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"You don’t know what people insist on joining the club."

"He can’t cheat you? How can you believe what outsiders say but don’t believe what your wife says at all? "
My Zheng wife said that Qin Suwan was very likely to lie, and it was also right. Chen Xinyi also heard Qin Suwan say that Qin Suwan was her mistress. What did she say? She was a slave girl. Could she not believe it?
If I hadn’t seen my wife really coming in and out of Baihua Club with my own eyes, all the accusations were about Qin Suwan, but out of revenge, I wantonly spread rumors and maliciously slandered my wife, and then asked me to doubt and trace my wife. Once there was a crisis of faith between husband and wife, there would be a crisis of marriage. So Qin Suwan achieved the goal of revenge on my wife.
I thought about it. I want to find out whether my wife is cheating or not. My eyes must find out two things. First, does Qin Suwan know whether his wife has joined the Baihua Club?
If she knew, she accused her real wife of lying to me again.
If she doesn’t know, she is wantonly spreading rumors and slandering her wife, but she has to admit that there is still such a chance.
Qin Suwan didn’t know that his wife was a matter of Baihua Club, but she wanted to slander his wife because of this matter, so she tried her best to make me have all kinds of misunderstandings about her through Chen Xinyi’s suggestion, but her wife just had the embroidered pants with all the cars in Baihua Club.
But I hope I’m wrong. I hope Qin Suwan just slanders his wife and doesn’t know about the embroidered trousers.
Secondly, I must find out whether my wife lied to me tonight.
I’ll start with the other things, but as far as she said she went to the chaotic rose on Friday night to talk about things, I could go and have a good look.
Zhao Haibo said that his wife, who had been a beer girl, also admitted this place. My intuition told me many times that this night show was not simple. It seems that I have to go there.
"Husband, do you want to know whether you trust outsiders or me?"
In the face of my wife’s questioning, I felt that it was better to be a coward than to find evidence. As a result, none of them could convince her to tell the truth, and she scolded me.
"Wife, you really don’t know Baihua Club?"
桑拿论坛"What Baihua Club do I want to know?"
"If you don’t know, you don’t know. It seems that you took advantage of the cheap car to cause trouble and gave others a chance to plant it. I think someone wants to leave our relationship."
Now, I can’t pry open my wife’s mouth again, so I might as well step back and lie that my wife is so paralyzed, let her relax her vigilance, and then try to investigate and dig up hard evidence
When my wife heard my words, she was really moved by tears. She jumped into my arms and sat directly on my body, hugging my neck and sobbed, "Husband, you finally believe me. I have given it to you for the first time in many years. How can you suddenly do something sorry for you?"
"Wife, I’m sorry, but you also understand me. I’m worried about you because you’re so beautiful and public."
"Are you worried about wearing a cuckold hat on your head?" My wife pinched my nose with her finger, and I was pinched. My wife cried and laughed. "No, I will punish you if you don’t believe me. I can’t sleep tonight."
"Wife, how do you want to punish?" I touched my wife’s hand through her pants because I didn’t wear pants. It felt really good. My fingers couldn’t help but drill around.
"I hate it. It’s broad daylight. No fooling around."
My wife hurriedly put her hands on me, and I rushed to the balcony and made signal with the lips. "What can my wife do to others in broad daylight?"
"You’re a big color | Wolf just wronged and bullied me and now you want to do bad things and you don’t worry about my feelings."
"Wife, forgive me if I am wrong, but you can’t blame me for this. If you see this information, you will definitely doubt, get angry and question me."
"I won’t be afraid even if my husband really cheated on me." My wife pinched my nose again and pulled it this time.
I quickly turned my head and asked her, "Wife, I don’t understand you."
"Why don’t you understand me?"
"Look, you allowed me to cheat for a while, and then you heard me say that I was furious with cheating. Now you see that even if I cheated, you are not afraid to come here and make me confused. Do you want me to cheat or not?"
"Nonsense, of course, I hope you cheat."
I was surprised when I shouted "Ah", my mouth opened wide in surprise and stared straight at my wife’s face with a sly smile, but the smile was not very big. Instead, my beautiful eyes stared straight at me and gave me an illusion that she was not kidding.
"You can’t be kidding."
"What do you say?"
"Stop playing with me. My little heart can’t stand it."
My wife sticks to me and blows hot air in my ear. "Husband, I heard from a female colleague that if a man really loves you, he will be a wife even if he cheats. Do you think you are such a person?"
My forehead is sweating, my wife. What does this mean? Is it to give me a vaccination or am I cheating in the drum?
"Wife, please don’t play with me. I want to know what you really think."
My wife giggled and smiled and pointed at my nose. "You are a coward, but if his man heard this, he would have cheated."
"Hey, you really cheated, and you’re gonna freak out again."
"You won’t choke me? I promise I won’t do anything to you if I choke. "
"It seems so."
Section 154
I touched the bar and thought about it. I suddenly reacted and fainted. I was taken to the ditch by my wife. "Wife, don’t change the subject. I asked you what your mentality is, not to discuss with you how men prevaricate and how their wives cheat."
"Not stupid, husband. Do you really want to know my mind?"
"Well, tell me quickly."
"Guess what? I have to say it myself."
"You want me to cheat?"
My wife’s face became ugly when she brushed it, and her mouth pursed and she could hang an oil bottle. As soon as I saw her expression, I immediately changed it to "Wife, you were joking with me. Don’t worry, my husband, I will never cheat."
I didn’t expect my voice to fall on my wife’s face, but it was not happy but lonely, which made me feel puzzled. "Wife, what’s your expression? Why don’t I cheat? You are very unhappy. Isn’t this a happy thing?"
"Honey, I’m not unhappy because of this. I think you’re so weak."
I’m at a loss about cheating or not. I’m getting confused about my wife’s thoughts.
"Husband, if a man wants to make great achievements, he must be resolute and resolute, far from saying that it is unrealistic to talk about it. Take the fact that you want to cheat, but you just want to, but you dare not be so timid. How can I expect you to do something great to support our mother?"
"Do you have it?" I looked down at her abdomen in surprise.
My wife stared at me and stared at me. "No, I said it was the future."
I’m not disappointed that I’m not pregnant. "How can I afford it? Although we are working-class, we earn a lot of money."

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