Pretend,mof,I just pretend to be big,Let the ghosts of the underworld take a look,Look at me, my belly hit the wooden fish。

Thought of here,I was a little lonely pretending to be thunderous,It’s actually much better。 Self-happy,I’m a little self-affirmed for the decision I made,I’m sure I’m pretending to be too correct。 If not forcing,Can you meet the rare opportunity of hitting a Buddhist artifact with a ghost belly?? but,Thoughts are full,Reality is skinny。 Haven’t waited for […]

Speaking of here,The agent took a deep look at Zhao Dabao in summer.,Meaningful!

Zhao Dabao’s understanding of himself,Is it better than summer、Toria?? I took a look at the deep eyes of summer,Zhao Dabao slapped his forehead: “Xia Ge,What you said is insignificant,Does it mean something long like me?” Listening to Zhao Dabao’s deep understanding,Xia Xia patted Zhao Dabao on the shoulder with encouragement.: “Dabao,You work hard,not bad。” When […]

The big stars are moved like this,I don’t think of her as a friend,I’m too unhuman。Zhao Dabao thought so in his heart。

Seeing Zhao Dabao’s sincere attitude,Superstar Toria’s heart moved——what,Dabao lacks money,But I am not short of money。 As a big star in the show business,Donglia is worth hundreds of millions。 At this moment, Toria’s heart is full of sadness and touch,Look how pitiful Dabao is,Dressed like that since childhood。When I grow up,In order to make more […]

An acquired real person came to hit the place,How to resist a martial artist with great inner strength?

Even if all the forces of Juyuan Casino are brought together,Can’t stop a finger of the acquired real person。 Only one now“endure”word,Only forbearance,Only forbearance,To solve the problem before。 As the saying goes,Stay in the green hills,Not afraid of no firewood,We have taken down this grudge,It must be a hundred times later、A thousand times to find […]

joke,That dare to say without conscience,The appearance fee is not worth it?

This is not something you dare to dare,But the rich man who paid out the appearance fee can’t say it’s worthless without his conscience。 The rich people present have reached a consensus,Only center around Zhao Dazhen,Work together、Economic construction of the two cities、Make a contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization! It can be said,Sui、The rich […]

Ok,It’s still possible。

Underworld Overlord,At least it must be the existence of the overlord of the provincial level。otherwise,The town can’t live with Wu Bushou who is comparable to the boss of the secret road in Sui City。 No matter what kind of hypothesis,This pretending young man is not something we onlookers can provoke。 Thought of here,The original contempt […]