Liu Sheng sword face is gloomy。

“I heard that the first alchemy master in the island is trying to be killed.,No Sword,Such a good alchemist, you actually protect it.。”Just Lin Feng,Tang Beihuai and others have passed by Liu Sheng Sword,A sound of a negative measurement。 The master of this body is painted,Very black。 This person is not high! But the power […]

Lu Haokai answers some impatiently:“Anan,Which is so fast??This time is very busy,After waiting for a while。”

After waiting for a while? After waiting for a while, the lily is cold.。 She laughed:“Haokai,I loved you so much,I just want to marry you later.,Do your sages,and,You become a family earlier,Chairman can assure the power of his hand to you.!”Gu An’an has always known Lu Haokai’s soft ribs.,Lu Haokai is now the most important […]

He shakes his head to Gao Bao:“You don’t have to http://www.zyfpay.cn guess,Last selected prince,A certain high,There will be no second person。”

“Why?” “Because the back of the queen is behind Li Jia’s back,Also standing with Lijia。We will not let this happen,There are enough lessons.。The problem is you,There is also the goddess of you.,Six towns who don’t play?” Li Zuli asked a question of testing soul,This is also the problem that Gao Bo Yi has been worried.。 […]

“Your dad, your mother peeks behind the wall.……”Narrate。

Su Xiaodue suddenly haressed,Immediately release,“They,They……Really……let’s go,Don’t care about them。” After the end,I ran down in the summer.。 First2274Chapter Water is very deep Su Xiaoyue sent to the foot of Xishan summer。 And in the summer, I sent her back.。 The two eventually separated。 For summer,Su Xiaoxiao pays so much,He to visit two old people should […]

“You always want to talk about the ins and outs of it,I am so silly with you all the way,In case went to the white equivalent to how to do?”

Gao Bao over the white eyes,Of circumstance,Heroes do not eat immediate loss,Villain revenge from morning to night these thoughts flashed in my mind and over,He finally counsels。 Probably I think there are so high Bo Yi put some truth,Biyun Yi pulled him to a bedroom,Carefully closed the door,To speak for fear of being content to […]

Jane to see the sky while sighing:“Rainbow is no longer。”

“But the sun is coming out.。”Circumference。 “Come up。”Nan Ge http://www.yindasmf.cn shouted。 “I do not。” “Come up and I am sitting。” “Do not。” “why?” “en……” Zhou looked at the pedestrian looking around,I looked up and saw Nan Ge.——How high is this stone platform?,Still write a word,He really can’t climb up in the eyes of many people.。 […]

Yi Tianqi’s gentle voice in Mu Qinghe。

Mu Qing smiled and laughed,Quickly wipe the tears on your face,Looking at Lu Haocheng nodded,“son,Then when will you come back??” Lu Hao thought,Say:“Mother,I have some things to handle here.,Come back after handling things。” “Good,Not urgent,Not urgent,Little brothers and sisters,You don’t http://www.jcnuv.cn have to worry,The three brothers and sisters are sensible and obedient,You don’t have to […]

what,These things,Is all lucky??

this matter,It’s not that everyone is very unexpected.。 This,These warriors of these Wars have come back to God,Have a praise。 “It is a header?,Actually so easy,I solved this matter.。” “Yes,Say something wrong,And the header is now,Actually still such modest。” “This is of course,It is because of this,So this is now very worth learning.。” This,With these […]

Her delivery with Chushan River,Very clear the ability of Chushan River。

only,After listening to this sentence,The Chushan River is bitter smile.,There is no one thousand miles,At the beginning of the ghost valley,In order to deal with the beefs that are stareful,All the aquamics on me,All are swallowed by this life。 Toned,Also,if not,When the last time,I have long gave it a kind of ghost that I didn’t […]