The Hong Kong Force Exhibition Center has become a "second historical class" of Hong Kong youth.

  [Explanation] Recently, nearly 100 teachers and students from Hong Kong’s "Future Star" class, the "Future Star" class, visited the PLA Station Force Exhibition Center, and spent one under the influence of historical culture. Meaningful weekend.   [Interpretation] Teachers and students will conduct visits, general sequences, China Dream Exhibition Hall, strong military dreams hall, Xiangjiang Guardian Exhibition […]

The development of urban circles is the first element of structural growth

Original title: 14th edition Theory Weekly From the perspective of production factors, China’s birth rate has dropped very obvious; the urban area, from the country, it has expanded very much; In the case where the monetary environment is relatively loose. Therefore, if China’s next economic growth relying on the accumulation of production factors, this kinetic […]

The 7th China Mongolian Intellectual Property Director and Seminar is held in Ulaanba

Original title: The seventh China Mongolia Intellectual Property Director and Seminar held a few days ago, the seventh director of the 7th China Mongolian Intellectual Property will be held in Mongolia Wulaba. Mongolian Intellectual Property Bureau Director Eldnes Sulen Eld Netbat, presided over the meeting, Deputy Director of China’s National Intellectual Property Office, Gantuine, deputy […]

The old name is youth Lu Liang carrying the text of the product unveiled in Shenzhen Wenbo Association

The expression of traditional culture has become an important trend in the current cultural industry.In recent years, Xinghua Village Liquor Group Tourism Co., Ltd. takes "Alcohol Culture + Travel + Wenchuang Product" mode, through the combination of inheritance and creativity, letting alcohol culture into a concrete product, let more people know, pay attention, and walkEntering […]

Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenke Promotion Lanzhou held

Original title: Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning Nishi City Wenxin Promotion held on October 13 in Lanzhou Cultural tourism representatives from Baoji, Weinan, Pingliang, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Guyuan, etc. Shaanxi Ganchuan Ning Ning neighboring mountain water is connected, similar, cultural, folk customs, and geographical position have the traffic convenient conditions of "Dongxiang West", "Nanji North", and has […]

Plateau picker volunteer service activities will be departed

  The picture shows the training volunteers to obtain certificate photography: Tang Zhao Ming is introduced, because the volunteer service should be frequently towed the village, so every volunteer is required to master the relevant skills and have the "single combat" skills. The Training will be delegated by teachers and students of the China Agricultural University […]

Shanxi 2 billion yuan credit size supports leisure agricultural rural tourism

Recently, the Provincial Agricultural Rural Hall and the Shanxi Branch of China Agricultural Bank jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening Financial Support Leisure Agriculture and Country Tourism Development" will "provide special credit products, arrange special credit size, promote diverse guarantee methods, optimization Six ways of credit delivery conditions, implementation of preferential interest rates and rates, […]

The deadline of the third college graduate entrepreneurial competition in that song is extended to the 21st

The entrant fills in the registration form.   On November 4, the Municipal People’s Government hosted by Naqu City, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Co-organized Base of College Graduates in College of Que City, the Tibet Daily Tibet Media Group hosted by the Tour of the Third College Graduate Entrepreneurship Competition start […]

The National Construction Theme Exhibition Opening the "Time of the Era"

  The newspaper Hong Kong October 25 (Reporter Chenglong) was opened by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Hong Kong Zilian Office, China Construction Group, hosted by the China Construction Group, opened on the morning of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, a large number of batch Reflecting the results of the development of the country’s […]