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"I tell you Wu Tianyou, if you don’t listen to this secret, you will definitely regret it for a generation!" Where is the Korean smile? Even if Wu Tianyou doesn’t want to listen to her, he has to come clean.

"Get out!" There are two words to answer.
Throwing caution to the wind, Han Xiao took a deep breath "Xia Xue didn’t empathize! What do you think of her arrogant personality? What do you think of a vulgar man like Hu Yijiang! Wu Tianyou, don’t you ever feel suspicious? "
Wu Tianyou mercilessly zheng, the thing was that his heart could not touch the wound. Today, he was suddenly laughed by Han. He felt as if his heart had been severely hit by something. The old scar was suddenly opened bloodily, but there was no sound.
Looking at Wu Tianyou’s face and smiling, I knew that he still had feelings for Xia Xue, but he didn’t let go of what happened in those days. She simply poured out what she knew, regardless of how great the shock and serious consequences these truths would cause him.
Wu Tianyou stumbled out of the office building of Hengyi Foreign Trade Company Building. For a long time, he was in a daze and didn’t know where to go for a long time before he saved up and should go to Xia Xue to ask a white question!
Driving to Guang Primary School, he learned that Xia Xue was getting engaged and had asked for marriage leave. He went to Beilong Community and found Zhang Peng, but the defendant Xia Xue ran away with a wild man, so he finally went to Li’s house.
A young man kept asking for Xia Xue outside the gate of Li’s house, which naturally attracted the attention of security guards. Someone quickly quietly conveyed this suspicious news to Li Zhenyu.
Li Zhenyu came out soon and saw Wu Tianyou yelling at the door.
Several bodyguards are blocking Wu Tianyou’s attempt to grab the door. Li Zhenyu waved his hand and stopped him. They looked at Wu Tianyou and asked, "What can I do for you?"
Li Zhenyu’s aura is strong, and he has an innate sense of honor and superiority, which makes his words, deeds and actions terrifying and intimidating. If he wants to speak, he can shock the scene.
Wu Tianyou adjusted her blushing neck with a crooked tie "Xia Xue? Let her out! "
Li Zhenyu felt a jump in the corner of his eye and couldn’t help but squint and ask, "What do you want with my fiancee?"
"She is not your fiancee!" Wu Tianyou immediately rejected "she is me! She has always been me! "
"Ah" Li Zhenyu smiled instead of anger and picked up his arms coldly. "Are you anthomaniac or crazy? Run to someone’s door and say that his fiancee is owed or abused? "
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Wu Tianyou paid no attention to Li Zhenyu’s sarcastic facts. He was in a state of high excitement. He wanted to find out the truth of the year and proved that years of speculation in his heart was not a fantasy. He had to find Xia Xue. "Xia Xue didn’t betray me. She had difficulties! I want to ask her face to face whether it is true … "
Li Zhenyu’s thin lips are getting tighter and tighter, and his eyes are full of sen’s cold chill. Before Wu Tianyou finished, he interrupted, "I have no interest in your things in those days! I want you to remember that she is my fiancee Li Zhenyu now. If you dare to do anything to her again, you should be careful to discount your dog leg! Get out! "
Wu Tianyou was beaten out by Li Zhenyu’s bodyguard, and the other party warned him to come and harass Xia Xue, the bride-to-be, again, and the head of the dog would be smashed. He was so angry that he wandered the streets for a long time and suddenly remembered another person. Maybe he should ask her the truth!
It seems that the lost man found his way. Wu Tianyou refreshed himself and immediately drove to Lujia. The person he was looking for was Xia Wanzhen!
Du Hua was depressed for many days, so he went to Lujia to find several officials and wives to play cards together, and he was in a good mood. At this moment, a servant came over in a hurry, first took a look at Chen Jingyun, and then said to Lu Wanzhen, "The second lady God bless her uncle and is anxious to find you!"
Xia Wanzhen couldn’t help wondering. Isn’t today Wu Tianyou’s first day at Hengyi Foreign Trade Company? He didn’t work well in the company and suddenly went to the landlord’s house to find her. Is it something wrong? I couldn’t help but get up and ask, "Where is he?"
