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Fang Xiaoqing took a look at the name and cut a cherry? She didn’t want to know that it was her cousin’s girlfriends.

The bell made her impatient, so she came to have a bad taste. She picked up the phone, pressed the answer key and then pinched her nose. "Hello, who’s calling?" The court is in a meeting now. I didn’t answer the phone. I’m his girlfriend. I can help you convey something. "
Fang Xiaoqing’s eyes kept flashing after saying this sentence, and she was curious about what the other party would say when she heard this.
She always knew that Gu Junting had many girlfriends, but she was curious about what Gu Junting’s girlfriend would say when she met another girlfriend.
But the other party hung up after listening to her words.
Fang Xiaoqing looked at the phone and showed the words end of the call. She pie pie "cut this courage to control my cousin?" Even dare not tear with rival in love. "
Fang Xiaoqing put Gu Junting’s mobile phone and continued to sit back on the sofa to play with his mobile phone. Soon Gu Junting came out.
He went to Fang Xiaoqing and asked, "Xiao Qing, why are you here?"
Fang Xiaoqing hurriedly got up and she took Gu Junting’s arm and smiled sweetly. "Cousin, isn’t this noon? The somebody else is to invite you to dinner. "
Gu Junting eyebrows "you invite me to dinner? Are you sure you don’t have no money to eat? "
Fang Xiaoqing will spend all his money before he spends it without restraint. He has seen this kind of thing many times, and now it is normal for Fang Xiaoqing to have no money at the end of the month.
Fang Xiaoqing pouting "ah have you said that your cousin? I really came to invite you to dinner. Let’s go. "
Fang Xiaoqing took Gu Junting and took him to the ladder. Gu Junting had to follow her into the ladder.
Came to the restaurant Fang Xiaoqing to box and very attentive place several Gu Junting love to eat food this just looked at Gu Junting and smiling "you see your cousin I’m good to you? Everything is your favorite. "
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Gu Junting nodded. "Well, it’s not bad."
Fang Xiaoqing smiled proudly and helped Gu Junting pour tea very politely.
夜网论坛Gu Junting looked at her lazily with his hands crossed on his chest. "Come on, what can I do for you?"
Fang Xiaoqing pie pie "boring you should see at a glance that I find you something"
"Are you all right will come to me? I guess I went out to play with your friends. "
"Oh, I don’t want to talk to you like that. What do you mean, friends are my good friends?"
Gu Junting sneered, or Fang Xiaoqing would associate with those people. Which one is not because she is rich, or who can stand his cousin’s smelly temper?
Fang Xiaoqing didn’t want to discuss this issue with him, but asked directly, "Cousin, let me ask you, if a man has a wife, what will he cheat?"
Gu Junting hearing this eyebrows screwed up tightly "what do you mean? Are you going to seduce a married man? "
Fang Xiaoqing eyes dodged a ha ha smiled. "No, I just casually asked a friend of mine who likes a man, but that man has a wife, but she loves that man too much to give up. I’ll help ask my cousin, aren’t you a master of game flowers? I think you must have a way in this respect. "
Gu Junting frowned. "All the women I am looking for are single. I didn’t seduce a couple."
Fang Xiaoqing pie pie "cut you so decent I can’t believe you in the past those girlfriends, there is no cheating on you, what do you say or not? Tell me if there is a way."
Gu Junting idly armchair "Shinohara shine to tell the truth? Who do you really like? I might help you if I think that man is really worth fighting for. "
Gu Junting himself is the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. Fang Xiaoqing came to him because he knew that he was such a talent.
"Really?" Fang Xiaoqing listened to Gu Junting’s words and asked consciously.
Gu Junting raised his eyebrows, but I didn’t expect that she just casually probed. She really confessed, "Of course it’s true. Tell me who you like?"
"Cousin, I like Anchen. I really like Anchen. You must help me." Fang Xiaoqing couldn’t figure out a way to ask Gu Junting for help.
Gu Junting listened to Fang Xiaoqing’s words and the whole person was stunned. Fang Xiaoqing likes An Chen? So that woman …
Gu Junting’s eyes flashed. He suddenly felt that this matter seemed to be getting more and more interesting. If he helped Fang Xiaoqing successfully get Anchen, would that woman be very sad?
