People in the Heroes Association,After listening to the night,Also, I have seen him.,It seems to determine the true and false。

Xicchi cadres even called the staff,Let it look at the map,Does there have a geek reaction?。 But the staff will run back soon.,Indicates that there is a monster’s reaction on the map,But also“Hero association”s position。 But the strength of energy reactions is somewhat strange,Monster’s energy reaction,Just only“Ghost”Degree,Obviously it is not the prophecy of Xishibawa mother-in-law“God-level […]

“I am not dead,Before he did not marry,I have a chance.,so,You can rest assured that you will accompany your wife.,I am accompanying him here.。”Square Qing Yun does not give up,She is here to hold the rabbit for a few days.,Isn’t it just waiting for him to drink drunk??

Anyway,I have to pass this level。 Mu Ziqi knows her hard work,I didn’t expect this difficult to get wrap。 He is reluctant to advise her:“Miss Fang,You still have a good youth,Don’t squander here is not good.?” “Humph!Youth is brought to squandering,I am now squandering my youth, you can’t,People who love yours are all diplomatic things.,You […]

“Western,No more suitable than gambling gods。”Liu Sheng Dagu’s laughter is a little diaphragm,He turned around。

Other onlookers,Especially those who bets are embarrassed here.,I have turned around.,Only Lin Feng left on this table,Belle,Night Qing three people。 “Lin Feng,Your golden hand。”Night Qing Hanmei looks at Lin Feng,Her face is showing sweet smiles:“Go on a place,Just to the savings of our family a lifetime。” “You said that you will gamble every day.,What Jewelry […]

Disclose more easy to understand,jackieThere are a lot of mysterious customers who are unwilling to reveal their names.,These people have no relationships with official officials.,Purely,Nothing。

“It turns out that you are flying eaglejackie,Long-term name。” Liao Wenjie is not very concerned about the gambling and the black,More interested in thieves circles,But see a saying,Will definitely not be wrong。 “Liao boss is,It is a few tens of times better than my friend.,Next again,I definitely come to you.。”jackieAiming at the timer that continues […]

And their team now auxiliary,The palace is very familiarata,Last year World World ArmyKTAssistant。

Smart,last yearKT,Also the Galaxy Warri。 Miya Qingwen is happy with Lenovo,Suddenly his shoulder was taken.。 “Think about it??” Look at it,Liu Qingsong is siping, I don’t know that it is a watermast or the essence.,I have to lose him with some curious eyes.。 “Oh,Nothing,Just thinkingSKT。” Say,Palace Qing Wen also looked at Liu Qingsong to apply […]

The cold is angry and heaven.,His figure is like a lightning, I came to Lin Feng’s face.,Hand’s ax bundles unparalleled speed,Carrying a devastating atmosphere,Chopping killing the head of Lin Feng。

Lin Feng has no dodge,A punch,His hand is like a star condensed,Flashing star-like light,This is the surrounding breath,It is like a nebula.reads。 “Clang!” It’s like a gold stone collision.,Huge ax chopped in Lin Feng’s big hand,Both two want to hit,Bright Huamuang。 This scene makes the residual fraud。 Lin Feng face exposed the color of satisfaction,This […]

I remembered Mr. Hu。

Hu’s subsidiary company,Also has a pharmaceutical business! “You should go back to the hospital……I’ll change my career!” Fang Deyun lightly sighed。 “Dad……I can go to Mr. Hu。Maybe he can help us!”Fang Yu said。 “President Hu……This is ok!but,Really can?” Fang Deyun looked at his son uncertainly。 In his eyes is still a child’s son,Grown up! “Do […]

The demigod led people to spread the search in the forest,They are playing carpet search,Search in groups of three,The dense crowd immediately formed a long winding line,Step by step,Comb the forest like a comb。

Watching them move forward,The boss laughed softly:“These fools are so stupid,Actually send a reaper out to find us,So many people come out to make trouble,When will this be searched?!” Finished saying this,Big guy beckoned to me:“Let’s go quickly,Wait for this stupidBSlowly。” Use grass blades to cover,Our cat keeps sneaking,I quickly separated from the searchers behind,Thinking […]