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I don’t know if I understood her words, but the Tibetan mastiff suddenly took his paws back and returned to the ground.

When it was about to leave, it looked around and sniffed, and began to circle around the bottom of the tree from time to time, looking up and calling to her.
Chang Huanyan "…"
Are you kidding me?
Chang Huanyan had a headache and was able to take out his mobile phone and dial the number of Little Sheep. "Little Sheep, Little Sheep, come and save me. There is a Tibetan mastiff trying to bite me."
"Ah?" The little sheep looked messy in the wind.
"Hurry up, I don’t know which simpleton let my dog out on that crooked neck tree. I can’t go or walk now." Chang Huanyan said, moving her position carefully, even though her body was stiff, she didn’t dare to make a move. If she didn’t pay attention, she would be bitten into half a disability.
"Good Huan Yan Jie, then wait for me. I’ll be right there."
This Tibetan mastiff seems to be very human. When she hears her talking, she doesn’t turn around. She squats down to look at her.
Chang Huan’s face is covered with a thick sweat. Although she is kind-hearted and likes all kinds of pets, she likes MengMeng Soft, a small animal, not the fierce Tibetan Mastiff with feet.
One man and one dog were deadlocked for five minutes …
"Little sheep, have you come after all?" Chang Huan Yan couldn’t help but pick up the phone and shout at the other end.
"Huanyan, where are you? I didn’t find you!" Cried the little sheep
"You’re so stupid! Didn’t I tell you? It’s the crooked neck tree at the entrance of the villa!"
"I know, I know. I ran the wrong house number. I’ll come now."
"Hurry up!"
"I have run away, sister."
"Run hard!"
"… good"
桑拿会所  title="ouch!" The Tibetan mastiff suddenly screamed, and Chang Huanyan was scared. He didn’t hold his mobile phone tightly and fell to the ground directly.
In a second, the Tibetan mastiff opened his mouth and directly bit his cell phone into his mouth and turned and ran.
Chang Huanyan "…"
She just bought … ……iphone5s local gold!
The villa area in the south of the city covers a huge area, with mountains and water and excellent scenery. Almost all the mountainsides are full of green in the early spring.
There was a tall man standing by the railing of the lake, where he didn’t move.
Until a black figure ran to his side like a flash, "snapped" his mobile phone and then took credit for it to the man.
Yu Yu looked down and bent down to pick up the phone.
Section 691
There have been some scratches on the surface and three mouthfuls of water with the root number … It is definitely not possible.
"Ow" root number three immediately called a wagging wait for praise.
"Where did you come from?" Yu Yu immediately sank his face.
There are not many people living in this villa area, and most of them come in and out in the morning and evening. Almost no one comes in and out on weekdays.
Although the root number three is fierce in appearance, it is very docile in character. In the final analysis, it is a "Smith" cargo root that will not take the initiative to hurt others.
He has lived here for several years, and he knows more about it. He also feels at ease to let Root Three walk freely. After all, it will come back safely every time.
The root number three blinked, his eyes were black, and suddenly he was wronged and shook his tail. "Ow!" He called several times.
Yu Yu always frowned, and his grim face was critical.
The root number three grunted and got up from the ground, turned around and called "Ow" and then lifted her feet and ran forward.
Yu Yu followed.

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