Left hand lightly,A vaguely white palm,In Unreal, it has been fanned to the right face of Dagui Baonian。

Haven’t waited for the big ghost Bao Nian to respond,“Snapped”A crisp sound,The sturdy body of the big ghost has been pulled out,Tumbled to the side of a rockery。 “Inwardly and outwardly!” Two ghosts、The three ghosts shouted in horror at the same time。 “A mere half-step inner strength warrior,Dare to question me face to face,Who gave […]

“Ok,Boss, you also know the fly restaurant,Then communicate better。By looking for these humble little restaurants,By tasting these street food snacks,I gradually understood a truth——Really delicious food can only be eaten in those humble small restaurants,As for those gorgeously decorated、Great hotel with good service···”

When Zhao Dabao is here,There is a slight pause。 In this pause,The sizzling squid stall owner smiled,He took a sentence triumphantly: “That’s it,The real delicacy is hidden in the folk,Those big hotels,That is better decoration,in fact···” I haven’t waited for the sizzling squid boss to finish talking,Zhao Dabao immediately made a summary summary: “Actually it […]

Don’t say that Master Jianyi is cold-blooded,As a cultivator,Especially the masters of magic,Cruel、Indifferent、decision、Strong personality is a necessary condition,This was instilled by the teacher when they started practicing。

———— Chapter One Hundred and Fifty One disagree?Pinch your nose to agree Whether it is a celestial star,Still earth star,The general principle of cultivation is to cut off any emotion,In order to stay as hard as steel,Not be disturbed by foreign demons。 But there are general,There will be exceptions,Zhao Dabao, who is practicing Taoist Qixue, […]

“Old east,Do you have any more requests?”

Seeing the daughter-in-law’s smile,Donglai can’t hold it anymore,“Puff”Laugh out loud: “Haha,daughter in law,Don’t hold back,Seeing scared the two kids。Leah、Dabao,You two don’t blame me,This is your mother’s idea,I said I’m going to get you off,The province is not filial。Hahaha,Killing me。” Listening to my wife’s words of surrender,Chen Xuemei can’t hold it anymore: “Old east,Really,Finally performing,Why are […]

I didn’t believe it then,But when I learnt what kind of character Baichuan is leaning on,I have such high confidence。Why am I so eager to announce this,I just want to hug Dazhen Zhao’s thigh tightly。

I just want to let Dazhen Zhao know,As long as you don’t dislike me, Youshi Transportation Group,Then, the future and future of my Youshi Transportation Group,It’s all in your hands, Dazhen Zhao。 If Dazhen Zhao learns about my move,Would he not be moved?Will you stay still?After that, the development of the Youshi Transportation Group,Where else […]


A girl with long hair in a shawl came out,Body size。</P> </P> Su Luo opened the mouth:“Singing and dancing,TotalbattleTwo rounds,let’s start。”</P> </P> The voice falls,The two women started performing。Maybe because of eleven cards,For the reason I was chosen。</P> </P> Li Ziting obviously didn’t play well,Too much pressure,Inferior in the end,Lost to Reina,Had to goBclass。</P> </P> […]

If you’re stupid, with cultivators all over the world、Cultivation school is the enemy,alsoTMWhere to get resources?

As some people misrepresent,Kill a school at every turn,Such a cultivator can go far、Are you walking high? In the practice world,Before life and death,Few people will do nothing。 so,make friends、Purchasing resources is one of Zhao Dabao’s cultivation principles。 Of course,Incidentally, it’s also one of the principles。 at this time,Seeing the white-haired dragon girl choose Wenbi,Zhao […]

Yes,How could this farmer have so much money?

If he is rich,Won’t be so shabby。 Especially the recent conversations,Evasive transaction、Avoid suspicion of signing a contract。Didn’t you see that he always thought about it??Don’t talk about signing a contract with Wu Weiguang at all。 Watch the fun,Of course it’s not too big。 There is a twenty-something’Adidas‘The young man shouted impatiently: “I said,Buddies,Can you sign […]

Chapter Two Hundred and Three seat

This is the entrance with all the commercial predators in Sui City,Face this young man,It is equal to facing the oppression of all commercial groups in Sui City。You said,Zhao Dabao now,Can it not produce a powerful aura?? While seeing Zhao Dabao,Jin Donglai, the leader of the chemical city, was also shocked.。 Empathy,If a political and […]

Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Gambling money?

I heard Zhao Dabao’s defense,The patrol leader Qian opened his eyes and smiled: “it is good,Since you want evidence,I will give you evidence。Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li,Go up and search,Find out gambling money。” With the order of the patrol leader,Two costumed patrols are going forward。 “Wait,Wait。”Zhao Dabao reached out and stopped Xiao Zhang、Xiao Li’s actions。 “police officer,Since […]