"Bags, rolls and steamed buns" Qin Xiao’s eyes moved from left to right and finally stopped.

The "master" three teenagers leaned slightly toward Qin Xiao and gave a gift.
Junkuang is satisfied with the transformation of the Three Spirit Beasts, especially as soon as he sent the people back, these three dutifully guarded the gate of the Changming Temple. No matter the first impression, he can say that he is good. If he insists on finding something wrong, the Three Spirit Orcs are too handsome.
He will like that kind of person when he comes to Qin Xiao. It’s really a mistake to be a burly Carmen bodyguard or a mature big brother.
"Now that they have finished taxiing, you can get along with each other more." Your crazy fingertips pushed Qin Xiao and turned to go.
Qin Xiao grabbed his little finger. "I can also wash my marrow in two years. Are you interested in preaching to me before?"
"Preaching" Jun Kuang raised his eyebrows in a daze. "I don’t have much experience. Are you sure you want me to speak?"
Qin Xiao nodded firmly.
"You go to Dong Xiaoxiao first and let her show you the Changming Temple." You crazy gently cough a pair of three-spirit beasts.
"They don’t listen together." Qin Xiao looked at you crazily.
You gave Qin Xiao a crazy look, but smiled without a word. I never opened the altar, but I wanted you to preach alone.
When he entered the room, he said to Qin Xiao, "Let’s go. This place is crowded with people and eyes."
"Where to"
"You took my hand." Your crazy mind moved. The two of them were already misty, and there were many peaks around the top of the mountain. This mountain is not high and surrounded by many peaks.
Qin Xiao puzzled to see you crazy "what come here"
"This is the back hill of Qian Shan University. There are thousands of peaks here. Almost all of them have the power to build a cave house. Some peaks are not moved by great means." Jun pointed to the land. "I stayed in the cave house on the mountainside of this mountain. I have some immature ones to take you here. One is to familiarize you with the environment. The other is to think that the environment here is good. The back hill will be open for a period of ten years and no one will disturb it."
"It seems that your first time is to contribute to me alone." Qin Xiao deliberately teased.
Segmented reading 31
"I still have a lot to see if you want it for the first time." Jun crazy raised his hand and scratched Qin Xiao’s nose to try to open the system. "You can listen carefully."
It’s just a reference to talk about some mainland history. The so-called "first time" can be said to be a history lesson.
The Xuan Huang Dalu is composed of several different planes, each of which does not interfere with each other and forms its own territory, namely, the mortal world, the spiritual world and the fantasy world.
In countless years, some areas of the mortal world and the spiritual world have merged with each other. Pure mortal people will not practice. They will live and work in peace and contentment. Occasionally, aspiring practitioners will go to the spiritual world control area for experience when they reach the ninth grade of physique.
People in the spiritual world are martial arts, except for a large number of mortals who are not proficient in martial arts in the overlapping areas of the mortal world. Even if the talent is generally not suitable for practicing martial arts, the residents in the spiritual world are not discouraged and strive to become a martial artist. Everyone is quick-witted and quick-witted, and occasionally, those who practice martial arts are in a dominant position, which is rare for hundreds of millions of years.
Those who are born with wide and smooth tendons can take care of metaphysics and temper their bodies, and at the same time, they can be concise and ask for immortality; Those who are more spiritual and gifted practice spiritual elements. It is a spiritual teacher’s spiritual power to directly attack the opponent’s spiritual knowledge, which can be described as surprise attack.
There are many martial artists in the mainland; There are hundreds of beginners in metaphysics and one in ten thousand who have achieved great success; Spiritual practitioners are even rarer, and most of them come from the patriarchal clan.
On martial arts, spiritual practice or metaphysical practice, there are many branches of the clan. Unless a genius or a unique bloodline is rare in a hundred years, the advantage of joining the clan is far greater than that of scattered practice. There are nine major forces in Huang Dalu, each with different attributes, which have lasted for tens of millions of years and have been prosperous and balanced with each other
Chapter 60 The theory of eternity is colorful
Xuan Huang Dalu people with such a said.
In the ancient times, chaotic animals lived in the fantasy world, and the fantasy world commanded the mortal world and the spiritual world, while the fantasy world had two forces dominating the scales and feathers.
With the representatives of the nine dragon gods of the Scales, the overlord of the fantasy world, the commander-in-chief of the Feather clan, the God Phoenix, is evenly matched. It should be that the enemy has the nirvana immortal golden body and one human power can resist the nine dragon gods of the Dragon.
However, I don’t like fighting, I am single-minded and indifferent to the external situation, and I turn a blind eye to it by flattering my ministers. In the end, I will lose my life in the three realms because I am partial to listening to others and thinking about it.
On personal strength, the nine dragons and gods can stop Nai Xianhuang from going against the world, but the dragons and the nine have their own merits. In the end, this time-consuming and meaningful battle, the battle of the gods and the wheels, ended in defeat, and the front of the feather clan collapsed and was defeated by the scales.
