People in the Heroes Association,After listening to the night,Also, I have seen him.,It seems to determine the true and false。

Xicchi cadres even called the staff,Let it look at the map,Does there have a geek reaction?。 But the staff will run back soon.,Indicates that there is a monster’s reaction on the map,But also“Hero association”s position。 But the strength of energy reactions is somewhat strange,Monster’s energy reaction,Just only“Ghost”Degree,Obviously it is not the prophecy of Xishibawa mother-in-law“God-level […]

She has already contacted it.。

She knows the “Ou Jing”,If the plane is quickly found by him。 She chooses to take a boat,And don’t show the kind of identity card,This is a ship she knows.,Can take her direct destination。 Wait until Ou Jing, after coming out of the bathroom,Deluxe domineering rooms are empty,Looking at the messy bed,He got the past […]

Gradually,Unconsciously, the meaning of Tao began to diffuse gradually。

At the moment of full enlightenment,Li Ming sees chaos prohibition,Faintly feel a‘Transform’Operating rules。 Among the five elements,Fire soil,Aquatic Wood。 Li Ming directly uses mana,Forming chaos around the sixth change,Surrounded by fire and water。 Gradually,Flame goes out,The earth appears to be sintered。 At the moment when the earth completely condenses,Li Mingzhihai shocked slightly,Comprehend the earth and […]

“makes sense,Can consider。”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“correct,What do you see this??”Lin Feng will take a hand to the shadow between Tan Feng.,Shadow, everyone,Have a wide range of people,Should know this kind of medicinal medicine。

“Nine turn demon!” “Nine turn demon?”Lin Feng heard the slice:“never heard of that。” “Tan medicine hitting the sky,Similar to the nineteen big Dan,Jiuxing,Nine turn Dragon Dan。”Shadow explanation:“A few?” “Six!” Lin Feng wrote a smile:“You need to send you a,how?” “thanks,I do not need。”Shadow faint road:“All right,I have to concentrate on the plane.,correct,Ying Yao has already […]

This is the preface,Have a few writings in the back, their own ideas and detailed planning

Niu Niu took three four sheets of paper,A piece of care This point is good,But thinking is not enough。 this is not OK,It will definitely encounter a lot of trouble.,At this stage, you can’t reveal strength.,Not for unconsciously,Niu Niu sat on the table,Painted painting with special charcoal pen Combined with uncle’s ideas,Planning a new route […]

“I just give you a chance.,Nor isn’t it to open the door for you?,Can you enter the Luke Group?,Still look at your strength,Lu Group does not raise idlers,Everything relies on strength。”

As long as her work can receive the Rut Group’s recognition,Opportunities can be equally competitive。 “lady,I know,Lady gave me this opportunity,I won’t live up to the hopes of the lady.。” The girl laughs and looked at Blue Xin.。 Lan Xin nodded:“What’s your name?” “lady,My name is Lin Xiwei。” “it is good!Then you go back to […]

Lin Zhonghu’s pupil,Some incredible。

Chapter 128, Lin Zhonghu,You can’t escape See here,At this moment,Shen Xuan’s face is full of faint laughs。 For Shen Xuan,Now,This scene in front of you,It’s even more self-knowledge.。 “Humph,Lin Zhonghu,Let’s take it.。” “today,You can’t escape!” Shen Xuan’s words exported,Just like suddenly a slap,Pulling this side。 Even if Lin Zhonghu is prepared before,Now,It is also a […]