DuGuLan light replied.

Well, that’s good. I’ll give her a message. I’ll see you later. Feiyang said with a smile, then kissed the words and hung up. I dug up the yellow snow number and called her.
After learning that Feiyang has returned to China, Huang Xue is also very happy to say that he will come back for dinner late.
Hang up again and float in the sky to Bai Li smiled and said, Sister Li, I’ll go back and prepare dinner for you first.
Well, I know. Bai Lizheng was busy with the foreman’s hands and he didn’t lift his head.
Don’t be too tired, come back early. Feiyang walked beside Bai Li and said softly, bending over to gently remind her, kissing her lips and then turning around and leaving.
The bad guy looked at the flying back, and Bai Li’s face was red and Jiaochen said, gently stroking his delicate and charming red lips with a sweet smile. wait for a while stayed for a long time, and Bai Li picked up the desk and dialed a number to speak softly, Guo, come here.
Chairman, what can I do for you? Guo quickly went to the office and asked Bai Li respectfully at her desk.
Guo, did you see me with that man just now? Bai Li hesitated a little and then looked up at Guo and asked softly.
It’s the chairman, Guo replied timidly with his head down.
Sure enough Bai Li took a deep breath and looked at her with her head down. Guo said softly, Guo, can you keep this secret for me?
I won’t blather is the chairman kuo looked up and nodded seriously.
That’s good, you go first. Bai Li nodded and said with a smile.
Good kuo also breathed a sigh of relief toward Bai Li bowed and then turned and left the office.
Alas, this bad guy really hurt me. When Guo left, Bai Linai sighed and rubbed his sore forehead and bitter face and gently scolded:
Chapter 664 Stay tonight
Feiyang drove by the food market to buy tonight’s food, then drove back to Bai Li’s home, took Bai Li’s key, opened the door and went directly into the kitchen to get busy.
It was Huang Xue who came back the earliest. As soon as she got back to the house, she came to the kitchen along with the cooking noise, and then she jumped into Feiyang’s back and legs wrapped around Feiyang’s waist. She covered Feiyang’s eyes from behind him and asked with a smile in his ear, Guess who I am.
Snow elder sister, stop that now. Aren’t you afraid of this one? Flying was startled by Huang Xue’s sudden move, so that he could quickly stabilize his body and didn’t accidentally overturn the pot with a spatula straight and wry smile way.
Hey, hey, you’re smart. Huang Xue smiled and leaned away to fly in the sky and kissed her face. Then she jumped back from flying and walked beside flying and asked with a smile, Why did you come over today and not accompany nonsuccess elder sister?
It’s not good to accompany you? Feiyang was welladvised and said with a smile without explaining this topic more.
Yes, of course, but they were afraid to have opinions over there. Huang Xue teased with a smile.
Don’t worry about it, or get ready to enjoy dinner today. For Huang Xue poking fun at flying, he didn’t do much, saying that he would plate the fried food and then pass it to Huang Xue and said softly, Take this dish to the table.
I don’t want to see float in the sky asked her for help Huang Xue quickly fled the kitchen cheerful humming songs back to the room to change clothes, and then sat on the living room sofa stretching his legs to open the watch.
Snow elder sister, you’re back. After a while, Du Gulan also went to class and rushed home to see the living room watching Huang Xue and said with a smile, then walked beside her and sat down.
Flying kitchen Huang Xue said with a smile.
Know DuGuLan nodded his head.
Then why don’t you go? Huang Xue asked with an eyebrow smile.
Why go to the kitchen? Anyway, he will come out later. DuGulan replied with a snort of light.
insincere Huang Xue looked at dugulan Qiao face and sneered with a smile.
What’s the insincere? Du Gulan was hit on the spot by Huang Xue, and he left his head and crustily skin of head muttered.
Go! Huang Xuenai shook her head and gently pushed her handfuls to get to the kitchen.
Little Lan Lan, you’re back. Come and help. Feiyang heard the noise behind him and saw the little Lan Lan waving to her at the kitchen door with a smile.
What can I do for you? DuGulan came over and asked softly.
Help cut vegetables! Feiyang replied with a smile.
Oh DuGuLan light should way to float in the sky side chopping board began to help cut vegetables with dinner progress significantly accelerated.
After a while, Bai Li also drove home and changed her clothes on the first floor, then sat beside Huang Xue and watched.
Sister Li flies in the sky in the kitchen? Don’t you go to see him? Huang Xue looked at Bai Li and teased.
My company flies in the sky during the day Bai Li replied by looking at the expression on the sofa.
Shout this guy is so eccentric. Why go to Lijie Company? Hearing Bai Li’s answer, Huang Xue immediately ate fly vinegar and pursed her mouth and said angrily.
He came to my company with something to do, Bai Li answered indifferently, knowing Huang Xue’s personality like the back of his hand.
Well, that’s more like it. Huang Xue saw that Bai Ligen was not moved by his own words and suddenly lost his interest in flirting. He honestly sat and watched.
Dinner is ready, everyone, come and have a meal. At this moment, Feiyang and Dugulan are already ready to have dinner, and then they will end the table with food and then look at it in the living room. Two people shouted.
Come in the living room, the two men should come and sit at the table.
Feiyang, will you stay for the night tonight? Feiyang handed a good meal to the three women before the table. Huang Xue accepted the job, thanked Feiyang and then asked in expectation.
That snow elder sister wants me to stay tonight? Feiyang raised his eyebrows with a smile and asked.
Of course, we haven’t seen each other for a long time, Huang Xue replied with a big nod.
Then I’ll stay tonight. Flying seems to have expected that Huang Xue would answer this question and said with a smile.
Then who are you sleeping with tonight? Huang Xue continued to ask with a teasing look in his eyes. Du Gulan and Bai Li had a meal, and there was almost no instant lag. They gave Huang Xue a hard stare, but they looked at the sky with anticipation.
Then who do you want me to sleep with? Feiyang continued to ask.
Of course, you slept alone. Huang Xue paused and then replied with a smile.
I’m so miserable to stay and sleep alone. Float frown wry smile way.
Do you want to sleep with that little Lan Lijie or me? Huang Xue asked with eyebrows raised.
Of course, I slept with you. Feiyang also learned to pause for a while like Huang Xue and then sneered
Bah, it’s not bad that we didn’t kick you out. You sleep on the sofa tonight. Bai Li suddenly spat slightly reddish and didn’t good the spirit.
No, the status has fallen so badly. Feiyang said dumbfounded.
Well, I agree with Aunt Li’s plan. DuGulan nodded and agreed.
I abandon Huang Xue spread out his hands to show that things are not his own, so four people, two votes for one vote against one vote to abandon the result and passed the arrangement plan for Feiyang’s temporary sleeping place tonight
A few flying from the majority principle had to accept this arrangement, but who knows later? Flying in the heart, I felt an evil smile unconsciously at the corner of my mouth.
Wow, Sister Li, you look at the flying smile. Huang Xue, who has been secretly observing the flying facial expression, patted her body and pointed her arm at the flying light and smiled sarcastically.
夜网论坛Hello snow elder sister which have said his man smiled very cheap woman float in the sky immediately frown ignore nu way.

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