“Oh?”Hattori Jinghua heard Mouri Kogoro’s words,Smiled meaningfully,“I don’t know what lies I told you?”

“A lot。”Tang Ze smiled and said:“For example, Ms. Jinghua, you obviously have a bad bronchial tube,Will cough when encountering dust,But said that my hobby is knitting sweaters。 Obviously already married,But said he was single,I also specially used band-aids to cover the ring marks on the ring finger,Obviously the ring finger is because of the blood […]

Is the old white horse stupid??

Of course not stupid! Since it’s not stupid,When it sees mynah,The first thought of Old Ghost White Horse is 100% dodge——Don’t let magic weapons be deducted,otherwise,Can’t find a place to cry。 A magic weapon that did not exert its power,And a magic weapon that just detains the old ghost’s arbitrary power,That’s the difference between heaven […]