“Shizhen(Gao German),What do you think?”Gao Yang asked high German。lt;/Pgt;

lt;/Pgt; “Minishen has no objection。”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “Row,Give you to do it.,Write a copy of the text,Written according to Gao Bo Yi。”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; “Ministers。”lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; Gao Germany feels his own http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn full of fire,This is actually pulled by Gao Baoyi.,Also let yourself mean by the mix……Gao Yang is deliberate.?lt;/Pgt; lt;/Pgt; In fact, Yang Hao and Duan […]

“Congratulations!”Lin Feng and Hong Hai have also laughed over。

Zu Qinglong heard a little bit,Then I came to Lin Feng’s authentic.:“Kindness without saying thanks,I started to join the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce today.,Wanzhu。” “Ha ha,Ancestor,Get up,Welcome to join the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Lin Feng Wen Yan Haha smiled,Panic out to help the ancestors。 “Thank you for your president.。”Zu Qinglong laughs。 “You go to God […]

Waiting this moment!

However, the problem at this time,That scene with the expected,It is completely different。 “This matter,Your unliked,no matter who,Minacheng will follow the order。” Section。 High ocean stopped,Skewers:“I have already goddened with the queen.,I plan to waste,After the session。certainly,after a while,I will take the group to the Taishan Fengchan.,Laroni on the spot is a prince。 Go back […]

She also slows moving the line of sight,Walking http://www.igaoer.cn with Lu Hao’s food area not far away.。

“You look,Isn’t that land?? I have never seen him take a woman with a woman.,How to take a woman tonight??” “It’s him,This land,It is now known as Hech’s famous people in Jiangyou’s rising list.,The woman in Jiangyou is crazy for him.,Today, the miracle is coming with a female companion.,This is not a woman who dreams […]

Angus glanced at them,Did not speak,The expression on his face is a bit bad。Flew http://www.banyn.cn straight back to the 16th floor of the Tomb of the Gods。

Long after Angus left this layer,Wright and Cecilia breathed a sigh of relief。 “Wright,Is that guy gone”Cecilia’s consciousness is not enough to sweep this level,Somewhat http://www.szkssk.cn afraid to ask Wright。 “gone,Sure is gone。But Cecilia,I think we’d better go back to the upper level first。。。The strength of this guy,I’m afraid we can’t match it。Fortunately, he didn’t […]

After a while,Situ Ying is not a smile。

“A bit of meaning,But now,In fact, all this is all,It is not enough.。” “So,Short shipment,Yin Jia,I looked at it.,Some are more annoying。” Situ Ying put his hand in front of him,Don’t mention it。 In the face of Situ Ying,Surroundings,It is completely indistries.,Quickly arrive quickly in front of you。 After all, this is next.,For them,It’s http://www.shadoweffect.cn […]

And with Shen Xuan finished these,quickly,It is even more than those people around,The more you look, the more excited。

Such a thing,What is going to handle it next?。 In fact, such a thing,In the hearts of others,The more you look, the more it is obvious.。 But something else,In fact, it is nothing to say at all.。 The more you now,This http://www.mkfsq.cn is next,I plan to start solving from what is。 In fact, such a […]

When Poetry is aware of Blue Qiqi,I know that she is a very talented person.。

Every works are all ingenious.,Every time I see her painting,Will let her immerse it in it unable to。 “How can there be no matter?,I will be very busy next.,But busy,All things must be careful,Keep normal progress。” “Good,Kiki,You can rest assured 。http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn” Laqi laughs,“I am very assured to you.。” Blue Qiqi finished,The phone on the table […]