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Jing Anjiu smiled and bent his eyes, "Thank you, Uncle."

Handsome foreman smiled and lifted his feet and left.
Mango juice was also sent to Jing’ anjiu soon, while eating delicious steak and narrowing her beautiful eyes. Don’t enjoy that expression.
"I’m full." Children are generous. After all, there are limited couples’ packages, and two people can eat a little if they share them.
She took a sip of mango juice through a straw before she said, "Xiaobai, I heard from my father that I would take Mommy out for Valentine’s Day. Guess what they will do. Are they like us?"
"…" Gao Xiaobai picked up a paper towel and wiped her mouth …
"Little white jiujiu, why are you here?" A familiar and surprise soft voice suddenly came from behind.
Su Re looked at this couple sitting at a couple’s table with a surprised face. Both of them were beautifully dressed, and there was a big bunch of blue enchantress on the table … She couldn’t believe her eyes. What are they doing?
Look around again. I don’t seem to see Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao. They are couples!
Beside her, Jing Muchen’s face was even darker. Because Su Re was going to wash his hands and was pregnant late, he was worried about going with her. But as soon as he got out of the screen, he saw such a scene.
He pursed his lips and looked serious and mean. He looked coldly at Gao Xiaobai, who had been dressed up.
Nai little guy with a pair of clean and pure big eyes, not afraid to look at yourself … He frowned and looked at his daughter sternly. "What happened to jiujiu? Isn’t it for you and Yanyan to play at Grandpa’s house? "
Jing’ an Jiu blinked his eyes and said, "Because Xiaobai said that he would invite me to eat steak, Grandfather promised Mom and Dad. How did you know we were here?"
Gao Xiaobai "…"
What a coincidence! Dad ordered a restaurant and met Uncle Jing and them!
Don’t wait for him to react. Jingmuchen has already walked over and picked up Jinganjiu and left without saying a word.
"Dad!" JingAn nine busy turned around and pointed to the table with a small hand. The blue demon Ji shouted, "I want to spend flowers …"
Jing Muchen looked at the bunch of dazzling blue enchantresses on the table and endured anger and gently advised, "Don’t spend money. Dad will buy you a lot more beautiful later, okay?"
"No, this is a gift from Xiaobai. I want this." The little girl pursed her pink mouth and big eyes and began to cry.
The most ugly thing about Jingmuchen is that her daughter’s wronged eyebrows can almost kill a fly, but she still reaches out and picks up the bunch of blue enchantress.
"Uncle Jing" Gao Xiaobai felt it necessary to explain that he really just wanted to have dinner with his girlfriend. Who knows …
"What is this!" Jingmuchen’s long finger is holding the card he just took out of the bouquet, and the more he looks at it, the darker and darker his face is, which is very scary.
桑拿会所Section 363
Su Re blinked late and walked over to her husband’s hand, blushing at first sight.
The card says, "wife, I hope I can spend every night with you. I love you."
Su Re late "…"
Han Shao drove a white Bentley to the front of the western restaurant like a flash.
Two little guys have been wearing coats. Jing ‘an Jiu was held by Jing Muchen, while Gao Xiaobai was held by Su Re at night.
Seeing the familiar Bentley King Muchen in front of him, he said, "Let’s go when people come."
Su Re gave him a late look "Wait a minute"
It’s not too rude for you to leave because the car has just arrived here, is it?
No matter how precocious Gao Xiaobai is, she still speaks so … adult words, but she thinks it may be like Jing Saixixi who looks at too many roots on weekdays and doesn’t know whether it’s good or bad.
Friend, she thinks it is necessary to communicate with Han Shu about the education of a child. Don’t let the children watch those love dog blood series all day.
Gao Xiaobai has always been very clever. Even if Jing Muchen was angry and shocking just now, he saw his father coming again, but his face expression was always light.
Not afraid, but not wronged, always very calm and obedient
Jing Muchen watched him quietly. Although his heart was so calm at this small age, his face was still unhappy, especially when he thought of what "wife" and "every night" … He couldn’t help it.
He has long said that the so-called "crooked beam" is as idle as Han Han’s father. Although Han Mo Bai is even more precocious than his own son at an early age, he can’t even imagine that those "filthy" words came from the mouth of this five-year-old child.
"Eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law" Han Shu opened the car door and came up smiling.

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