The new national standard power package "green up" (People Commentary)

  Food and cosmetics released new national standard, will help guide green production and consumption, but also conducive to effective supervision Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, moon cake selling. In recent years, practice strict economy and combat waste of social atmosphere, luxury moon cake packaging, the phenomenon of extravagance and waste a lot less, but consolidate control results, […]

Quanzhou Overseas Chinese Federation held 2021 "School Zhiqiao History Zhi Qi Qi Quan Qi Quan" cadre "cadre training activities

In order to deliver the intensive discussion of the General Secretary of the Top Secretary on Overseas China, Important Discussion on Overseas China, Consolidate the Establishment of Educational Education and Educational Federation of Cadres in Overseas Chinese Federation System, and effectively enhance the quality of Overseas Chinese Union Cadres, November 11-15, 2021, hosted by Quanzhou […]

[100 instant people say a hundred years] 1985, the adjustment of national defense strategy

  - This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xinhuanet launched [100 instant a hundred years] series Party history micro classroom, with precious information and historical photos take you to relive the brilliance of the 100-year-old party. The sixty-year period was launched today. After the Third Plenary Session […]

[Graphic] Chinese citizen national ingredient registration management method

The Ministry of the United Front Department, the Ministry of the Ministry of Municipal Party Committee, the Ministry of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, the United Front Department, the United Front Department, the United Front Department, Ministry of JILING, the Ministry of Jilin Provincial Party Committee, the United Front Department, the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee, the Heilongjiang […]

"Boiling life" boot in Baoji

Original title: "Boiling Life" in Baoji Baoji (Reporter Bihua) On June 1, the 2021 Shaanxi Provincial Major Cultural Boutique Project TV drama "Boiling life" is booted in Baoji."Boiling life" is taken by Shaanxi Guangshi Media Group, Shaanxi Film and Television and Television Culture. It is the first TV drama in Shaanxi. The drama took the […]