There was a rustling sound of branches and leaves brought up by the clothes,Zhao Dabao knew someone was searching。

Squatting in the tree before being a monkey,Zhao Dabao has observed the late opening position,Is among the four major disciples,500 meters from where I am now。 Distance of five hundred meters,Even if the master of Ming Jin Consummation flies with all his strength,It takes ten seconds。 Ten seconds,Solve a master of inner strength,I didn’t hold […]

“Yoha,Director Chen couldn’t bear it。OK,I don’t need to go upstairs,come,You came upstairs carrying a big box。”

Talking,Zhao Dabao raised his shoulders,I want to throw the big box of camphor wood on Chen Kun。 This sudden movement,But Chen Kun was shocked。 I rely on,Such a heavy camphor wood box,Skim down from the one and a half meters high steps,What a heavy weight?Don’t talk about me,Even the physical education teacher can’t catch it […]

After a brief introduction,Zhao Dabao followed the man in the suit to the corner of the coffee bar。

Casual coffee bar in the service area,Not many people,In twos and threes in a huge space。 Like this casual coffee bar in the service area,In addition to coffee and other drinks,Also provide some light meals,A bit like McDonald’s in a big city、KFC。 When walking to the high-backed chair in the corner,Zhao Dabao was taken aback。 […]


Chapter 63 The Pirate King Shangshu Xiang Zhong of the Ministry of War, upon seeing this, punished the archivist,Liu Daxia, who was by the side, said:“Three guarantees to the west cost tens of millions,Soldiers and civilians die,Go back,Yu Guo He Yi!This special policy,The Minister’s Admonishment。The old case exists,Should also be braised to uproot,Why should it […]

The demigod led people to spread the search in the forest,They are playing carpet search,Search in groups of three,The dense crowd immediately formed a long winding line,Step by step,Comb the forest like a comb。

Watching them move forward,The boss laughed softly:“These fools are so stupid,Actually send a reaper out to find us,So many people come out to make trouble,When will this be searched?!” Finished saying this,Big guy beckoned to me:“Let’s go quickly,Wait for this stupidBSlowly。” Use grass blades to cover,Our cat keeps sneaking,I quickly separated from the searchers behind,Thinking […]

Feel Zhao Xiaoying’s eager gaze,Zhao Dabao gave Xiaoying a comforting smile,Mean everything has me。

Zhao Dabao was also pondering while listening to Zhang Ge’s narration,In terms of the current folk customs of Daxia Country,Although not as simple as the 70s,But overall it’s pretty good,This kind of gratitude and revenge rarely happen。 As a long-standing Daxia nation,Friendship、Morality has always been a beautiful character highly respected by the Daxia nation,And always […]

mof,At the beginning of the party,Vermillion ignores me。mof,I admit,After all, Zhu Hong, the little girl, wants capital,Have capital;Look,Have looks!

but now,youtmOf a farmer,Just an ordinary farmer! Although he is a farmer who grows medicine,But in the end it is also a farmer! youtmWhat qualifications do you have to despise me?What right do you have to ignore me? ItmIs also a rich man,Oh,wrong,Haven’t taken over yet。 Even if not taking over,But I am also a […]

But I met the monk,The tip of the hand is shaking slightly,The internal energy in the veins of the whole body is surging,Twelve minutes of internal energy is poured into the golden bell from the fingertips。

no way,In the battle between Yin Qi and Dharma White Pearl,Under normal circumstances,Is to exert inner strength in the white beads of Dharma,Only then can the full power of the Dharma White Pearl be exerted。 But knowing the monk is only half a step,Even the level of the inner strength warrior has not reached,Don’t talk […]

Before coming to the sand table,Wu Weiguang, the deputy sales manager, did not introduce the multi-storey houses around the sand table.,But directly introduce the dozens of three-story villas in the center。

He is a stubborn migrant worker who wants to suffocate this wicked god-stick。 Didn’t you pretend to buy a house??it is good,I will introduce the villa directly,See what you do? If you say you don’t want to buy a villa,Want to see a bungalow for other reasons,I’ll tell you that the bungalow is basically booked,The […]

In the meeting hall of Tiger Roar Villa,Five tables have been set up。

The rules and regulations of the Great Xia Kingdom are from ancient times,Follow the old admonitions for one person, one table。 Of course,This old rule,It no longer exists among ordinary characters。 Only in the banquet of a city leader like Xiashan Tiger Lengzong,And when banqueting important people,Would put on such an occasion。 Naturally,Zhao Dabao is […]