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"Yin classmate" he suddenly stopped her pear vortex deeply. "Actually, school is almost over. There are still 30 minutes left. We don’t need to go back to class. Why don’t we go to the playground for a walk? I’ll buy you a drink. "

See HeLianYin silent he added, "there are melons, and we can chat while cracking melons."
"It’s a good thing I haven’t tried skipping classes in my life. I’ll try it today."
品茶"Well," Yu Zhou nodded, and his eyes bent up in a moment, pure as heaven and earth.
The two bought drinks and melons in the canteen, and mixed them into the dissolved physical education class students. They sat on the grass and looked at the students running on the runway and the students climbing the parallel bars with a faint smile.
The breeze is blowing with the gentle sound of the boat.
"Yin, I’ve always seen you unhappy recently. Is there something on your mind?"
He Lianyin shook his head, straightened his legs, bent his knees with a sharp cut, and played with the grass in the football field to clear the temperature. "Nothing is just that I feel a little bored in my studies recently."
"Yes, it’s normal for you to apply for all the training courses. To tell the truth, if you feel too tired, you should apply for fewer competition classes. After choosing your own major, you can specialize in it. In the third year of high school, we will divide the liberal arts classes. If you choose science, you should not apply for the liberal arts competition here. If you choose liberal arts, you should not apply for the science competition so that you can have more rest."
"This is no problem. I’m used to this kind of study progress. If I don’t go to class, I feel like I don’t know what to do."
"Well, by the way, Yin, did you choose liberal arts or science later?"
Section 172
He Lianyin looked up and smiled. "What subject do you think I will choose?"
"You are a gold medal in mathematics. Should you choose science?"
"Uh-huh" She nodded "wit"
Seeing her smile on the boat was also a lot of comfort. I carefully watched her face. "Yin’s classmates are like boats hanging short tents or moving to the west bank or moving to the east for a few times, and the moon is full and the south wind and the north wind are several times."
Do you know what this poem is? "
"Long-lived people have a thousand days of good spring and deep flowers. How long has it been red? You must endure half dementia and half deafness." He Lianyin casually caught half a smile. "What is the warning of Tang Bohu? You want to comfort me? "
"Well, Mr. Yin, you must know what I mean if you have such a high academic attainments. The vicissitudes of life are like ships hanging short tents because of different wind directions. You can’t control them by yourself. When we are capable, we will be half-demented and half-deaf, and it will only make us sad."
He Lianyin quietly listened to Ning He’s eyes. "Is this your outlook on life?"
"Well, things often change. A real person lives like a kite. When the wind blows to the place, we float to the place. On the left, there is a fire, flowers are cooked and burned. On the right, death is quiet and quiet. On the rotation of Yin and Yang, how to choose without right or wrong, just keep your eyes clean and feel confident that all of you can’t control you." He didn’t know what was bothering Helian Yin. He had lost too many choices in his life because of his illness. Sometimes he felt painful and wanted to give up, but he still hesitated at the thought of giving up. Since he hesitated
Therapeutic students can continue to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the world.
Never die, and then the silence turns from yin to yang.
Perhaps living is not so happy because of all kinds of hardships and obstacles, but it can make people more hopeful and expectant than dying and living.
He Lianyin stared at the pale boy in front of him. He was so kind, beautiful and touching.
"Thank you for comforting me. I really didn’t want to die because I wrote a few words out of venting. It’s hard to think when people are weak, but you can rest assured that I will master my life well, just as you said that persistence is a fire and flowers give up, which has since extinguished the fire and flowers. How can I persist in the end?"
Yu Zhou smiled and said "Yes" gently.
"You are Yu Zhou, too. No matter what happens, don’t give up on yourself. You have a good idea, which has benefited me a lot." His words hit home. The clouds in her heart are like clear streams flowing slowly from the bottom of my heart. Maybe. Listen, a person with uncertain life and death is more persuasive than a normal person. Such a person can always be admired.
In the past, the man swore an oath of eternal love, and she took it as a joke.
And today’s verbal abuse of her is a thing of the past. From this moment on, she won’t be hurt again.
She has lost her hand.
She has lost him.
She can’t allow herself to lose herself.
An old frontiersman loses his horse—a blessing in disguise
Losing doesn’t necessarily mean pain. Maybe what happened today is doomed to cut off her sentimental path and let her open up a future path with her heart bent on it.
The road of love is always like this. Some people will soon get over it. Some people will sink forever. You can’t say who is right or wrong. You can’t say who loves and doesn’t love, but you have different views. Some people love it, but others can let it go.
Before the winter came, she resisted the pain and regained consciousness.
She resumed her busy studies.
Helianyin seems to be throwing caution to the wind, breaking all the past love years into incarnations. My overbearing brother sneered at her.
His heart aches, and he wants her to hurt, too.
This trick is still taught by He Lianyin. She said that if she loves two people, she can’t love others anymore. Then he should learn from her and provoke himself, so don’t want to leave and suffer together.
In the past, He Lianyin’s love and pity for her seemed to vanish overnight. He treated her like a humble nanny and asked her to do everything. If she didn’t compromise, he would make her study quietly in which training class she went. Sometimes she was imprisoned on the stairs, sometimes she was arrested on the rooftop, and sometimes she was dragged into the flower bed for intimidation and irony.
I have a quiet learning environment without my hand being found. Even Yoon has promised her that her left hand still has no strength to practice in the dormitory. The glass is always unstable. If she strikes back at Yoon, she will be found to be wrong. Since she has decided to work hard, she doesn’t want him to find her hand. She doesn’t want to see his pity and regret.
She’s the one hiding it.
She’s the one who broke up

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