to the treasure chest first are not as fast as him. When the player came to kill him, Chen Mo had successfully hit the treasure chest.
Show that you hit the treasure chest and get 1 gold coin!
1 gold coin!
Chen Mo looked at the system and couldn’t help but stare blankly. I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Isn’t that a little too much?
A purple suit is only a few hundred gold coins. It’s worth ten purple suits if he hits this treasure chest at least!
Although he said that the equipment department sold for more than 1000 gold coins, it was the first time he saw a full 1000 gold coins in the game!
The socalled rich is just so!
The first is to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen For the treasure chest
A thousand gold coins are in hand, and Chen Mo is determined to win the treasure chest!
Cast a glance at this guy who tried to interrupt him to read the progress bar. Chen Mo hit the past with his threeshot skill.
Such a closerange threeshot root can be avoided. This player was instantly knocked out by Chen Mo by nearly half of his blood.
Aside, Sexihailuo has not been idle. She also killed this player with a fastmoving attack skill and knocked off his 3,000 HP.
桑拿会所The player who was trapped by Sai Xilai quickly tried to distance himself from the silence, so he took the opportunity to shoot two crossbows and plug Xihailuo to make up a knife. The player died immediately.
Brother, let me have this treasure chest!
The silence just want to bend down to hit the treasure chest, but at this moment, Mr. Nice guy slowly came up with a group of undead younger brother sink a way
Chen Mo knew that Mr. Nice guy was far away from the treasure chest, and the speed of the body mage was just like that. As a result, he naturally suffered a loss. When he came to the treasure chest, all the treasure chests were already occupied by Mr. Nice guy, trying to grab a personal treasure chest nearby.
But as a result, the man suddenly produced a magic scroll to protect himself, which made Mr. Good Man return to the waves for a long time.
As a result, the treasure chest at the scene was either beaten or still in battle. Of course, Mr. Nice guy was unwilling to get an ordinary treasure chest. When he saw the silence, he wanted to get two treasure chests. He immediately came over.
impossible! Chen Mo refused without thinking.

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