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At the same time, she was glad to know that Gu Bei was born illegally. She didn’t give up. He didn’t give up this relationship …

Jiang Mengyi has come out after hanging up.
Although she is over forty, she is tall and well-maintained, and her skin is fair and she looks younger and better in a sapphire coat.
Jiang Mengyi looked in the mirror and was very satisfied with herself.
After paying the money, the two left together.
Chang Huanyan and Song Xiaoshou parted ways and then went to Chengbei Hospital alone to see their mother before going home.
After dinner, she went back to the upstairs bedroom and took out the red scarf from her bag.
Touching the soft cashmere material, her face suddenly got up thoughtfully and went over to open the wardrobe.
Inside, Yu Yu’s clothes are hung in half position, and in the past, they are all black, gray and dark coffee color.
She took out a black coat that he often wore and tied the scarf around it.
Scarves are not that dazzling, red is darker, and there are some black squares, so the vision is quite harmonious.
Chang Huan Yan picked his eyebrows and simply took a photo with his mobile phone.
夜网论坛It was 1 o’clock in the evening when I tossed all his clothes back and forth like this.
Chang Huanyan tidies everything up and takes a bath bed.
Who knows if it’s because I’m too excited or I’m used to lying next to her every night? Why can’t I sleep when her bed is tossed and turned?
Unconsciously, I thought of Song Xiaoshou’s words during the day.
Chang Huan Yan believes in evil and keeps his eyes closed for a while.
Still can’t sleep!
When I look at it again, it’s already half past eleven, long after her biological clock
Chang Huan Yan frowned and simply got up and put on his coat and came to the floor.
Yu’s family has already rested, and the bedroom door opposite the baby’s room is still open, so you can always hear the child cry and take care of it.
She quietly opened the baby door and then turned on the light.
Three lovely pink cribs and three small bags fell asleep on their faces.
Chang Huanyan came to Xiao Mo and Xiao Sheng Xiao’s crib to see them, but Xiao Sheng Xiao opened her eyes at this moment and looked at her with wide eyes.
Chang Huan Yan looked at my little girl’s cute and lovely appearance and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and pick her up.
Xiaosheng Xiao is dressed in a pink little cow jumpsuit, and her white face has a pair of big eyes. Her eyes are black and bright, and her eyelashes are curly and dense. Her nose is high and her mouth is pink and tender. She looks at people quietly like an innocent angel.
Chang Huan Yan kissed her milky little face and couldn’t bear to part with it. She just turned off the lamp and took the children to the building.
the next day
Yang Xi knocked at the door early in the morning. "Huanyan, did you bring the flute to sleep?"
Chang Huan Yan got up and opened the door in the past.
Seeing that he was lying on his back playing with his little finger in the big bed, Yang Xi breathed a sigh of relief and caressed his heart and said, "I was shocked and my child was lost."
Chang Huanyan "…"
"By the way, it’s Friday. Your grandmother Han has seen the almanac and said it’s suitable to go to the temple to pray. Just now, I also called my mother. Let’s go there together," Yang Xi said.
Yang Xi looked at his daughter-in-law and asked, "Have you met L.A.? Did he call you?"
Chang Huan Yan sipped her lips and shook her head.
"…" Yang Xi blinked good comfort way "don’t worry, maybe I was busy just in the past. I didn’t call back to you …"
Before the words were finished, a cell phone bell suddenly rang.
Chang Huanyan walked over and looked at the screen to show her face, and she smiled. "Mom is calling from America."
"Really?" Yang Xi also smiled, "Then answer it quickly. I’ll take the flute to change clothes."
☆, 441 lotus flower disaster
"Really?" Yang Xi also smiled, "Then you can answer it quickly. I’ll go and change my clothes first."
Chang Huanyan nodded and looked at Yang Xi and took the little flute away. Busy, press the "Answer" button and put it in your ear.
When this "hello" was sent out, she realized how excited she was … Even the voice trembled.
I don’t know how many times I’ve spoken to him before, but I’ve never been so excited and confused as I am today
She secretly despised herself in her heart, but after that, she still couldn’t control her emotions, almost holding her breath and listening to the phone ring.
Finally, I was depressed by a low magnetic sound. "Are you up?"
Chang Huanyan "hmm" walked to the sofa, grabbed the pillow and asked, "Are you in Los Angeles?"
"Not enough to call you?" The first sound suddenly became a little teasing.
Chang Huanyan "…"
Is he … flirting with himself?
"What are you doing now?" Yu Yu Wen
Chang Huan Yan blinked and said, "I just got up and was about to go upstairs for breakfast."
"Then don’t say you go to eat breakfast first." Yu Yu went on to say.
"…" Often smile one leng.
But he didn’t hang up either.
Section 573
Is this … is she being molested again?
Not quite in line with his usual steady and stuffy personality.
Chang Huanyan bit his lip for a moment and couldn’t figure out what he meant. He simply said, "By the way, I went to the mall yesterday afternoon to buy you a present."
"What gift?" Yu yuyin is very calm

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