Data resource sharing "like online shopping is as convenient" Zhejiang digital reform latest results appeared in Wuzhen Summit

Taizhou Xianju County has built a "pro-network" application this year, providing a digital service such as policy subsidies, agricultural service, marketing promotion for Yangmei growers. After this application is incorporated into the IRS "a book", it is determined by Taizhou City as an optimal application, promoted in the city, and expands from industries such as […]

Hebei: Ice and Snow Character Industry Landing Talent Exchange Helps Winter Olympics

It is understood that the number of units of this talent exchange will be in the top five industries are commercial services, machinery manufacturing, ice and snow industries, information industry, construction projects. The top five of the recruitment positions are sales, service staff, technical workers, engineers, administrative civilians. There were more than 1,300 job seekers […]

Het belangrijke exemplaar van XI Jinping van de nationale literatuurpromotie van de organisatie zal worden gehouden in Beijing – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, 17 november, Pacific Books, Binnenlandse Werken, Nationale taal, Nationale taal, 201, in Peking. "Xi Jinping praat over het rigament van het land", het eerste volume van ineen, Pushuvi, Doli, Sangha, Oezbeek, het tweede volume Oezbekwen en "Jiang Xin" "Xi Jinping" helemaal "" Russische versie en andere 8 nieuwe boeken in de […]

Chengdu rectification heavy pollution weather warning traffic illegal plurality of tangle drivers

People’s Network Chengdu, January 18th (Li Ping Zha Zule) Recently, in accordance with autumn and winter traffic safety rectification 100-day battle action deployment, Chengdu traffic police combined with the traffic management measures during the warning of heavy pollution weather, unified deployment of large freight vehicles such as promotion trap Special rectification of traffic violations. After […]

150,000 tail proliferation of fish floating Danjiangkou Reservoir [5]

People’s Network November 18th (Reporter Yu Wei) Recently, the Water Resources Minister Jiang Water Conservancy Committee organized fish proliferation and discharge activities in Danjiangkou Reservoir, and 150,000 tail premium fish layered in the library, add new strength to the reservoir fish family.This move will further improve the water ecological environment in the reservoir area, in […]

Beijing Fengtai: "Beleid + Fonds" Double Gift Balance Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Cui Yonggang, directeur van Beijing Labor Service Management Center, Awards. Deze wedstrijd is gemaakt door Beijing Fengtai District Human Social Security Bureau Entrepreneurship Guidance Service Center, MKB Service Center, Zhongguancun Fengtaiyuan Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Service Center, Fengtai District Retired Military Service Center, Fengtai District Youth Federation, Fengtai District MKB innovatie en ondernemerschap Promotie. Het […]

Tongcheng implements "Wendu" project to support high quality development

Since this year, Tongcheng is tightly built to create a "human wonderful land, the wisdom, the city", focusing on policy innovation, vigorously implementing the "Wendu" project, promoting the intersection of Yucai, and strives to build a high quality of talents and support the high quality development of counties. The city gathered a new industry, cultivated […]

Garden Biology: Leading the production process, the advantage of the whole industry chain

Zhejiang Garden Biology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. The main business is the development, production and sales of Vitamin D3 upstream series products. It has a unique advantage of the unique vitamin D3 industry chain, which can produce lamb fat fat. NF – Level cholesterol and vitamin D3 series products. Garden Biology has established […]