"Ren Huang" made a great contribution to the Dragon Nine Xuanli Xuanzong Nine Doors and Eleven Bends. After the Queen of Heaven, Shen Huang was secretly in love and saved many times. After the defeat of the feather family, the semi-waste body created the Arabian Ten-style prototype to drive the Terran as prey. The ancient aliens cut off the mortal world, and the Terran left a pure continent to build the East Pole Arabian City to be stationed. Since then, people have seen it again.
When Shen Huang was captured, he saw that there was sorrow all over the three realms, and smoke all over the earth. He suddenly realized that he was sorry, but he wanted to die and bear the fault, so he kissed the sword and died.
The dragon gods didn’t know that the immortal asked for death, but they didn’t want to see the blood cut off. So they put away the blood and spent millions of years refining it, and after many discussions, they decided to let the source spiritual world find a suitable body to continue.
Since then, every tens of thousands of years, a baby with blood-burning veins will be born in the mortal world. This baby will bear the fate of unification and the success of the whole mainland power depends on the means. There is no denying that the degree of blood-burning awakening is directly proportional to the achievement. Only the blood-burning veins can bear the magic dragon’s power to possess and the blood-burning appears with randomness. Once the owner is selected, he can passively accept the legal person’s inheritance and transfer the foundation.
Since the beginning of time, the blood-burning bloodline has been doomed to be an emperor’s life, and the baby is doomed to be attacked and killed by the emperor. The blood-burning emperor’s life is hard to die and fall, and there is a guardian who gives him a gift. Even if he can’t be respected by all the people, he can lead the party to be king. When the Millennium expires, he will burn his blood and return to heaven and earth to find a new host unless the original host is strong and complete the unification of the three realms of the mortal, the spiritual and the magical.
Things often flourish and decline. The glory of Xuanzong is no longer chaotic, and the reincarnation of the monarch has once again achieved Ren Huang’s great fame. After hundreds of millions of years of development, the nine doors and eleven bends have been changed in size. The ancestral door was attached to Xuanzong, but it stopped at the half-step emperor because of the early death of true love, and no one was found in its prime.
品茶Babies with the blood-burning emperor’s life have always been coveted by many forces. Of course, there are not a few poachers who want to domesticate the blood-burning emperor’s life into a puppet. The pretext of controlling the forces of heaven is not counting, but because of the strength, it is far from nine cases.
Nine cases have developed by leaps and bounds because the elements of Xuanfa supported XuanHuang Dalu are in good phase, and each achievement method has become a vassal party. The sectarian management is relatively strict, and it is forbidden to provoke fights in person, which barely gives people an illusion of peace.
Nine cases of secret warfare are common, and the non-surface peace can be whitewashed, and sects with good affinity or similar interests often form short-term alliances
In the Middle Ages, there were a large number of spiritual talents who practiced martial arts, metaphysics and spirituality. The old and new forces did not let the mainland be mixed, and the struggle constantly implicated the mortal world and harmed all beings.
Every thousand years, mortals make sacrifices and offer tributes to beg for the protection of the peak forces in the spiritual world, and the mortal world begins to be divided by powerful clans because of the separatist forces in the spiritual world.
Ren Huang, who was reincarnated in ancient times, stood out from the crowd with peerless blood, and made Yin Di’s famous enemy Yu Shili, Xuanzong, nine doors and eleven bends, and decided to unify the mortal world and divide the mainland into nine domains.
Later generations praised Ren Huang’s achievements. Every Millennium, a pilgrimage ceremony was held in Beijing, commonly known as the Nine Kingdoms Thousand Sacrifices.
After tens of thousands of years of separate political affairs, the nine countries around Beijing are Lingyin, Miyuan, Qingxuan, Canglan, Leilie, Che Forging, Yan, Yao and Ya.
China and Asia are famous for their etiquette. Ren Huang appointed them to be in charge of the Millennium Sacrifice, and gradually became a prosperous country. The sale of land and resources has repeatedly expanded China’s national strength and far surpassed that of other countries.
It was nine o’clock when Junkuang took over.
Daya is superior to Nanyong Sanyi; The maze and lathe forging are shaped like strips; Lingyin lived in the north for June 1; Yan Guo faces the east and stands south; LeiLie sit west with eleven; Canglan and Qingxuan jointly occupied the northwest.
In the extreme, Beijing reached the Ten-Party Spiritual World, and the Millennium Sacrifice Special City in the neighboring countries of Long Mai belonged to the Daiya Dynasty Escrow Office.
One day, the first hermit Xuanzong secretly guarded against disasters.
Xuanxiu rarely walks in the world, and most secluded and single-minded cultivation realms are Danhai realm, Wufu realm, controlling the situation, showing the holy realm, respecting the realm, dominating the realm, returning to the true realm, and ignoring the extreme.
The so-called "extreme detachment"; Don’t have a dry Kun in vain

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