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Hearing this, Akai said, "Are you serious?"

Tang Ying kept nodding "true"
After Tang Ying calmed him for a while, he returned to the ward.
After going back, I will appease Li Jinghai again.
She is also exhausted after dealing with these two men.
Lin Ya received a message from Zhang Shiman asking her to have tea together after she went out from the hospital.
About thirty minutes later, Lin Ya arrived at the place Zhang Shiman said.
I didn’t know until I got to the place that she was not the only one who came to Haan Lee.
夜网论坛Politely said hello to her mother and daughter sitting opposite.
Zhang Shiman handed her a glass of water and said, "I invited Miss Lin here today because I want to trouble Miss Lin."
Lin Ya smiled and said, "It’s very kind of Li Furen. Let me know if there’s anything."
Zhang Shiman lovingly patted Haan Lee’s hand and said, "This woman of mine has also graduated from college. I want to find a job for her. I wonder if Miss Lin is suitable?"
As soon as she said this, Lin Ya guessed it. It seems that this poem is really iron. You should give your adopted daughter to Muchuan first?
Is looking at Haan Lee expression seems to be not too happy.
Lin Ya consciously thinks of the modern hotel and the suite on the second floor of Haan Lee. Does this man Li Han really have a crush on this poem, but he doesn’t agree? !
Smiling, "of course, I am short of an assistant! I just don’t know if Miss Li hates it. "
As soon as she said this, Zhang Shiman immediately smiled. "She just graduated and lacks experience. Any position is called."
Her purpose is just to get Haan Lee to Muchuan’s side. How can she be in a high position?
One talked happily until Zhang Shiman’s words suddenly sounded. Lin Ya saw her face sink and went out holding the words.
As soon as her figure disappeared, Lin Ya, a teahouse, felt that her hands were tight and her eyes were lifted. Haan Lee held her eyes tightly and prayed deeply.
"Miss Lin, please help me! I don’t want to lose their chess. I don’t want it. I don’t want it! "
Lin Ya looked at her in amazement and asked, "Who do you want to play chess with?"
Haan Lee shook his head and said, "I don’t want to live in that hellish place any more. Miss Lin, I can’t go to your company. I don’t want to be their trading tool!"
"Miss Li, can you make it clear?" Lin Ya frowned and understood her meaning for a moment.
Haan Lee timidly glanced at the direction of the door and didn’t see Zhang Shiman’s figure. Only then did he feel wronged and said, "I really want to leave them!"
Lin Ya’s head quickly recalled what happened after meeting Haan Lee, and then Mo remembered the suite of Modern Hotel …
A speculation flashed through her heart, but she was not sure yet …
"Miss Li, if you want me to help you, then you should come to my side so that I can solve your problem better."
Lin Ya didn’t wait for Haan Lee’s answer after saying this sentence, because Zhang Shiman had finished talking and walked in.
She glanced at Haan Lee and shook hands nervously and asked, "What happened to Hanhan?"
Then a glance at Lin Ya seemed to ask her, but Lin Ya knew that she was not asking but testing.
It’s a look that is enough for Lin Ya to make sure that the Li family has a story!
Haan Lee bowed his head and said nothing, and Zhang Shiman’s doubts deepened.
Lin Ya was still smiling as usual and said, "Maybe the temperature in the teahouse is too low. Miss Li just told me it was a little cold."
With that, she gave a loud sneeze.
Zhang Shiman laughed angrily. "If the child is cold, just say, I have a coat."
After two people talk a few words, mostly Lin Ya and Zhang Shiman Haan Lee Cheng Yan phrases should be so one or two sentences.
It was confirmed that when Haan Lee went to report, Zhang Shiman had already left with Haan Lee.
Lin Ya went out from the teahouse and planned to go back, but she temporarily changed her location at the moment of taking the bus.
Lin Ya of Mu’s Building paid the money and went.
At that time, Muchuan was dealing with the man who was a little surprised by her arrival. She talked to her earlier. She seemed to say that she had accompanied her grandmother to the hospital, and he didn’t expect her to come this weekend.
Lin Ya went to his desk and smiled. "Guess who I just met?"
The man frowned and looked at her with a happy face, wondering who else and what could make her happy like this?
It’s not difficult for him to see that he couldn’t guess her at all. He simply said, "Zhang Shiman and Haan Lee."

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