The cold is angry and heaven.,His figure is like a lightning, I came to Lin Feng’s face.,Hand’s ax bundles unparalleled speed,Carrying a devastating atmosphere,Chopping killing the head of Lin Feng。

Lin Feng has no dodge,A punch,His hand is like a star condensed,Flashing star-like light,This is the surrounding breath,It is like a nebula.reads。 “Clang!” It’s like a gold stone collision.,Huge ax chopped in Lin Feng’s big hand,Both two want to hit,Bright Huamuang。 This scene makes the residual fraud。 Lin Feng face exposed the color of satisfaction,This […]

I remembered Mr. Hu。

Hu’s subsidiary company,Also has a pharmaceutical business! “You should go back to the hospital……I’ll change my career!” Fang Deyun lightly sighed。 “Dad……I can go to Mr. Hu。Maybe he can help us!”Fang Yu said。 “President Hu……This is ok!but,Really can?” Fang Deyun looked at his son uncertainly。 In his eyes is still a child’s son,Grown up! “Do […]

The demigod led people to spread the search in the forest,They are playing carpet search,Search in groups of three,The dense crowd immediately formed a long winding line,Step by step,Comb the forest like a comb。

Watching them move forward,The boss laughed softly:“These fools are so stupid,Actually send a reaper out to find us,So many people come out to make trouble,When will this be searched?!” Finished saying this,Big guy beckoned to me:“Let’s go quickly,Wait for this stupidBSlowly。” Use grass blades to cover,Our cat keeps sneaking,I quickly separated from the searchers behind,Thinking […]

In the meeting hall of Tiger Roar Villa,Five tables have been set up。

The rules and regulations of the Great Xia Kingdom are from ancient times,Follow the old admonitions for one person, one table。 Of course,This old rule,It no longer exists among ordinary characters。 Only in the banquet of a city leader like Xiashan Tiger Lengzong,And when banqueting important people,Would put on such an occasion。 Naturally,Zhao Dabao is […]

“Ok,Boss, you also know the fly restaurant,Then communicate better。By looking for these humble little restaurants,By tasting these street food snacks,I gradually understood a truth——Really delicious food can only be eaten in those humble small restaurants,As for those gorgeously decorated、Great hotel with good service···”

When Zhao Dabao is here,There is a slight pause。 In this pause,The sizzling squid stall owner smiled,He took a sentence triumphantly: “That’s it,The real delicacy is hidden in the folk,Those big hotels,That is better decoration,in fact···” I haven’t waited for the sizzling squid boss to finish talking,Zhao Dabao immediately made a summary summary: “Actually it […]

If you’re stupid, with cultivators all over the world、Cultivation school is the enemy,alsoTMWhere to get resources?

As some people misrepresent,Kill a school at every turn,Such a cultivator can go far、Are you walking high? In the practice world,Before life and death,Few people will do nothing。 so,make friends、Purchasing resources is one of Zhao Dabao’s cultivation principles。 Of course,Incidentally, it’s also one of the principles。 at this time,Seeing the white-haired dragon girl choose Wenbi,Zhao […]

“Ohmygold!Are five people standing in front and jumping at the same time??”</P>

</P> No matter how the girls complain,But the rules are like this。quickly,first round,FromAClass arrivesFclass,Come out alone。</P> </P> Three time,Not everyone can memorize actions and lyrics well,Some girls,Coming to play,But my mind is blank。</P> </P> Ugly,Some mentality is not so good,Cried directly。</P> </P> Su Luo looked at and shook his head,The first round was not particularly […]

Cuntou Laojiu is too sad to watch the giant spirit god、Too confused,Take the wind from the walk、Awe-inspiring want to give Zhao Dabao off,I want to overwhelm this tycoon。

But never expected,Just said half a sentence,And the tycoon ran out of electricity。 At this moment,Asked again by the rich man,Asking is gaping。Don’t give the boss some confidence at this time,May be truetmWas completely trapped by the rich and powerful。 Don’t you say,Cuntou Laojiu’s explanation is soothing,Really calmed the spirits of the giant spirit god […]