Du Hua idle things more mouth with a smile, "it is said that Sasha’s boyfriend is a dragon and phoenix among people, and I have long been famous for not seeing anyone! I happened to meet him today. Let him come in and show me! "
Chen Jingyun and Du Hua are dry in-laws. At this time, of course, they are close to each other. "I haven’t shown you my niece yet! In that case, let him come in! Anyway, the big guy has traveled abroad and seen the world, and he will never be petty! Come in and see if you can lose a piece of meat! "
Mrs. Yu smiled and teased a few words, all of which were in favor of letting Wu Tianyou in.
Xia Wanzhen had no way to tell the servant, "Let him in!"
Soon Wu Tianyou came in. He wanted to find Xia Wanzhen and ask the truth of the year. I didn’t expect that there were so many women in the chess room! From the moment he walked in, all eyes were staring at him with surprise.
Wu Tianyou is disheveled and his mouth is swollen. It seems that he has just had a fight with someone-it is said that he is elegant and handsome!
Xia Wanzhen suddenly felt a great loss of face and could not help but sink her face. "What’s the matter with you!"
Before Wu Tianyou could answer Du Hua, she suddenly got up and stared at Wu Tianyou like a ghost in the daytime. The mouth of Zhang Cheng’s "O" shape could be stuffed into an apple. The color in her lips faded early and her voice trembled. "You … you … who are you?"
49 a husband!
Wu Tianyou’s heart ached and he wanted to find Xia Wanzhen and ask the truth of the year. He went straight into the chess room and looked at the wives who were idle in playing mahjong and divination. Before he approached Xia Wanzhen, he was suddenly stopped by a woman and kept asking him who he was.
Glancing at the woman, Wu Tianyou felt upset and didn’t answer who he was, but said, "I have something to see Aunt Xia!" " The subtext is-get out of the way if it’s okay!
Du Huafei didn’t get out of the way, but grabbed Wu Tianyou’s arm and held it as if he just let go and flew away. His eyes never left his handsome face and beautiful eyes, and there was a frenzy of excitement. "Are you Wu Tianyou? Why do you look so much like … What’s your father’s name? Do you have a mother? Where do you live? How old are you this year? What is it? When is your birthday? ……”
There are too many questions. Don’t say that Wu Tianyou’s current state is extremely unsuitable for answering too detailed questions. Even at ordinary times, he will feel weird-is this a check? "I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry. This lady please let me go!"
Xia Wanzhen came over and couldn’t figure out what had happened. Look at the arrogant Du Hua and then look at the fidgety Wu Tianyou. "What’s wrong with you?"
When Wu Tianyou saw Xia Wanzhen, he was more impatient and pushed and grabbed him. He didn’t let Du Hua put a Du Hua. The whole person was already crumbling. This unbearable high-heeled shoes twisted and fell to the ground.
"What’s the matter? This is!" Chen Jingyun hurriedly got up and looked at the three men in amazement.
Xia Wanzhen helped Du Hua up and scolded Wu Tianyou angrily. "What’s wrong with you today? You are very cultured and polite!"! Aunt Du asks you a few words, just answer honestly and push her … apologize quickly! "
Wu Tianyou suddenly grabbed Xia Wanzhen and said, "I have something important to ask you! You come out! " Say and pull Xia Wanzhen to the door.
Although Wu Tianyou is a junior, after all, men and women are different from each other. What do you think is weird? Xia Wanzhen can’t help but frown. "What’s wrong with you? Mao Mao is impatient … Is Sasha sick …"
Xia Wanzhen’s question was pulled out of the chess room by Wu Tianyou before he finished. A few people left looked at each other and didn’t know what had happened.
"Too much! How do you look so alike! Wu Tianyou … His name is Wu … No … "Du Hua muttered frowned and seemed to think about a difficult problem.
Chen Jingyun helped her tidy up the wrinkles and asked, "Didn’t you fall?"
Du Hua turned a blind eye to everything in sight, still immersed in her own world and thinking hard. Suddenly she seemed to be suddenly enlightened. "Age can be right! It should be so big! " Then she quickly chased out on high heels.
Among the three people left in the chess room, Mrs. Joe and Mrs. Yi looked at each other and couldn’t help talking privately.
"Yo, Du Hua, what’s the matter? I seem to have lost my soul!" Mrs. Joe squinted and quipped, "Is it hard for grass widow to control handsome young people for many years?"
Mrs. Yi leaned forward and said in a low voice, "I heard that Li Guoliang came back with that Fang Ruolan!"
"True or false!" Mrs. Joe whispered in a fuss, "How come there is no wind outside!"
"I heard that Mrs. Li’s birthday is coming to Li Guoliang to celebrate her birthday!"

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