Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake

Chapter 785 Best mirror Shi Shiji feels the silent threat of Chen You,Understand that he will bring yourself,Suddenly、Head sweat…… One lost, thousands of people、One lost, thousands of people! Shi Shiji,I have to stand out.…… Chu Dee,I have to satirize on the spot.:“White length,I first……” At the beginning, Aizhu fell into Shi Shi.,But I only got […]

Li Tianchou avoided the short man’s machete,Take advantage of the trend to drag Wang Yuanling behind,Unexpectedly, a big shovel on the side was photographed。Li Tianchou roared,Push Wang Yuanling away suddenly,I rolled around and avoided the shovel。

But two more men in black came over from behind,Go straight to Wang Yuanling,When Li Tianchou stood up, he was beyond reach。 Face two wicked men,Wang Yuanling’s legs are shaking,Can’t move,At this critical juncture,The man in black rushing in front suddenly screamed,Kneel down,A piece of flying brick hit this person’s back severely。A chubby windbreaker man […]


First0577chapter Female fairy “You should drink less!It’s not good for the wound“Afei was interested when he saw Xia Jianlai,He deliberately laughed and said。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“Nothing,Such a delicious dish,I’m really sorry if you don’t drink two glasses“This wine is here,What’s the wound,But this is a bit high-sounding。 A bottle of red wine reached […]

“It doesn’t matter,I will ask Li Tan again。”The teenager did not pay attention to the reason why the Golden Crow returned to Lieyang Palace,Also understand each other’s difficulties,For whatever reason,The Golden Crow and the Ancient God are already strangers,It went back rashly after being seriously injured,Must be dangerous。

After consulting the Golden Crow Sacred Palace for some procedures to restore the Holy Fire Temple,The boy called Yi、Credit to the two elders,Explained things in the island,And get ready to move immediately,All major issues follow Golden Crow’s arrangements,The boy got up and left,Go straight to Donghua Island。 After the collapse and destruction of Wongtee Island,Li […]

“Western,No more suitable than gambling gods。”Liu Sheng Dagu’s laughter is a little diaphragm,He turned around。

Other onlookers,Especially those who bets are embarrassed here.,I have turned around.,Only Lin Feng left on this table,Belle,Night Qing three people。 “Lin Feng,Your golden hand。”Night Qing Hanmei looks at Lin Feng,Her face is showing sweet smiles:“Go on a place,Just to the savings of our family a lifetime。” “You said that you will gamble every day.,What Jewelry […]

But Zhang Zhiqiang never thought,This little、The non-wood and non-gold amulets changed his destiny,That will have to wait until four years later,On the deserted Gobi Desert,In the doomed ending,Someone actually recognized this amulet,It’s the old man who deceived everyone that Li Tianzhen said。

At this time, Li Tianzhen was being carried out by a few strong men and buried,They did not notice the snake skin bag‘Dead body’Is changing,‘Dead body’A half-curved bodhi branch appeared on his chest,Is blooming with scorching light,Although only four of the seven leaves give off brilliance,It’s enough to catch people’s eyes,But maybe the snakeskin bag […]

He suddenly turned,Staring with knife, etc.,One word a cold drink,“Islander,Sickness,it is good,very good!”

Bamboo。 One is like the residual shadow of electric light,With a swallow, a few flashes flashed.。 “Hen!” One of them high tiger,It was broken by a cold man.。 Blood splash。 The body will fall in half of the air,Fiercely land,Layer layer dust。 嗖嗖 嗖嗖。 The rest have not hesitated at all.,Available,The figure is even more […]