Fang Xiaoqing looked after Junting for a long time and could not help but cry, "Cousin, will you help me or not? You’d say a word. "
Gu Junting nodded. "Well, of course I did, but I haven’t decided how to help yet."
"Cousin, are you really willing to help me?" Fang Xiaoqing excited tunnel
Gu Junting nodded. "Well, of course I do. You are my cousin."
Fang Xiaoqing just didn’t feel grateful. "Cousin or you are the best to me. You kiss me more than my own brother. I asked my eldest brother to help me find a way. He not only didn’t help me, but also severely reprimanded me and told me not to rob other people’s husbands."
Gu Junting was not surprised to hear Fang Xiaoqing’s words. This is indeed Fang Jinwen’s ability to talk. Fang Jinwen is just like his father, but his father Fang Xiaoqing has more personality than her mother.
Gu Junting laughed. "It’s not that your eldest brother doesn’t kiss you, but his thoughts are old and real. What age is it now? If you want to try your best to fight for it?"
"Cousin, what you said is so good that it’s almost in my heart. I knew I was right to come to you." Fang Xiaoqing was really happy.
"Yeah, but if you want me to help you, you must listen to me." Gu Junting laughed.
"Of course, after listening to my cousin, I want you to help me get Anchen. What do you want me to do?" Fang Xiaoqing tunnel without thinking.
Gu Junting nodded with a smile "well"
An Hui looked at the distance quietly by the window. Her eyes were out of focus. Just now, she refused her mother’s request to let her go on a blind date. It hurts to think of her mother’s earnest advice.
The family is worried that she is not ignorant, but she already has her own lover. How can she go on a blind date when she has someone else in her heart? For a moment, she seemed to tell her mother that she already had a boyfriend, and that man was the target of many celebrities in G city.
However, the words came to her mouth several times, and she couldn’t say it. She was worried that after she said it, she and Gu Junting couldn’t even maintain this situation.
She hasn’t contacted Gu Junting for two days. Since the last time she called him and was picked up by a woman, and after she told her that she was Gu Junting’s girlfriend, she was angry and didn’t contact him. But she didn’t contact him and he didn’t take the initiative to contact her. How much does this man care about her?
When I think about it carefully, I find that many times she takes the initiative to find him, but he rarely finds her.
She has been waiting for him to join herself, but two days have passed before she knows it, and he hasn’t called her, which shows that he really has something in mind.
How can men and women in general love not contact each other for two or three days in this developed communication society? Even a fool can imagine that if that man doesn’t contact that woman, it will prove that that man doesn’t care about her.
Trying to hit her here is like being stung by a needle, which makes her pale.
She always knew that there were many women around Gu Junting. He often told her that he had nothing to do with those women, and she always believed him. She believed that what he did was really a cover-up, because they could not make it public for the time being.
But the longer she waited, the more flustered she became. She was really scared. All this was a scam. Gu Junting didn’t have her at all.
It’s been a long time since he bought that pair of earrings. They have met three times in this issue, but he didn’t notice that pair of earrings once. Besides, she has been in contact with him for so many years, and he almost never gave her tens of millions of things. Thinking of this, An Hui’s heart has sunk to the bottom.
She suddenly wanted to let him go. She was so tired that she didn’t want to persist any more. Just think that all these years with him were a dream.
And then lose your heart, how can you get it back so easily?
Her eyes unconsciously moved to the gate of the main house, and she happened to see Anhao carefully holding Qiao Ying out of the room.
Although Qiao Ying was pregnant, she was only pregnant for more than three months, and her belly didn’t swell at all, and Anhao actually held her so carefully.
Since the An Jinyao family came, she has seen what it means to spoil her wife. The way that An Jinyao’s father dotes on his wife is enough for every woman to envy.
Being spoiled by a man like that feels like she has never felt it in her life for more than 30 years.
I don’t know. Seeing Anhao holding Qiao Ying carefully, she longs for a happy woman like that.
Her eyes moved to Qiao Ying haven’t long belly eyes thoughtfully.

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