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Seeing that she agreed to Han Shu so quickly, she was so angry that she simply sat down on her thigh and bowed her head to her swollen lip and kissed it hungrily, hooking her uvula and intertwined.

After half a day, Gao Xiaoxiao quickly said, "That little white asked you to take him to Jingjia to see jiujiu things …"
"Don’t go!" Han Yan proudly said that he held her face with the tip of his tongue, opened the gap in the lip corner, reached in and licked it.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao pushed his face away. "Don’t kiss. It’s getting late. I’ll help you put the bath water first."
"Good" Han Shan looked at her with soft eyes, and there was a feeling in her eyes that made her blush, which was even more ambiguous and full of temptation. "Put away the water and we will wash it together later."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao blushed and sipped his lips and got up from his leg and walked into the bathroom.
First, simply flush the bathtub, then turn on the tap to put on hot water.
品茶After the water swished and filled the bathtub, she tried the water temperature. She just wanted to get up and get the bath essential oil. When she turned around, she was shocked. The man on the sofa outside didn’t know when he had walked in, and he looked at her with his eyes fixed on the bathroom door.
"You can wash the water when it’s ready." Gao Xiaoxiao finished and wanted to leave.
Pulling her back with an arm across her face, "said to wash together"
Gao Xiaoxiao swallowed a mouthful of water nervously. "Don’t wash it yourself. I want to go upstairs and see Xiaobai."
Just now, the little guy seems to have misunderstood their quarrel …
a surname
☆, 173 causal cycle father debt repayment
"Wait," Mrs. Yu took hold of him. "Jinchuan, please talk to mom. Are you still thinking about Zhiqiu?"
Yujinchuan eyes moved without speaking.
Old lady Yu looked at her son and sighed and advised, "It’s been more than 20 years since you and Zhiqiu. She is a woman, and now she must be married and have children. You should also let her go. Mom will be ten years old after the end of this year. I hope I can see you have your own children in my lifetime, but there will be no chance. Jinchuan, do you know what I mean?"
There was a faint loneliness in Yu Jinchuan’s eyes. Finally, he said, "I’m sorry mom is unfilial."
Old lady Yu "…"
Looking at the back of Yujinchuan slowly building, the old lady was disappointed and distressed, and her eyes were red.
She doesn’t believe in Buddhism, but now she has to believe that there is a so-called causal cycle in this world.
More than 20 years ago, my wife made an impulsive mistake and killed a child who was still in infancy. Now she has returned Jinchuan’s body so that he can’t have his own heirs in this life.
Does it really take Gao Zhiqiu to untie his heart? But ….. Old lady Yu thought of the day when Gao Zhiqiu spoke. She frowned and didn’t know what else to do at the moment.
second floor
After entering the bedroom, Yu Jinchuan lifted his feet and went to the table. He took out the key and opened the most drawer. There was a very old wooden photo frame lying quietly inside.
Inside the photo frame is a black-and-white photo from more than twenty years ago.
Section 233
The photo is of a young man and a young woman.
When she was only in her early twenties, Gao Zhiqiu wore a ponytail and a simple shirt. She looked at the camera with a picturesque eyebrow and a flowery smile. She was only twenty-four years old at that time, and she was wearing green casual clothes, with green features and sharp eyes, but she overflowed with a faint smile.
Zhiqiu … He stretched out his finger and rubbed his fingertips across the beautiful facial lines of a woman, but his thoughts drifted away in a flash.
D No.1 People’s Hospital
Gao Zhiqiu just came out of the inpatient building and a cold wind blew and sneezed several times in succession.
She sniffed, glanced at the gray sky and turned back.
Take the stairs back to the first floor, take out the key and open the ward door, only to find that the bed has been uncovered, and vivian, who should have been lying there, has disappeared
“vivian?” She gave a light shout and didn’t respond.
There was a faint stream of water in the bathroom, and then I lifted my feet and walked over.
As soon as I pushed bathroom door away, I saw vivian washing her hair by the bathtub wearing a sick man.
“vivian!” Gao Zhiqiu was surprised in the past. "You have a fever now. It’s easy to aggravate your condition by washing your hair like this!"
Vivian didn’t expect Gao Zhiqiu to go and return. When Gao Zhiqiu rushed over, she was so scared that her hands shook and her hair fell into the bathtub with a thud.
"This child …" Gao Zhiqiu reached out and dropped the tap, and the water in the unkempt head sprayed on her hand, which made her shudder at once.
"…" Gao Zhiqiu looked at vivian in surprise and reached out to touch her wet hair after a while.
Sure enough …
Gao Zhiqiu took back her trembling hands and watched vivian dodge her guilty eyes and face gradually float a little disappointed.
She turned on the tap and pulled vivian out of the bathroom.
"You did it on purpose, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu felt that she couldn’t help shivering all over. Why had she never found out that her daughter would secretly engage in these small means before? !
Vivian bit his lip, lowered his head and dared not speak.
The shawl with black hair and wet hair soon dyed the sick patients wet. With her shivering and thin figure, it looks delicate and touching.
Gao Zhiqiu looked at her picture and felt distressed again, but when she thought that her cold water punch was deliberately aggravating her illness, she couldn’t control her anger and continued, "vivian, how old are you?" You are twenty-one years old this year! It’s an adult! Can you think it over before you do something? You have had a high fever for several days. If you continue to burn like this, will you be happy if you burn your brain out? "
"I raised you so big that I never wanted you to get ahead. I hope you are healthy and happy, but what about you? You don’t know the weight of everything you do every time. Why can’t you consider it from my point of view?"

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