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It is true that Ye Xiangyuan looks too gentle and focused, and the autumn morning light is cold, but his eyes are particularly warm.

That girl’s eyes must be different. It’s the first time I’ve seen him show such an expression. I’m a little afraid of disturbing him.
After class, I saw that he happened to have a class.
I looked behind him and didn’t find the girl figure hesitated or called him "Professor Ye"
Ye Xiangyuan looked up and saw that I smiled. It was "Teacher Ding" in Wen Ya.
I really admire him when I look at his face.
What occasions become what aura is really amazing?
Now he’s recovered. He’s gentle and calls me Mr. Ding. Obviously, he wants to distance himself from me.
I smiled and said, "You helped me the first two times. I came to thank you. If you need anything later, just call me."
I wanted to invite him to dinner, but I was suspected of getting close to him
I don’t really want him to misunderstand, and I don’t intend to be friends with him, so I can thank him verbally.
Ye Xiangyuan is still laughing at "small things"
I couldn’t think of anything to say to him, so I left.
Nannan parking lot, wait for me. Her injury has healed. I made an appointment with her to eat Haidilao.
She rode mysteriously. "Guess who I just saw?"
I took a look at her. "Baby is so safe."
She pouted. "Aren’t you curious?"
I turned the steering wheel and decided to show her "Who did you see?"
Nan-nan smiled shyly to reveal the pear vortex "Ye Xiangyuan" in her mouth.
I paused. "You seem to pay attention to him?"
South-South hurriedly shook his head. "It’s just that he helped you. You think he’s not bad … I saw him with a beautiful woman … it should be his girlfriend."
I laughed. "I met a beautiful woman today … by the way, I also thanked him. Don’t worry."
South-South nodded after a while trail "Ningqi came to the school to do the resignation formalities yesterday …"
It’s not surprising that she can know the trend of Ning chess next door to the teaching staff.
I couldn’t help but hold the steering wheel for a long time before I found my own voice. "I heard that Wenlu’s family is doing real estate and he should have gone to help."
品茶论坛So he doesn’t look down on even a stable job like a university teacher.
South-South looked at me cautiously.
I tilted my head and smiled at her. "I’m fine."
We ate hot pot, probably because we were hungry. The two of us ate three people and then went shopping in the mall.
The weather in the imperial capital is getting colder and colder, and winter clothes have long been on the market. We visited several big shopping malls and went to eat steak at night before going home.
I’ll send Nannan to the community first. It’s already 9: 30 p.m. and the neon is strong.
South-South untied the seat belt and didn’t get on the bus immediately, but looked at the bags in the back seat and whispered hesitantly, "Then I’ll leave. You have a class and I’ll see you at school."
I smiled and answered.
She suddenly leaned over and hugged me. "No … No … You still have me."
My tears fell instantly.

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