Ok,Centennial Astragalus,collected!

I rely on,This is a goblin for two hundred years,collected! what is this?long,I rely on,Two hundred years of saffron,collected! What is this stone for?I go,Isn’t this obsidian for refining??tooTMPrecious,collected! Zhao Dabao in front,After the flowers,Zhang San、Li Si is waiting around,This treasure hunt,by,will not,What is that treasure hunt,ThisTMIs picking up treasure。 This way,Zhao Dabao’s container-sized storage […]

He knew that someone had brought three tickets for first-class seats,But got in the car alone,This person is the young man Zhao Dabao not far from him。

When checking the ticket before boarding,Zhao Dabao was picking up the ticket,Took them out。 It wasn’t Zhao Dabao intentionally,But after buying the ticket,Three tickets are put together。 Xia Guo in the nineties,Real-name train ticket system has not been implemented,So when buying a ticket,You can buy three tickets by yourself。 When the flight attendant Xiao Gao […]


andFclass,The overall blue style is the benchmark,A lot of dormitories,But equally dreamy。</P> </P> andAClass arrivesFclass,Which canceledE,For some reason。</P> </P> A total of five classes,Distinguish by color,ABan’s clothing is pink,BClass is yellow,CClass is purple,DClass is green,FClass is gray,Graded。</P> </P> at this time,AClass dormitory。Mei Qi sat there blankly,Don’t organize their own things。</P> </P> Yamycome over,Sit beside her,Tao:“Miki,what […]

Stupid Fat Di,Learn from Su Luo,The green leaf holding the radish head,Pull out。</P>

</P> Want to rely on brute force,Pull the radish out,I never thought the radish would not move。</P> </P> “Click”</P> </P> A crisp sound,Reba pulled the carrot head off,Great strength,Made her fall backwards involuntarily。</P> </P> Fortunately, Su Luo is behind her,Blocked her,Not hurt。</P> </P> Su Luo watched this scene funny,Tao:“what are you doing?Tug of War?”</P> </P> […]

Cuntou Laojiu is too sad to watch the giant spirit god、Too confused,Take the wind from the walk、Awe-inspiring want to give Zhao Dabao off,I want to overwhelm this tycoon。

But never expected,Just said half a sentence,And the tycoon ran out of electricity。 At this moment,Asked again by the rich man,Asking is gaping。Don’t give the boss some confidence at this time,May be truetmWas completely trapped by the rich and powerful。 Don’t you say,Cuntou Laojiu’s explanation is soothing,Really calmed the spirits of the giant spirit god […]

So Zhao Dabao is going to be busy after this time,He will study the escape technique,To be truly invincible on the planet Earth。

In this case,once、In case you run into a real person who cannot be beaten,Let’stmOiled the soles of his feet and ran without a trace。I want to catch up with me, Zhao Dabao,No door。 For this,Zhao Dabao has extremely firm confidence。 I think about this too,100% of the robbery must be carried out,Now that I discovered […]

Along that easy road,We drove the car to the beach,Only then did I discover the beauty of the iron plate,It turns out that things are connected to each other,An iron road is formed by the beach,Although the distance is not long,But this scale is already quite impressive。

It seems that they used this iron plate to lay the path for loading and unloading goods,Unexpectedly, it added conditions for our escape。 The pickup truck quickly drove off the iron road,Those guys are chasing,Someone fired,The bullet hit the outside of our car,I’m a little worried about those cylinders of gasoline,Fortunately, the bullet did not […]

When Zhao Dabao pondered Master Jianyi,Master Jian Yi is also playing Zhao Dabao’s idea。

Find ways to get Zhao Dabao into the teacher’s door,Used by teachers,This kind of thought appeared in Jian Yi’s mind,Out of control。 Master Jianyi,Has become amiable,The former indifferent expert、Peerless look has long been thrown out of the clouds。 Like an uncle next door,The harmony and closeness to Zhao Dabao in my eyes,Smile lines,Like a lake […]